Maryland Medical Coding & Healthcare Salary Information

On average, medical coders in Maryland earn $60,165, substantially more than the region’s average of $52,230.

Thanks to a strong market for medical coders, Maryland provides excellent earning potential. Major cities for medical coders to find jobs in Maryland include Baltimore and Annapolis. Maryland residents earning the most money in this industry have usually earned one or more of these AAPC certifications: COC, CPC, CPC-I, CPCO, CPMA, or CRC.

The most common employers in Maryland are health systems, hospitals (working in both the inpatient and outpatient departments), and large group practices (50+ physicians). Only about 30% of the medical coders in the state work remotely, and they earn barely more than the state average: $60,625.

Learn more about AAPC, the nation’s largest professional organization for medical coders, billers, and others involved in the business of healthcare. AAPC offers a wide variety of certifications, code books, exam study materials, local chapters, distance learning classes, and other resources.

AAPC annually reviews salaries of healthcare business professionals based on location, education, experience, credential, and many other data points. These statistics are all based on the most recent survey, which resulted in nearly 20,000 responses. For additional information, view the overall survey analysis or the Salary Survey Calculator.

Salary by Certification

Certification Name Average Salary
CPC $64,100.61
COC $74,090.91
CIC $60,000.00
CRC $83,055.56
CPB $53,055.56
CPMA $69,196.43
CDEO $62,500.00
CPCO $90,000.00
CPPM $62,500.00
CPC-I $80,714.29
CASCC $60,833.33
CCC $65,000.00
CEDC $57,500.00
CEMC $70,000.00
CFPC $62,500.00
CGSC $62,916.67
CHONC $82,500.00
CIRCC $67,500.00
COBGC $76,250.00
COC-A $37,500.00
COPC $52,500.00
CPC-A $45,192.31
CPC-P $50,833.33
CPEDC $42,500.00
CUC $62,500.00

Salary by Education

Education Average Salary
High school graduate $54,875.00
Technical school $55,535.71
Some high school $47,500.00
Some college $59,018.99
Associate's degree $52,234.04
Bachelor's degree $61,022.73
Master's degree $78,529.41
Doctorate degree $135,000.00

Salary by Experience

Experience Average Salary
0-1 $42,500.00
2-4 $48,350.00
5-9 $55,555.56
10-15 $62,129.63
16-20 $63,482.14
21-25 $75,125.00
26-30 $76,944.44
30+ $72,857.14

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