Intuitive Coder for Orthopedics — Codify by AAPC Add-on

Get ICD-10-CM official codes and instructions organized in a way that makes orthopedic coding a breeze. This tool was developed by a spine surgeon and a dedicated team of certified coders to streamline orthopedic coding.

No more scanning and scrolling through thousands of diagnosis codes. You’ll find ICD-10-CM code combinations in seconds by clicking on anatomic images and simple pick lists — and the resulting codes are always up to date. The user-friendly interface helps surgeons, NPPs, coders, and CDI specialists find codes in fewer clicks than ever before.

This powerful tool is packed with features designed to ensure accuracy, save time, and avoid denials:

  • Text-searchable ICD-10-CM synonym database
  • Annual ICD-10-CM code update list posted for convenient access
  • Updated ICD-10-CM to ICD-9-CM crosswalk ensures your accuracy
  • Easily integrated with your EHR, PMS, or online coder
  • "Use additional code" notes so you don't miss required secondary codes

* Available with Complete Coder and Pro Fee Coder

Intuitive Coder for Orthopedics

Price: Member : $149.99 ( Non-members: $149.99 ) per 12 month subscription; no monthly option available at this time.

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