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Codify for Teams

Optimize productivity, minimize risk, and maximize revenue with Codify by AAPC.

Codify works hard, so you don’t have to. 

With the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory changes, it’s impossible to stay on top of it all – and even more difficult to scale proficiency across teams.  

Improve clean claim rates, reduce administrative costs, and maximize reimbursement with speed and efficiency. With Codify by AAPC powering your team, you can be confident they’re operating at the highest level of efficiency.  

Using Codify by AAPC cuts so much time off my day. Looking up NCCI edits can be extremely time consuming.  Looking for LCD policies is time consuming. I can get so much more done by using this program. Love it!

Compliment your EHR with Codify by AAPC to: 

  • Validate discrepancies between documentation and code selection 

  • Correct errors before the claim is released to the payer 

  • Translate one code set to another or from code to modifiers, revenue codes, LCD/NCD’s 

Cleaner claims start here.


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