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Xtern for Employers

Discover new talent and build a powerhouse team with the AAPC Xtern Program.

Employer Overview

Strengthen your workforce and provide career advancement opportunities.

AAPC's Xtern Program connects you with newly certified professionals who are well-versed in the latest coding standards and eager to work. This gives you the opportunity to ensure a good fit before hiring, while supporting the career development of talented individuals.


How will this benefit my organization?

Your business will benefit from the assistance of skilled medical coders who are enthusiastic about advancing their careers, helping your organization operate more efficiently — without the cost or commitment of hiring.



What's the price to participate?

AAPC does not charge for participation in the Xtern Program. Employers receive medical coding support, and Xterns gain experience and helpful evaluations in return.

Compensation may be arranged between host facilities and Xterns, if desired.



What's the length of an Xternship?

The requirements for completion of an AAPC Xternship is 160 hours. Xtern host facilities and students can coordinate the best approach to meeting that requirement, be it on-site or remote, condensed or spanning several months. While the length of the Xternship is flexible, longer periods typically strengthen an Xtern's resume.


What employers are saying

  • Donna Malone


    I have found so many diamonds in the rough! The Xterns have become my most valuable employees.

    Donna Malone, CPC, CRC, CRC-I, AHCCA, RAP

    Director Ambulatory Clinical Documentation Quality Improvement (CDQI) at Mount Sinai Health Systems

  • Corella Lumpkins


    I have offered a Xternships at every place I’ve worked – all have gone on to very lucrative careers as soon as they get the work exposure.

    Corella Lumpkins CHC, CPC, CPCO, CPB, CPPM, CPC-I, CCS, CCS-P

    Manager of Coding, Compliance & Provider Education


Xtern Program host facilities are required to:

  • Provide 160 hours of Xternship, either in person or virtual

  • Guarantee at least 60% of Xtern time is focused on work utilizing AAPC credential

  • Provide secure access for Xtern to review records

  • Provide timely feedback to Xtern on performance

  • Complete survey at conclusion of Xternship

  • Consideration of employment upon satisfactory completion of Xternship and follow-up training


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