The Right Tools for Your Revenue Cycle

Every successful organization depends on effective, proper resources. From coding software to books and customized data files, we provide powerful tools for a healthy revenue cycle.


Codify is our NEW revenue cycle platform, featuring the fastest tool for code look-up, plus additional resources and services to ensure your staff has everything they need to work efficiently. We offer multiple base subscriptions and add-on options to suit your unique needs.

Healthcare Coding Software

Clean Data Files

You get a dedicated data partner to identify your exact needs and customize files to your specifications. The result is the right data file in the right format. Data files hold custom medical code data, e.g., Medicare and code set information. Save time you'd spend searching resources, mining data, and assembling formats. Maintain accuracy and import speed.

Healthcare Data Files

Library of Resources

Accurate coding is crucial for a healthy revenue cycle. Our publications library also includes specialty handbooks and reference materials to improve staff efficiency. When you choose our code books, you can easily scale your resource library for your growing organization's needs.

three AAPC code books on a surface

Employee Benchmarking

Practicode is our fully customizable competency assessment tool. Use it to screen job candidates or evaluate employees for training needs. Questions include charts and clinical documentation, so you get a precise measure of the test-taker's ability. Results are instant and categorized for ease of use.

lady with note pad and pen in front of a computer

Continuing Education

Built with Black Board and Genius SIS, AAPC's Learning Center makes vast improvements to your eLearning initiative's administration. Manage your educational offerings, control enrollments, provide information to learners and their managers, track learner progress, and much more. Work with our specialists to host your own content alongside ours.

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Get the right tools for your revenue.