Everyday Medical Coding

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Do your physicians and coders struggle with these issues?


1)      Not knowing where to find coding answers

2)      Wanting to have the information easily without looking too hard

3)      Claims denials caused by wrong category of code, wrong modifiers, or  bad coding

      4)  Compliance risk due to just plain wrong coding

Everyday Medical Coding is the essential desk reference that will answer everyday coding questions and decrease your denials due to coding errors.  It is unique in that it is relevant to many specialties (medical and surgical) and combines both CPT and CMS rules.

Physicians are held to account for coding, and are often frustrated that they don’t have good information.  Practice managers should purchase Everyday Medical Coding for all their providers...ditto to hospitals who employ physicians. And coders will find it a great desk reference and time-saver. 


With Everyday Medical Coding, administrators and managers can, very affordably, give physicians and coders the resource they need.  When the author, Betsy Nicoletti, consults with practices, managers beg her for additional copies

Author: Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC
ISBN: 978-0-9907241-0-0
Cover Style: soft
Binding Style: softbound
Page Count: 45

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