CPT® Books

AMA's CPT® Professional

The AMA's CPT® Professional is the official AMA book with CPT®codes, descriptions, and their guidelines for use. It is approved for use with AAPC certification exams and perfect for students.

AAPC's Procedural Coding Expert

AAPC's Procedural Coding Expert contains CMS rules and guidelines as well as numerous features not seen in the AMA CPT® Professional. Here are the top 4 features that make this book an excellent resource to any coder.

  • Includes additional information - Find RVUs, modifiers, global days, and more all in the same resource
  • Official CMS Medicare guidelines - Find official guidelines next to codes to assist you in choosing and billing the correct Medicare claims
  • Lay terms - Understand the procedure behind each code
  • Code-specific Definitions, Rules, and References - Review comprehensive information to assist with accurate coding and speedy reimbursement

AAPC's Procedural Coding Expert also includes the official AMA CPT® codes and descriptions but does not include the AMA's guidelines. View the complete comparison table here to see which book will be best for your needs.

*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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