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Thread: 96150-96155 who can bill?

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    Question 96150-96155 who can bill?

    I have a clinical psychologist who wonders if he can use the health/behavior assessment/intervention codes. He will be working with patients with chronic conditions who are being referred by their PCPs.

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    Psychologists use these code only. Per Medicare B Psychiatric Services Pubblished Jan 2012
    The AMA cpt book has the discription of the codes. Look at 2nd paragraph "The assessment is not focus on mental health but on the biopsychological factors important to physical health problems & treatments"....cpt book 2012 page. 517
    Note that 96155 is not covered by Medicare bcz it is not a face to face service with patient.
    There are some payers don't pay and others pay depends on the payer. Medicaid never pay for these service and it is stating on Medicaid behavioral health manual.
    Good luck

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