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Codify by AAPC‘s complete suite of tools enables coders to maximize their efficiency, compliance and production speed. Powerful search tools allow quick look up of CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM medical codes, fee schedules, CMS publications and more. Compliance is achieved with instant access to Medicare CCI edits, LCD policies and approved diagnosis codes for applicable NCD policies that ensure proper payment.
Universal Code Search
Search all code sets from a single box using keywords, abbreviations, and codes. Narrow and sort results fast!
Newsletter Library
Get specialty news and expert guidance from AAPC's and TCI's trusted teams. Choose from a range of 28 Medical Coding, Compliance and Post-Acute Newsletters!
CCI Edits Checker
Enter up to 25 codes to get CCI results. Medicare and Medicaid tools include modifier indicators for cleaner claims!
MPFS/Fee Schedules
Find national and local MPFS RVUs and fees as well as modifier indicators, global info and MUEs.
Claim Scrubber
Reduce denial rates by checking for errors before you submit your claim!
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