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Member Hardship Policy

Membership renewal fees are due on an annual basis and must be paid within the member's renewal period to avoid a $50 late fee. A 10-day grace period for membership renewal payments will be granted. If membership dues are not received within 90 days of renewal date for certified members, membership and credential cancellation will occur. Membership cancellation will occur for non-certified members approximately 40 days after renewal date. Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Member Hardship

It is the intention of the AAPC to grant credentials that are an indication of our members’ capability to produce the highest possible financial return for their employers while remaining within the confines of all rules, regulations and agreements that govern correct and ethical action. Dues from AAPC members are used to cover the many resources available to members in both print and online, including AAPC's Healthcare Business Monthly magazine, and the AAPC private label coding books at the lowest available price. Dues also support AAPC member and chapter tools, programs and special interests. They provide a means to actively work within our industry to better recognize, track and trend our occupational titles and to maximize the employment value of certified coders.

AAPC members who are experiencing hardships that affect their ability to maintain CEUs or membership dues are granted accommodations as defined within this policy.

Accommodation for Member Hardship

  • Installment plan for membership fees due to hardship are classifiable as:

    • Medical (e.g., physical or psychological emergencies)

    • Personal (e.g., death in the family, family crisis, etc.)

    • Financial (e.g., loss of sole-supporting job, head of household challenges, mandatory job changes)

  • Members who wish to participate in membership fee installment plan due to hardship may request this by contacting the AAPC. If this is approved, payment may be divided and distributed over 90 days beyond the member's due date. All late fees will be waived.

  • Members who let their membership dues lapse within 90 days without requesting and obtaining approval for a hardship installment plan must follow usual renewal procedures, including the payment of applicable late fees.

  • Members who let their membership dues lapse longer than 90 days without requesting and obtaining approval for a hardship installment plan must follow usual reinstatement procedures, including passing the examination.

  • Membership dues will remain non-refundable and non-transferable even if conditions classifiable as a hardship exist. Payments made under an installment plan also remain non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Extensions for CEUs are also available if hardship exists. Please contact the AAPC directly to inquire. Extensions are considered on a case by case basis.