CDT 2016 Kit (Dental Procedure Codes & Companion)

Price: $112.50
Members: $90.50
Corporate Members: $81.45

CDT 2016 is the official source for the most accurate and up-to-date ADA dental procedure codes, and features:


• New dental procedure codes to reflect technological advances in dentistry

• New and revised diagnostic codes for radiography for more accurate reporting

• New denture codes that allow for greater coding specificity

• Revised anesthesia codes to simplify reporting for general anesthesia and intravenous conscious sedation


The Companion is a training tool with coding Q and As, exercises and quizzes to increase staff comprehension – and reduce rejected claims. It includes:


• Descriptions of what is new and changed in CDT 2016, and the reasons why codes were added or revised

• Guidance on CDT Code selection through coding scenarios of varied complexity, and illustrations in a Q & A format

• An in-depth look at narratives for “…by report” codes

• Ways to identify and address possible CDT Code misuse when a payer rejects a claim

• Tables that link CDT Codes with applicable ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes, information that will be valuable when requested by third-party payers.


The best-selling Kit includes:

        J016 CDT 2016: Dental Procedure Codes

        J446 CDT Companion 2016

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