CDT 2016 Companion: Help Guide and Training Manual

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Your staff is your dental practice's first line of defense against claims rejection. Give them the coding knowledge they need for successful insurance claims reimbursement with the CDT 2016 Companion: Help Guide and Training Manual. The Companion contains more than 170 coding questions and answers, 27 detailed dental coding examples, and 15 quick quizzes. Other features include: 


• CDT Code to ICD Diagnosis Code Cross-Walk, information linking the codes of one system with codes of another

• Full-color, illustrated chapter on coding for dental implants

• Comprehensive explanation of CDT code changes

• 2012 ADA dental claim form and completion instructions 


Used with the new 2016 CDT codes, the Companion is ideal for CDT code training for current and new staff. Use it for staff meetings, quick training sessions, or as a reference guide to help your team code with skill and confidence. 

ISBN: 978-1-941807-24-8
Cover Style: soft
Binding Style: perfect bount
Page Count: 171