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Thread: cysto w/injection of Mitomycin C.

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    Exclamation cysto w/injection of Mitomycin C.

    My urologist want to do a cystourethroscopy with injection of Mitomycin C in the bladder neck. I can't find a cpt code for this, has anybody come across this procedure before?

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    We use unlisted and compare it to the new bulking agent code, I think it's 52283 (sorry I don't have my book in front of me).

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    The code for the bladder instillation of anicarcinogenic is 51720

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    I'm sorry I meant to write anticarcinogenic....however 51720 is bundled with 52235. As far as I can tell 51720 is only billable when it is the only bladder procedure being performed.

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