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The Work of a Coder: Survey Comments

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If you do not have hands-on experience your certification is not important when applying for a coding position. I heard it from several others that even with the Xtern program most employers do do allow the time away from the job to participate. I also know several that code for physicians that are not certified. Why are they not required to be certified? I will continue to promote the certified coding expert at work and will look elsewhere for additional experience.

I have not had the pleasure of being hired as a coder. It is very hard to get hired when you don't have experience. I am currently doing medical records, and the closest I came to any coding is a job where they wanted me to work the front desk 75% of the time and doing insurance referrals 25% of the time without a raise in wages. They say this is how I'll get into coding. Well, I guess I'll just keep trying!

We also have two CPC-As in our practice.

Employers will not except school experience at all, even with credentials.

I am still going to school. So I don't work in office yet but hope to in the next few months. I am just finishing up my externship at Medical Express Billing service.

I currently send bills out and work with coders, my work is looking for experienced coders of 3 to 5 years of experience. I hope to gain experience in the near future but need someone to take a chance, look at my experience as a cost analyst and my certification as a CPC-A (A stand for apprentice). I'm looking to drop the A by attaining a medical coding position. Do you know of anyone who would give me a chance to show them what I know?

As an apprentice coder I found it almost impossible to get a job coding or even to do billing. I did get a job in a billing company but not as a coder but I was hired to work eob correspondence from payers. I can only hope they might let me work in coding at some point.

I would have loved to obtained a coding position. Was unable after numerous interviews. I even volunteered to work 1-2 days a week for free just to see what the job would entail. I'm not quite sure I understand but have my suspicions. I would have thought that the A.A.S., Coding Boot Camp, obtaining the CPC-A certification first time around, and 35 years of nursing would have impressed someone. So I am utilizing my LPN license.

As a CPC-A I am looking foward to gaining the experience that I need to be a good coder that anyone can be happy to have working for them.

Single coder for urological clinic with four doctors. I do surgery as well as office coding. Billing is separate. I am a CPC-A with no medical background. They hired me and worked with me very well. I have been here six months now.

Well, as a CPC-A I find very difficult to find work as a coder. No one is interested without at least two years experience.

I am currently a student at Med Tech College. I will complete my Associates Degree in 2009. I have not had any experience as of yet however, I will get practical experience when I complete my Externship.

Need to have externship. I do not have a job in medical billing/coding due to no experience. will not hire me with out experience. Can you help me?

I have held a CPC-A certification for over 2 years and my own hospital will not hire me as I do not have experience - and I have worked in the outpatient therapy setting for 15 years. I cannot find a mentor in my area so my certification, fees, and CEUs are, so far, a waste of my time and money.

I am a CPC-A and gettting a job with this certification is next to impossible. Any suggestions.I did not get certified to enter the dr charges and answer phones and call insurance companies.

So many companies are not giving Certified Coders the chance to work in the job role as a coder, you'll always hear "not enough experience" something needs to be done about this. Where do you start when no one will give the oppurnity. I had my certification 2 years. I am currently a Physician Coder inpt/outpt. I did take advange of the internship program.

I am currently a CPC-A and in a fairly new position of a Central Billing Office. At present, my main responsibilitie include Insurance Follow in this dept. I have no direct encounter with coding, other than denials which are forwarded to CPCs for reviewing. I am working toward the coding aspects of my job in my present position.

I am the first and only professional coder my employer has ever hired, to the best of my knowlege. It has made this a very interesting transformation for both them and myself As a CPC-A without a mentor, I have spent much time on line with both a former instructor and and web sites to gain what both I and they lack.

Apparently studying and passing the test means nothing without experience. I do not live near the CPC-A training programs.

In my position as an LVN, CPC-A I do an annual quality assurance review of HMO's. The plans sometimes have prepopulated data which are by codes. We are to accept these as accurate and as part of the data needed to complete the review. If the data is not accurate, we are to submit it anyway because we just review what the health plan provides us. If they question the accuracy, they are able to go back into the database and see where we obtained our information, and if they want to investigate furthur are able to go to the group manager and have them do a query on a particular submitted code for accuracy.

Well it would be nice if I was even working the field. My door is shut right now because I am CPC-A. All everyone wants is some one with experience.

In December 2007 i just received by CPC-A. I have not spent any money yet.

I can't find employment as a coder, so I'm completely out of the loop, I've had my CPC-A since Summer 2006, but no work other than an Internship that was not a paid position.

I am a newly certified coder (CPC-A). I am not sure if I have answered your survey appropriately or certain as to which questions actually do apply to my employer as I am still learning this coding duties/responsibilities. Thank you.

I am acutally a CPC-A and my facility is the first to hire me with only school training, It is very hard for an inexperienced coder to get a jobs. Most the hospitals I have applied for, not only want you to be credentialed, but for you to have at least two years experience. I was certified two years before I landed my current coding position

I am the only coder in a speciality office. I am still an apprentice, so I am always researching.

Honestly, I think CPC-As should practice doing coding before attaining certification as well as after obtaining certification.

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