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Thread: Free-Standing IV Infusion Center

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    I, and two other Coders, will be coding for our new Free-Standing IV infusion Center at the end of the month. All billing will be on the 1500 form. The physicians are in the group practice that the medical center owns. I only have experience with hospital-based infusion center that I coded for about 10 years ago. I know that there have been many updates to the coding guidelines of infusion therapy, and will be getting a refresher soon. My takeaway is that there are differences in the way some infusion codes are coded and possibly different HCPCS Codes for the same drugs (clinic vs hospital outpatient) to be coded in a free-standing clinic. Does anyone have experience in coding for a free-standing infusion center and what things to possibly look out for when coding for this type of facility. We will be coding chemotherapy and therapeutic drug infusions.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Annette Willson, CPC, CEMC

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    What an awesome opportunity. That is something I would love to do. My background is coding chemo infusions/injections at a physician group office. Let me know if you need any remote coders

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