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2017 CPC® Workbook

The CPC® Practical Application Workbook helps improve your coding skills and prepares you for AAPC’s CPC® exam for outpatient physician settings. The workbook contains exercises, operative notes, and progress notes for each of the sections in CPT®. Practice your coding skills using CPT®, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS Level II coding manuals.

This workbook is ideal for coders looking for additional practice with 170 real life notes and additional exercises to improve day-to-day coding and exam preparation. The answer key provides rationales for each case and includes a dissection of the documentation to highlight the information needed from the note to select the correct code. If you are feeling overwhelmed digging through documentation to determine what is relevant for coding, this workbook gives you the practice you need to code operative and office notes with confidence.

This workbook is not an introduction to coding but a practical application of coding concepts.

Key Features:

  • 10 notes for each section of CPT® to practice all coding concepts; also included are ICD-10-CM notes to practice diagnosis coding concepts- (total of 170 notes)
  • Answer key includes rationales for each note; answer key emailed after within 48 hours of purchase
  • Answer key also includes documentation dissection to highlight key information needed to select the appropriate codes
  • Fill in the blank exercises tests comprehension (for multiple choice exercises that mirror the CPC® exam, check out our practice exams)

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