Rhode Island Medical Coding & Healthcare Salary Information

The average salary for medical coders in Rhode Island is $54,102.56.

Compared to other New England states, Rhode Island features a steady job market for medical coders. According to AAPC, the average annual salary for medical coders in the region in 2017 was $56,708. Major Rhode Island cities for medical coders include Providence.

Within Rhode Island, popular certifications such as CRC, CPMA and CEMC feature salaries ranging from around $73,000 to $102,000 annually. Via AAPC, coders with a bachelor’s degree, some college or an associate’s degree can reach more than $50,000 annually. Rhode Islander medical coders with 10 to 15 years of work experience typically had an average annual salary of around $50,000.

AAPC annually reviews salaries of healthcare business professionals based on location, education, experience, and credential. Data below is based on the most recent survey, resulting in 13,000+ responses. For additional information, view the overall survey analysis or the Salary Survey Calculator.

Salary by Certification

Certification Name Average Salary
CPC $54,907.41
COC $71,666.67
CRC $102,500.00
CPB $42,500.00
CPMA $71,500.00
CPPM $47,500.00
CEDC $57,500.00
CEMC $89,166.67
CHONC $42,500.00
COC-A $42,500.00
CPC-A $42,500.00

Salary by Education

Education Average Salary
High school graduate $45,833.33
Technical school $45,500.00
Some college $50,735.29
Associate's degree $54,722.22
Bachelor's degree $55,500.00
Master's degree $42,500.00

Salary by Experience

Experience Average Salary
0-1 $45,000.00
2-4 $40,833.33
5-9 $47,916.67
10-15 $50,000.00
16-20 $70,416.67
21-25 $95,000.00
30+ $67,500.00