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You Can Report 2 Motor NCS--Here's How

Question: Can we report motor nerve conduction study codes separately? If so, which modifier should we use?

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Answer: First, look at the definitions for 95900 (Nerve conduction, amplitude and latency/velocity study, each nerve; motor, without F-wave study) and 95903 (... motor, with F-wave study). The National Correct Coding Initiative considers 95900 a component of the more comprehensive 95903.

If you want to report these codes separately, you need to add the appropriate modifier to bypass the NCCI edit (such as modifier 59, Distinct procedural service) as long as your documentation shows that the nerves were separate and distinct from one another.

For example, your provider performs a median motor nerve conduction study with F wave (95903) and an ulnar motor nerve conduction study without F wave (95900-59). In this case, your provider tests two separate and distinct nerves.

Without modifier 59 appended to 95900, payers cannot tell without requesting documentation whether the provider tested two different motor nerves, and they will deny 95900 because of the NCCI edit.