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Medical Coding and Billing Hot Topics

Medical coding hot topics help medical coders and billers, physicians, compliance officers, and other healthcare professionals elevate their skills and sustain professional excellence.

Hot Topic

Medical Coding

Learn everything you need to know about transforming medical diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal codes.

Hot Topic Billing

Medical Billing

Medical billing and coding are not the same. Read about the important role medical billing plays in the healthcare revenue cycle.

Medical Auditing

Medical Auditing

Medical auditing plays a vital role in healthcare compliance and accurate payer reimbursement by ensuring that medical coding is accurate and supported by clinical documentation.


Healthcare Compliance

A culture of compliance is essential to preventing fraud, waste, and abuse. Help ensure your organization has an effective healthcare compliance program.

Medical Billing and Coding Certification

Medical Billing and Coding Certification

Learn about the variety of medical coding and billing certifications and the rewarding career opportunities they lead to in the business of healthcare.

Practice Management

Practice Management

Learn about the responsibilities that come with practice management — optimizing patient engagement, troubleshooting revenue leakage, eliminating waste, introducing new technologies, staff training, keeping pace with regulatory updates, and staying compliant on all fronts.



MACRA may transform the structure of healthcare in the United States. A new philosophy on which to base all Medicare payment updates begins in 2019.

ICD 10


Transitioning to ICD-10 affected every aspect of healthcare offices and facilities. Guide your practice or career through the evolving ICD-10 code set.

ICD 11


ICD-11 is the future of diagnosis coding. Learn more about the codes and concepts unique to this code set so you’ll have a head start once an implementation date is announced.

Risk adjustment

Risk Adjustment

Risk adjustment helps predict healthcare costs by equating a patient’s health status to a risk score based on demographics and diagnoses using CMS-HCCs or other models.

Evaluation Management

Evaluation and Management

Evaluation and management (E/M) coding is the use of CPT® codes from the range 99202-99499 to represent services provided by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Medical coding related to COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is an evolving area, including new CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM codes with varying effective dates.

Medical coding modifiers


A medical coding modifier is two characters (letters or numbers) appended to a CPT® or HCPCS Level II code.


Telemedicine, Telehealth

Recent developments have expanded the number of people who benefit from telehealth and telemedicine. Ensure compliance by understanding this growing area of healthcare.

Outpatient Facility

Outpatient Facility

Outpatient facilities have their own rules about capturing charges and codes for procedures and services. Learn about outpatient code sets, OPPS, APCs, ASC payment, and more.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

CDI bridges the gap between documentation and medical coding. Implementing an inpatient or outpatient CDI program can result in a healthier revenue cycle and better health outcomes for patients.

Nonphysician Practitioners (NPPs)

Nonphysician Practitioners (NPPs)

NPPs, such as PAs and APRNs, can benefit the health of patients and practices. NPP-specific rules make compliance a top issue for these providers and the organizations they work with.

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

Medical terminology is key to recognizing diseases, conditions, injuries, surgical procedures, and medical treatments. Build the expansive medical vocabulary required of your profession in a fraction of the time with these effective tips.

Medical Documentation

Medical Documentation

Documentation must support your selection of medical codes. Understanding the fundamentals of medical record documentation is vital to ensuring that the clinical record captures what the provider performed during the patient encounter.

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