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Thread: ulnar nerve subluxation

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    Default ulnar nerve subluxation

    How would you code subluxing ulnar nerve? I am having trouble locating this in the book. thank you.

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    It depends on which part of the arm he/she is working on, and if it is open or arthroscopic. Open look at 64721, arthroscopic 29848. that is if it is in the wrist, for carpal tunnel.

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    I am looking for an ICD9 code. Not CPT. Thank you.

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    I have used 354.2 Lesion of Ulnar nerve (cubital tunnel syndrome).
    Elizabeth Earhart, CPC

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    ICD-9-CM; disorder, nerve, ulnar = 354.2
    jdemar, CPC, MA

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    Wink ulnar nerve subluxation

    You know, if it is an injury, I would use 955.2. I wish there were more choices for this dx, but we are very limited. Wait until ICD-10!

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