2016 InGauge Professional RBRVS Reference

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The InGauge 2016 Professional RBRVS Resource is the perfect book to quickly reference your most common billing questions!

·         Component relative value units (RVUs) for each code - Work, Non-Facility Practice Expense, Facility Practice Expense and Malpractice Expense

·         Various payment policy indicators

·         Global Days Indicators

·         Status indicators to show whether a code is in the Medicare fee schedule and whether it is separately payable if the service is covered

·         Use this book as a quick reference for your most common billing questions

·         RBRVS Professional will assist in assigning Relative Based Values to CPT Codes

·         A chart to help you determine the physician supervision requirements for diagnostic testing and Status indicators

ISBN: 978-1-60099-080-9
Cover Style: soft
Binding Style: softbound
Page Count: 400