New & Apprentice Coders

New & Apprentice Coders

  • Remove your apprentice "A" * (Applies to CPC-A and COC-A Practicums Only)
  • Increase your value to employers
  • Code immersive real-world cases
  • Gain coding confidence
  • Applies to CPC-A and COC-A Practicums Only
Experienced Coders


  • Broaden your coding skill set
  • Demonstrate your expertise to employers
  • Gain specialty coding confidence
  • Earn specialty CEUs
Businesses & Employers

Businesses & Employers

  • Evaluate applicant coding proficiency
  • Includes office visits to surgical procedures
  • Provide training for employees
  • Customize for your organization

Practicode is a powerful online tool designed to test medical coding proficiency using real, redacted medical records concentrated on the top-hiring medical specialties. Quickly reinforce new skills and gain experience you can apply to a new job or career advancement opportunity. Practicode helps coders at every skill level, from new professionals to tenured veterans.


Access is available wherever you have an internet connection. Study any place, at any time.

Expand your Skills

Learn to code cases from multiple specialties. Make yourself more marketable and confident by expanding your abilities and knowledge.

Faster Learning

Accelerate your coding skills with instant feedback that shows you how you're doing and where you need to improve.

Real World Cases

Each medical record is an actual, real-world chart, giving you an idea of what to expect and preparing you for coding on the job.


Over 200 cases consisting of actual medical records give you broad exposure to clinical scenarios you’ll encounter in the workplace, equipping you for success on the job.

User Friendly

The clean and intuitive interface makes medical coding easy to learn. You'll be up and running in no time.

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