Virginia Medical Coding & Healthcare Salary Information

The average salary for medical coders in Virginia is $49,684.75.

Compared to other central Atlantic states, Virginia features stellar earnings potential and job prospects for aspiring medical coders. According to AAPC, the average annual salary for medical coders in the region in 2017 was $52,250. Other high-performing states for medical coders in the area include Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Major cities for medical coders in Virginia include Charlottesville, Alexandra and Richmond.

Popular certifications for medical coders in Tennessee include CPC, CRC and CASCC, which provide salaries around $51,000. According to AAPC, coders with a bachelor’s degree also had salaries in line with the state average, but those with other educational backgrounds still averaged between $46,000 to $50,000. Medical coders also typically needed 10 to 15 years of work experience to hit the same average salary range.

You can learn more about certification through AAPC.  The organization serves 175,000 members though education, support and networking.

AAPC annually reviews salaries of healthcare business professionals based on location, education, experience, and credential. Data below is based on the most recent survey, resulting in 13,000+ responses. For additional information, view the overall survey analysis or the Salary Survey Calculator.

Salary by Certification

Certification Name Average Salary
CPC $50,799.18
COC $56,375.00
CIC $53,750.00
CRC $54,891.30
CPB $56,388.89
CPMA $63,706.90
CPCO $83,333.33
CPPM $70,357.14
CPC-I $77,083.33
CANPC $82,500.00
CASCC $52,500.00
CCC $52,500.00
CCPC $42,500.00
CCVTC $52,500.00
CEDC $55,000.00
CEMC $53,103.45
CGSC $59,166.67
CIMC $37,500.00
CIRCC $57,500.00
COBGC $52,500.00
COSC $27,500.00
CPC-A $40,948.28
CPCD $60,000.00
CPC-P $62,916.67
CPEDC $37,500.00
CPRC $57,500.00
CRHC $32,500.00
CUC $52,500.00

Salary by Education

Education Average Salary
High school graduate $46,554.05
Technical school $49,404.76
Some college $50,203.25
Associate's degree $47,008.20
Bachelor's degree $52,253.09
Master's degree $68,906.25
Doctorate degree $155,000.00

Salary by Experience

Experience Average Salary
0-1 $37,142.86
2-4 $41,093.75
5-9 $48,968.25
10-15 $51,554.05
16-20 $54,636.36
21-25 $65,555.56
26-30 $64,473.68
30+ $73,375.00