Florida Medical Coding & Healthcare Salary Information

Medical coders in Florida have an average salary of $52,409.91.

Florida features a strong market for medical coders along with steady salaries compared to other states in the area. Via AAPC, other states in the south Atlantic region have an average salary of $52,250. Major cities for coders include Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando.

Medical coders in Florida with certifications including CPC, COC and CFPC can earn annual salaries in line with the state’s average of $51,000. However, coders will generally need a bachelor’s degree to come near Florida’s average annual salary. In addition, Florida medical coders generally need only five to nine years of experience in order to reach an average annual salary of around $50,000, according to AAPC.  

You’ll find out more about coding and billing at AAPC, an organization of 175,000 coders and biller who meet locally, share education and progress the healthcare revenue stream nationwide.

AAPC annually reviews salaries of healthcare business professionals based on location, education, experience, and credential. Data below is based on the most recent survey, resulting in 13,000+ responses. For additional information, view the overall survey analysis or the Salary Survey Calculator.

Salary by Certification

Certification Name Average Salary
CPC $54,853.93
COC $60,571.43
CIC $91,250.00
CRC $61,144.07
CPB $44,375.00
CPMA $61,885.96
CDEO $52,500.00
CPCO $72,656.25
CPPM $69,333.33
CPC-I $78,750.00
CANPC $47,500.00
CASCC $47,500.00
CCC $59,285.71
CCPC $32,500.00
CCVTC $62,500.00
CEDC $52,500.00
CEMC $55,833.33
CENTC $155,000.00
CFPC $52,500.00
CGSC $64,583.33
CHONC $55,833.33
CIMC $42,500.00
CIRCC $74,444.44
COBGC $47,500.00
COPC $55,000.00
COSC $54,166.67
CPC-A $40,526.32
CPC-P $68,000.00
CPC-P-A $27,500.00
CPEDC $48,750.00
CPRC $56,250.00
CRHC $47,500.00

Salary by Education

Education Average Salary
High school graduate $51,158.54
Technical school $45,519.48
Some high school $49,166.67
Some college $51,120.22
Associate's degree $48,448.28
Bachelor's degree $53,382.35
Master's degree $70,654.76
Doctorate degree $58,000.00

Salary by Experience

Experience Average Salary
0-1 $36,294.64
2-4 $42,692.31
5-9 $50,460.53
10-15 $53,183.33
16-20 $60,871.21
21-25 $60,853.66
26-30 $65,208.33
30+ $71,250.00