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Thread: How to code for Lumbar Discectomy

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    Question How to code for Lumbar Discectomy

    I am new to the world of Orthopaedic coding, and must be blind ,because I can not find the cpt code for a lumbar Discectomy. I found it for the Cervical and Thoracic but not Lumbar. I hope I don't appear stupid.

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    63030 is the most popular code

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    My understanding has always been, based on seasoned coders instructions, to report the anterior lumbar discectomy, with unlisted proc 64999, one time only, regardless of interspaces within the level.

    Another way it's reported is 63090, when the body of the report identifies either a retroperitoneal plane or transperitoneal, where the surgeon is going thru the peritoneum.

    Proc 63030 is a decompression hemilaminectomy procedure that is performed via a posterior approach.
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    Also ..just becareful of redo or reexplorations! That will take you to a different code sets

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    63030 is a laminotomy/hemilaminectomy that includes excision of disc material with a posterior approach.

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