2021 E/M Guidelines Training Resources

We recognize that your organization has unique needs. Whether it's improving denials, overcoming unfavorable auditing findings, or preparing your team for code or regulatory changes, we can provide a customized solution for your E/M needs.

Prepare for E/M Guideline Changes

There have been substantial revisions to Evaluation and Management (E/M) guidelines for new and established office and outpatient services. Here are some key facts:

  • The changes go into effect on January 1, 2021
  • The revisions will only impact the new and established office and outpatient codes
  • History and examination will no longer be a requirement for coding
  • E/M codes will be determined based on time or medical decision making
  • Code 99201 will be eliminated

Understanding the latest guidelines is essential to accurate coding and documentation — and we're here to help. Here are our resources to help you through the E/M changes:

Workshop Training Series

To ensure you don't lose revenue in the transition, your team needs to be up to speed on these changes. With this 12-month series of workshops, your staff will be trained in implementation best practices, new definitions, specialty specific application of the codes, and more.

E/M Workshop Training Series

Webinar/On-Demand Training

This webinar series will help you understand the latest changes and how you can best prepare. Each event features vital information from trusted experts, helping your facility stay current in medical coding, billing, auditing, compliance and practice management.

E/M Webinar/On-Demand Training

Medical Chart Reviews

According to a recent report from OIG HHS, 9.5% of Medicare claims for E/M services were coded incorrectly. Failure to validate your physicians' coding and documentation can put your practice at risk. Our audit experts can ensure your practice's compliance by managing your audit program, educating, and providing timely, accurate reports.

Medical Chart Reviews

Professional Coding

Leave your coding and revenue recovery to the experts. Whether you want to completely outsource your coding or need short-term assistance, our credentialed coders are here to assist you. With experience in more than 40 medical specialties as well as all the major EMR vendors, they will meet your practice's unique needs and finish the job quickly and accurately.

Professional Coding Auditing

Additional Resources

  1. worksheet

    E/M Worksheet

    Download AAPC Audit Services' free 2021 Outpatient E/M tool to easily calculate E/M levels. The 2021 E/M documentation requirements are meant to lighten the documentation burden. But change is challenging and errors can be costly. The best protection for your bottom line is to provide the right tools for your coders, auditors, and physicians.

  2. podcast

    E/M Podcast

    The 2021 E/M changes are just a few months away. To help you prepare, Lori Cox talks to Dr. CJ Wolf about the new guidelines, what "systemic symptoms" means, the difference between acute illness and acute uncomplicated illness, the level of risk for diagnostic testing, and more.

  3. Whitepaper

    E/M Whitepaper

    E/M guidelines are undergoing enormous change as of January 1, 2021 - and all outpatient and office facilities need to be in full compliance. As the country's leader in healthcare training, we offer customized E/M Guideline training so that you'll be ready for the biggest change in medical coding since 1997.

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