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Thread: featl demise 17-19 weeks and vaginal delivery

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    Default featl demise 17-19 weeks and vaginal delivery

    I have a situation where a pt went to the e.r with excessive bleeding and no prenatal care. The pt went through a vaginal delivery. Would this still be billed as 59409?

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    CPT say for medical treatmet of spontaneous complete abortion (miscarriage), any trimester, use E/M codes 99201-99233. Was the fetus born alive or did it die inutero?
    adrianne, cpc

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    Question Inevitable Abortion

    I have a similar situation,

    This patient was PPROM and vaginal bleeding @ 19 wks, pt was given misoprostol and delivered baby with apgar 1*1*1*9, doctor checked vaginal delivery,
    Should it just be admission and sub with DX 635.70 LEGAL AB W COMP NEC-NOS, 658.23 PROLONG RUPT MEMB-AP ?

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    As far as the dx code, look to the coding guidelines... If the baby is delivered live at birth regardless of how long the baby lives then it is a delivery 650 if it is normal with a V code for the outcome of liveborn. I am not certain of using an E&M code if the physician documents a preterm delivery.

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    Here is a link to ACOG explaining what they think you should bill before and after 20 weeks. I had a similiar situation to yours and I billed an E&M with the placenta delivery code.

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    Default Link suggested above

    The link suggested above does not work anymore.

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