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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Health care professionals are obligated to stay current in their profession. This includes continuing education in their respective discipline as well as keeping up with the latest medical coding updates, compliance rules, and government regulations. AAPC supports its members to maintain a distinctive edge in their health care career by providing a wide variety of topics and subject matter delivered live or on demand, in classrooms or over the web.

For questions about approved content, CEU requirements and how and when to submit CEUs, see our CEU Information page.

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Other CEU Approved Vendors
Various educational firms have been pre-approved to offer AAPC CEUs for their publications, subscriptions, seminars, etc.

CEU Information
CEU requirements and how and when to submit medical coding CEUs.

The following are vendors that have been pre-approved for CEUs through AAPC. Granting of prior approval does not constitute endorsement by the AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor. The AAPC believes certified coders gain greater experience from earning CEUs with a variety of educational opportunities.

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1199SEIU Training and Employment Fund
Pulmonary Hypertension, Obesity Epidemic: Stress, Lifestyle, and the Environment, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), The Opioid Crisis and Healthcare’s Responses: Int...

2018 3M HIS Client Experience Summit-CVS – It’s Not Just a Pharmacy Anymore, 2018 3M HIS Client Experience Summit-2018 CPT Coding Updates for Interventional Radiology and Ca...

7Atlis/ Healthicity Compliance
The Audit Process - 7Atlis001014, HIPAA - 7Atlis001006, The Medical Record - 7Atlis001013, OIG 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program - 7Atlis001011, Communicating Au...

2018 Practice Management Workshop
AAPC National Authorship CEUs
HBM (AUGUST 2017)-How to Improve Collection Rates, HBM JULY 2018-Successfully Report Z Codes for Screening Exams , HBM JULY 2018-Take a Deep Look Inside Surgical P...
AAPC National Distance Learning
Medical Billing Online Course (CPB Prep), Medical Terminology , Medical Billing & Reimbursement, ICD-9-CM Codeset Training Course, CRC Risk Adjustment Coding Course, Medical...
AAPC National ICD-10 Training and Education
ICD-10-CM Condition Codes - Otitis Externa, ICD-10-CM Condition Codes - Keratosis, ICD-10-CM Code Set Training (On-site), ICD-10-CM Condition Codes - Intellectual Disabiliti...
AAPC National Local Chapter
2018 LC Officer Quiz-November , 2017 Officer Training-Virtual, 2018 LC Officer Quiz-December , 2017 Officer Training-Webinar, 2018 Officer Training-Virtual, 2016 Virtu...
AAPC National Member CEU Request
Valerie Member Test Only
AAPC National Office
Healthcare Business Monthly 2016, Healthcare Business Monthly (March 2018) , Practicode CPC-A practicum - Demo, Healthicity-HIPAA: 8. Enforcement, Healthcare Business Month...
AAPC National Webinars/Workshops
Unlock the Secret to E/M Coding, Quality Payment Programs, Coding for Diabetes: Pregnancy and Beyond (Post-Test), Writing or Erasing the EHR Documentation Dilemma (Post-test...
AAPC National Workshops/Audios
2016 CPT Updates Day 1, 2016 CPT Updates Day 2
2018 Coding and Clinical Scenarios Overview: Electrophysiology Services (Live or On-Demand), Cardiac Device Monitoring: 2017 Coding and Clinical Scenarios Overview (Live or ...
Dr. Z Present Expert Coding Advice for Advanced Cardiovascular Procedures, AHA ICD-10-PCS Update for FY18, AHA Expert Advice: Navigating Coding Changes for Impella, FY18 Imp...
Absolute Medical Coding Institute
March Madness - Code-A-Thon, March Madness - Coding Cardiovascular Families and PCI , March Madness- Modifier Mania , AMCI Evaluation and Management CEU Course, March Madnes...
Access Quality Coding & Consulting, LLC
Introduction to ICD-10-CM
ACE Awareness Foundation
ACE Awareness Foundation - Summit 2017
Acevedo Consulting Incorporated
2018 MIPS, Compliance Challenges for Rheumatology, Rheumatology Hot Topics-The Importance of Medical Necessity, The 5 E Rule of Incident-to, Rheumatology Hot Topics-Complian...
Administrative Consultant Service
IP HOT TOPICS AND UPDATES, PART 2 (Live or On-Demand), Reporting for OB/GYN (Live or On-Demand), Reporting General Surgical Issues (Live or On-Demand), FY18 ICD-10 Coding Ch...
Adrianne Lovett
2018 Aurora Physician Coding Conference - Day 2, 2018 Aurora Physician Coding Conference - Day 1
Advanced Coding Services
CPB Bootcamp
Advize Health LLC
Live From NHCAA - Healthcare Fraud Perspectives (Live or On-Demand)
AHA Central Office
Physician Querying . . . Being Successful and Compliant (Live or On-Demand), FY 2018 Updates Part 2: ICD-10-PCS Codes and Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting (Live...
Alabama Hospital Association
RIC/RAC 2018 Spring Meeting, RIC/RAC 2018 Summer Meeting, RIC/RAC 2017 Summer Meeting, Alabama RIC/RAC 2017 Fall Meeting, 2018 Alabama Audit Summit
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
2018 Annual Tribal Business Office Conference- B&C Day 2 , 2018 Annual Tribal Business Office Conference- B&C Day 1
Alignment Healthcare
Risk Adjustment Documentation and Coding
Alton Healthcare
Certified Risk C\Adjustment Coder Review Class, Annual Wellness Visits (Live or On-Demand), Smoking Cessation-Don't let your opportunities go up in smoke, Certified Risk Adj...
Ambulatory Surgery Foundation
Coding Update and Reimbursement Strategies Seminar-Session Title: High-Priority HR Issues in Your ASC, Coding Update and Reimbursement Strategies Seminar-Session Title: Gene...
American Academy of Dermatology
MIPS and Its impact on Coding and Documentation (Live or On-Demand), Denials, Appeals and Improving your Revenue Cycle (Live or On-Demand), Coding Like a pro-the hottest top...
American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives - AAOE
The AAOE Program of AAO 2018-E&M vs. Eye Codes: Who Is the Winner?, The AAOE Program of AAO 2018-Code-a-Palooza, The AAOE Program of AAO 2018-The Merit-based Incentive Payme...
American Academy of Pediatrics
AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter-February-2018, AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter-May-2018, AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter-July-2018, AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter-January-2...
American Association of Medical Audit Specialists
Current Issues in Auditing, Breakout 6: ED Coding, Physician Billing of Observation Status and HCC’s , AAMAS 24th Annual Conference, Breakout 1: EMTALA or Transfer , Breakou...
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
Managing Coding & Reimbursement Challenges in Neurosurgery-Coders and Office Staff Breakout: , Managing Coding & Reimbursement Challenges in Neurosurgery-Common Cervical Pro...
American Association of Orthopaedic Executives
AAOE 2018 Annual Conference-Why Your Staff Is Your Most Important Asset, AAOE 2018 Annual Conference-Staff Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys: 25 Do's and Don'ts, AAOE 2018...
American College of Emergency Physicians
Advanced Procedure Coding for Emergency Medicine, 2018 Reimbursement: Trends and Strategies in Emergency Medicine
American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Clinical Documentation Improvement, Coding for Multiple Services on the Same Day, New ICD-10 Codes for 2018, Preview of New Codes and Medicare Changes for 2019, 2018 ACOG Co...
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
AHIMA State Association Events, AHIMA National Office Sponsored Events
American Medical Accounting & Consulting
Radiation Oncology Coding, Billing, Documentation & Compliance, Proposed Rules for 2018 in Radiation Oncology, Brachytherapy Webinar in Radiation Oncology – Part 1: Technica...
American Medical Association - AMA
CPT® and RBRVS 2018 Annual Symposium-Otolaryngology, CPT® and RBRVS 2018 Annual Symposium-Anesthesia, AMA CPT Panel Meeting - May 13, 2016, AMA CPT Panel Meeting - February ...
American Medical Billing Association
2017 AMBA 17th Annual National Billing Conference-GENERAL SESSION – Vital Billing Contract Terms for Billers and Healthcare Providers, 2017 AMBA 17th Annual National Billing...
American Pathology Foundation
APF 2018 Practical Pathology Coding & Compliance Seminars
American Pediatric Surgery Managers Assoc
28th Annual Meeting of the American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association-Putting Your Practice Out of Business-How YOU Can Prevent Pediatric Trauma, 28th Annual Meeting of...
American Physical Therapy Association
APTA 2017 Insurance Forum
American Portable Diagnostics Assoc
APDA 36th Annual Conference & EXPO-Keynote: The ever-changing landscape of the senior popluation and their healthcare needs, APDA 36th Annual Conference & EXPO-Dollar Shifti...
American Society for Radiation Oncology
ASTRO Coding and Coverage Seminar
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
Drug Testing Documentation and Coding, QRUR: Quality and Resource Use Reports, THE CMS QUALITY PAYMENT PROGRAM MACRA – MIPs FINAL RULE FOR 2018 (Live or On-Demand)
American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA)
ASOA Coding and Billing Track-A6-405 Lost Revenue: Auditing Doesn’t Just Reveal Over-Billing, ASOA Coding and Billing Track-A6-510 The Making of a Scribe: Learn It, Do It, T...
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Plastic Surgery Coding Workshop
American Urological Association
2018 Regional Coding Seminar, Surgical Coding Challenges, Coding Basics Workshop, Practice Essentials, Riverwalk Ambulatory Surgery Center Customized Coding Webinar
AmSurg Corp
Raising The Standards - Using OAS-CAHPS Data to Improve Patient Experience, Raising The Standards - Specialty Team Meetings, Raising The Standards - Group Discussions, Raisi...
Ania Stopka
Understanding E/M Coding Guidelines
Ann Zeisset Consulting
CPT Surgery Coding
Anthelio Healthcare Solutions inc._
ICD-10-CM 2018 Coding Update, Part 2 (Live or On-Demand)
Risk Adjustment Basics: Exploring the impact of documentation and ICD-10-CM coding
2017 HEDIS measures: behavioral health (WA part 4)
Pregnancy and OB Care. A network provider education. (NV), KY Behavioral Health Services: Coding and Documentation, HEDIS for Pediatrics, Pediatric Preventive Care (WI), Ped...
Striving for Excellence: Improving the Quality of Documentation (MD)
Pregnancy and Obstetric care (Empire NY), 2018 HEDIS Amerigroup Chronic Conditions Measures, 2017 HEDIS Measures Pediatrics
Striving for Excellence: Improving Documentation & Coding (NY)
WA 2018 HEDIS Adult Preventative Screenings, Pregnancy and OB care network provider education
Beyond Patient Care: Defining Success in Healthcare (KY)
Antidote Education Company
Aprima 2018 User Conference - Fraud’s Hidden Cost, 2017 eClinicalWorks National Conference-Mastering Your Sliding Fees - Best Practices for Capturing Patient Information, 20...
Appeal Solutions, Inc.
Appeal Training (Live or On-Demand)-Denial Management; Medical Necessity And Demanding A Quality Review by the Payer , Appeal Training (Live or On-Demand)-Denials Management...
Applied Underwriters
Mechanism of Injury
RBMA New England Chapter Annual Meeting: Radiology Management 2.0-Coding Update – Hot Topics of 2017 and preview of 2018, RBMA New England Chapter Annual Meeting: Radiology ...
AQ Consulting, LLC & AQ-IQ, LLC
Coding Under Pressure: Reporting Pressure Ulcer Care in CPT, Don't Get Burned! How To Code Burns Properly in ICD-10, Relieving the Pressure Part II: Coding Laminectomies in ...
Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers
FQHC Coding, Billing and Documentation Strategies-FQHC Basic Billing Requirements for Medicare, FQHC Coding, Billing and Documentation Strategies-Describe What Medical Docum...
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
CONG- Corporate Officers Network Group-April-2018, CONG- Corporate Officers Network Group-October-2018, CONG- Corporate Officers Network Group-July-2018, CONG- Corporate Off...
Arkansas Medical Society
14th Annual Insurance Conference
Arkansas MGMA
Arkansas MGMA Annual Conference 2018-The Employment Law Game, Arkansas MGMA Annual Conference 2018-Financial Reports Doctors Want to See, Arkansas MGMA Annual Conference 201...
ASC Excellence
The ASC Excellence 2018 Coding Seminar
ASHIM - American Society of Health Informatics Managers
A Medical Coder’s Guide to Health IT: Building Essential Skills in Health Information Technology
AskMueller Consulting
Coding and Reimbursement Challenges with Advanced Endoscopy Procedures, Practice update for coders, billers and office staff, ICD-10 Updates Review of 2018 ICD codes (Live ...
Assistive Coding
Urology Coding, Breast Procedures, Pulmonology Coding, Diseases & Surgical Procedures of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Neurology Coding, Endocrinology Coding
Association for Rural Health Professional Coding
Rural/Community Health Documentation & Coding Bootcamp (Live or On-Demand), Rural and Community Health Clinicians & Managers: What you need to know about Clinical Documentat...
Association of Community Cancer Centers
2018 Oncology Reimbursement Meeting (ORM)
Association of Dermatology Administrators-Managers
2018 ADAM Annual Meeting-A200 Perception with Patients: Bring it Back to the Basics, 2018 ADAM Annual Meeting-A301 - Benchmarking: Measure to Succeed, 2018 ADAM Annual Meeti...
Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors
2018 AHIA 37th Annual Conference - Healthcare Auditing: Weathering Change and Keeping Risks at Bay
Association of Otolaryngology Administrators
Pricing Hearing Services in the 21st Century, Cracking The Code, Making Sense of Medicare, Audiology Bootcamp: Coding, Insurance, Reimbursement , 2018 Coding Update, Sinus I...
Ultrasound Services In The OB/Gyn Office (Live or On-Demand), 2018 ICD-10 for Pain Management, Understanding the NCCI Edits and 2017 Q4 Updates (Live or On-Demand), Healthca...
Audiology Resources, Inc.
Compliance, Coding, Reimbursement, and Practice Management for the Audiology Practice-Day-1 (Live or On-Demand), Compliance, Coding, Reimbursement, and Practice Management f...
Auditing for Compliance and Education, Inc
Anesthesia and Pain Management Changes for 2018 (Live or On-Demand)
Aultman Hospital
Diagnosis Code Update for 2018, Thoughts on Coding for Two Evaluation and Management Services on the Same Day, CPT Changes for 2018 - An Overview, Healthcare Providers and H...
Availity, LLC
Medicare and Non-Physician Practitioner Billing, Preparing for the 2018 CPT Updates, Why all the Fuss about HCCs? What They are and How They Impact Physicians with Deborah G...
Axea Solutions
FY 2018- ICD-10-CM Updates , 2018 CPT Code Updates

Baird Holm
Coding Issues Based on Compliance
Baker, Newman, Noyes, CPA
E/M Code Assignment & Validation Chart Audit Training
Banner Health - BMG HIMS
Disease Process and Coding for Congenital Heart Disease
Barbara Griffis
Freedom Health Auditors ICD-10 & Risk Adjustment Education Quarterly Meeting # 1, Freedom Health Auditors ICD-10 & Risk Adjustment Education Quarterly Meeting # 2, Freedom H...
Barbara J Parmese
2018 ICd-10 Update, 2018 CPT Update
Bettinger, Stimler, & Associates, LLC
ICD-10 Implementation Series, Part Six: The Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems, ICD-10 Implementation Series, Part Two: The Integumentary and Endocrine Systems, ICD-10 Implem...
Bill Dunbar & Associates, LLC
2018 BDA Emergency Medicine In-Service - Updates from the 2018 ACEP Conference, Documentation and CPT Coding for Psychiatry Services, Discussing ICD-10-CM Cases Part 1, 2018...
Billing-Coding Inc
Complexities of E&M Simplistic Approach for Your Physician Buy In (Live or On-Demand), BC Advantage CEU Package 67, BC Advantage CEU Package 65, BCA Audio: Dealing with Diff...
BKC Coding
PMCC BKCcoding
KYPCA Billing Manager Boot Camp, Billing Manager Boot Camp, Billing Manager Basics, Advanced Billing Manager Boot Camp
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
2018 Billers Reference Workshop, What''s New in 2018, Billing and Documentation Integrity
Blue Cross Blue Shield MN
Risk Adjustment 101 - What Coders Need to Know, Introduction to Risk Adjustment
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Town Meeting Fall / Winter 2017, Quality Meassures 101
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI
Provider Forum 2018
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Medicare Advantage Stars and HEDIS Measures, Patient Experience, CPT Updates and Coding Tips, Coding specifics for ICD 10 CM and HCC coding scenarios
Bogardus Medical Systems, Inc BMSI
Basic Principles of Billing, Coding & Compliance in Radiation Oncology
Boston Scientific Corp - Endoscopy Division
2018 Coding and Medicare Reimbursement Changes for Gastroenterology (Live or On-Demand)
Brian R Boyce
Five Star Coding: Hematoma vs. Hemorrhage and CVA, Five Star Coding: Ostomies, Five Star Coding: Epilepsy, Coding Compass, Five Star Coding: DVT vs PE, Five Star Coding: Ost...
Brown Consulting Associates, Inc
Disease Process for Coders - Obesity-Review disease process, Chart Auditing IV (Supplemental Post-Test), Chart Auditing III (Supplemental Post-Test), Disease Process for Cod...
Bryant & Stratton
Clinical Foundations, PMCC Review, CRC Review Course, COC Review, Billing Certification Review, Ethics & Confidentiality Seminar, Medical Record Auditor-Day 1, Medical Recor...

Capital District Physicians Health Plan
2018 ICD-10 Guideline Updates with Focus on Quality Outcomes
Career Step, LLC
ICD-10-CM Recharge, ICD-10-PCS Supplemental, Inpatient Auditing, ICD-10 Professional Medical Coding & Billing, ICD-10-PCS Code Training, Education Recharge DRG Web Based Tra...
Carmen L Chaisson
Coder''s Huddle Path & Lab, Pass The CPC Exam , Coder''s Huddle Integumentary, CPC Prep Class, Coder's Huddle E&M, CPC Coder''s Review
Carolinas Healthcare System
HCC and ICD-10 Education Series Session 4, HCC and ICD-10 Education Series Session 3, HCC and ICD-10 Education Series Session 6, Quarterly Coding Quality Assessment Session ...
Centers for Medicare\Medicaid Services
All CMS Sponsored Courses, Seminars and Workshops
Certification Coaching Organization
2018 CPT® Updates (Supplemental Post-Test), CCO Club Q&A Webinar #003 Replay, Medical Coding - Student Support #026, Student Q&A Webinar #005 Replay, Medical Coding - Studen...
CGS Billing Service
Medical Billing and Coding HIT
Charlotte AHEC
3rd Annual Coding Conference of the Carolinas , Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) for Coders: An In-Depth Look
Cherice Nicole Witter CCS
CHI Franciscan Health
Quarterly Coding updates and education Session 2 2018, Quarterly Coding updates and education Session 1 2018 , Quarterly Coding updates and education Session 4 2018 , Quarte...
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Children's Surgical Specialty Group Monthly Coding In-service - October 2017, Children's Surgical Specialty Group Monthly Coding In-service - July 2018, Children's Surgical ...
Childrens Mercy Physicians Business Partners
Coding 2018: Challenges and Opportunities
Children's Physician Network
Specialty Care Coding workgroups - Session 3, Specialty Care Coding workgroups - Session 1, Primary Care Coding workgroups - Session 4, Primary Care Coding workgroups - Sess...
Clarity Coding Inc
2018 CPT Changes, FY 2018 ICD-10 Changes, FY 2018 ICD-10 Changes-ICD-10-CM , FY 2018 ICD-10 Changes-ICD-10-PCS
Claro Healthcare Outpatient
OP CDI Telemedicine 2018, OP CDI Oncology Module 2018, OP CDI Cardiac Cath Lab Module 2018, OP CDI Training Pharmacy Module 2018, OP CDI Hospital Based Clinics EM Office or ...
Claro Healthcare, LLC.
CDI Insight - Accurately Reflecting Patient Quality of Care, CDI Insight - Accurately Reflecting Quality of Care for Pediatric Patients
Cleveland Clinic
Professional Coding Roundtables-Topics in Coding & Reimbursement-2, Professional Coding Roundtables-Topics in Coding & Reimbursement-1, Professional Coding Roundtables-Topic...
Cobbe Consulting & Management
2017 Bones Society of Florida Annual Meeting-General Session-Dynamic Conflict Resolution Skills for Workplace Problems, 2017 Midwest AAOE Fall Meeting-General Session: Healt...
Maintaining Effective Compliance Programs For Hospital and Independent Labs, 2018 Coding Update for Labs and Pathologists, Laboratory Business Practices: Be Careful, PAMA Up...
Coding Academy of America
PMCC- Chapter 15-Eye, Ocular Adnexa, Auditory
Coding Boss LLC
Bundling and Global Post-Op: Understanding the Issues
Coding Leader
Protect Your Practice with Proven Compliance Plan Strategies, Medical Necessity & MDM: Stop Denials Today (Live or On-Demand), Stop HIPAA Violations, Avoid Massive Penalties...
Coding Network.com
Ob-Gyn Office Services, Dermatology Office Procedures- 2017
Coding Strategies
CROWN 2018 Radiation Oncology , Diagnostic Radiology Compliance , ICD1 Infectious and Endocrine Conditions, CROWN 2018 Business Operations, ICDFND ICD-10-CM Fundamentals, RO...
Coding Strategies Inc
ICDONC3 Complications of Treatment, ICDRAD5 Complications and Drug Effects, AP Anatomy and Physiology for ICD-10-CM, ICDRAD4 Pregnancy, DRG1 Radiology Compliance, ICDONC2 Ca...
Codingline 2018 "Foot & Ankle Coding Seminar"
Cogent9 Consulting
The Revenue Cycle Team Charter (Live or On-Demand), Pre-Authorizations and Appeals (Supplemental Post-Test), Integrating the Revenue Cycle into Radiation Oncology Practices ...
Colleen A King
Compliant Physician Query
College of St. Scholastica
Transitioning to Value-Based Care MOOC
Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas
Deciphering FQHC Billing and Coding - Day 1, Deciphering FQHC Billing and Coding - Day 2
Community Visionary Health Group
2018 E/M Auditing Boot Camp, 2019 ICD10CM Update, 2018 CPT HCPCS ICD10CM CMS Update, 2019 CPT Updates, Preparation for Certified Risk Adjustment Coder, Evaluation and Manage...
Compliant Coding Systems
Compliant Coding Academy Risk Adjustment Training Module 19 Coding the Hierarchies of Medicare Risk Adjustment HCC - Psychiatric (Live or On Demand), Weekly HCC Chart Review...
Connecticut Hospital Association
2018 CHA Regulatory Compliance Conference
Corcoran Consulting Group
Co-Management, 2018 Ophthalmic Reimbursement Conference-Session 3 Modifiers: Get It Right , Creating a Compliance Program, CMS Quality Pay...
Comprehensive Medical Coding for ICD-10-CM/PCS, HCPCS Level II, and CPT, Comprehensive Medical Coding for ICD-10-CM/PCS, HCPCS Level II, and CPT
Corrie Alvarez
CPC Review 2018, Surgical Coding II, Surgical Coding I, Evaluation and Management Coding
Cox and Associates
2018 CPT Update
CPC Solutions Inc.
Operative Report Coding, Evaluation and Management Coding, ICD-10 Fundamentals, Medical Terminology Anatomy & Physiology, Coding Compliance Essentials, Evaluation and Manage...
Craneware, Inc.
Highlights of the MPFS Final Rule for 2018 (Live or On-Demand), CY 2018 HCPCS II CHANGES, Medicare FY 2018 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System for Acute Care Hospi...
2018 ICD-10-CM Coding Changes
CSEP AAO Codequest 2018 Morning Session, CSEP 1-12-18 Semi-annual Administration Program, CSEP 6-8-18 Annual Admin Afternoon Program
Cue Up 4 Coding
Medical Terminology & Anatomy Review, CPC Exam Review Bootcamp

Danita Forgey Consulting
CPT Training – Day 3, CPT Training – Day 1, CPT Training – Day 2
DataQual, Inc
Coding and Reimbursement Update for Medical Practices
Deanna Dennis
Medical Coding Review
Debra S Ingersol
Coding Infusion Services Provided at Onsite Clinic , TCM Does it Meet Requirements or Not?
National Provider Enrollment Workshop-Conference-Day-2-CMS-855B, Stabilize your Documentation and Coding for Hip and Knee Arthroplasty to Ensure Proper Payment (Live or On-D...
Deepa Patel
Anatomy of Pain Coding
Delmar Cengage Learning
Understanding Current Procedural Terminology and HCPCS Coding Systems, Understanding Health Insurance 14e
Department of the Navy, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)
CPT Special Topics Coding Session#1, E/M Coding Part II: Facility Coding (CPT), Live Coder Training Event Series, CPT Special Topics Coding Session#2, Female Reproductive Sy...
Dermatology Managers Assoc of GA
Dermatology Managers Association 15th Annual Conference-General Session-Untangle 2018 Dermatology Coding, Dermatology Managers Association 15th Annual Conference-General Ses...
DOMA Technologies LLC
October 24, 2017 In-Service, February 6, 2018 In-Service, March 6, 2018 In-Service, January 23, 2018 In-Service, May 8, 2018 In-Service, August 29, 2018 In-Service, August 7...
Dynamic Communities Inc.
MACRA, MIPS and More!

E/M University
Rational Physician Coding for E/M Services-Established Office Patients (1997 Guidelines), Rational Physician Coding for E/M Services-Observation Care Services (1995 Guidelin...
E2E Health Solutions Llc
Anatomy and Terminology (Live or On-Demand) , CPB™ Coding Review (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10-CM Coding Basics (Live or On-Demand), Advanced CPT® Coding (40000-69999), Compli...
Eastern Claim Conference Associates, Inc.
Eastern Claim Conference - 2018-When in Doubt Test It Out, Eastern Claim Conference - 2018-Virtual Visits – Who Remembers the Jetsons?, Eastern Claim Conference - 2018-Facts...
Eastern Kentucky Coders
Medical Coding
Chronic Care Monitoring and Remote Patient Monitoring
EisnerAmper, LLP
2017 Coding and Documentation Update, 2018 Health Care Regulatory Update
Ellzey Coding Solutions, Inc.
Pathology Coding & Billing for Dermatology, Dermatology Surgical Modifiers Demystified (Live or On-Demand), What's New for 2018? Dermatology CPT, Fee, Coding & Policy Change...
Mosby's Pathophysiology-Alterations of Renal and Urinary Tract Function - Module, Mosby's Anatomy and Physiology-The Senses, EduCode Coding: Outpatient Procedural Coding for...
Emergency Billing Services Inc
Auditing the Physician Record for Claims & QPP, Data Mining: Who’s looking Where & How Are They Using the Information?, CPT: 2018 Edition, ICD-10-CM: 2018 Edition
Emory Clinic
Coder's Development Program
HCC Clinical Documentation & Coding
ERM Consulting
Advanced Risk Management and Office Based CDI
Excellus Health Plan Inc
Claims Discussion Workgroup-May 2018, Claims Discussion Workgroup-September 2018, Claims Discussion Workgroup-March 2018, Claims Discussion Workgroup-July 2018, Claims Discu...
ExL Events
12th Clinical Trial Billing & Research Compliance Conference
Eye Care Leaders
COPC Exam Review, Ophthalmology Coding Essentials, Auditing In The Real World, ONE User Summit

Felicia M Cephus-Williams
Understanding Evaluation and Management Coding
Financial Research Associates, LLC
The 7th Annual RISE West Summit-Conference, The Risk Adjustment Integration & Compliance Forum-CMS Update, 2nd Annual Health Plan Claims, Billing & Operations Leadership Sum...
First Class Solutions, Inc. (Vendor)
Coding Compliance Education Session – Session 5, Coding Compliance Education Session – Session 6, ICD-10 CM/PCS Update, Coding Compliance Education Session – Session 2, Codi...
Florida Blue
Documentation & Coding for Chronic Conditions-COPD Coding: Ensuring Accuracy and Completeness (Live or On-Demand), Documentation & Coding for Chronic Conditions-Rheumatoid A...
Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (FSASC)
FSASC 2018 Coding Seminar
Fresenius Vascular Care
ICD-10 CM Updates for 2018, ASC Facility Billing

Grassi Healthcare Advisors
Documentation Content Compliance -why it matters, Gearing up for Telehealth
Greensboro Area Health Education Center
Policy to Practice: Building Financially Viable Care Teams to Address and Manage Social Determinants of Health
Greenway Health
Best Practices: Denial Management - Intergy, Best Practices: Denial Management - Prime Suite, Best Practices: Denial Management - SuccessEHS

Haugen Consulting Group
ICD-10-CM Signs, Symptoms, and Abnormal Findings, CM Injury, Poisoning and Other External Causes (Trauma), CM Diseases of the Genitourinary System, 2018 ICD-10-CM/PCS and CP...
Hawaii Professional Coders Education Fund
Ho’i mai ana ko kakou Halawai-General Session 7: Radiation Oncology, Ho’i mai ana ko kakou Halawai-General Session 5: It’s About Time, Ho’i mai ana ko kakou Halawai-General ...
HBMA 2017: The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference, HBMA 2017: The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference - Pre-Conference Workshops-Intermediate Excel Tips and Tricks, HBMA 20...
Coding Cases Nuclear Stress and Stress Echo (Live or On-Demand), Medical Oncology Coding and Billing in the Physician Office (Supplemental Post-Test)
HCCS Healthcare Consulting Services
HCCS Coding Monthly Meetings-February-2018, HCCS Coding Monthly Meetings-September-2018, HCCS Coding Monthly Meetings-November-2018, HCCS Coding Monthly Meetings-March-2018,...
JustCoding News: Outpatient-2017, August 02, ICD-10-CM and the Respiratory System: Decipher the Latest Coding and Regulatory Changes (Live or On-Demand), Interventional Radi...
HCS HealthCare Consulting Solutions
Chargemaster Coding Updates and Implementation for 2018, Chargemaster Coding Updates and Implementation for 2018: Hospital Coding & Billing Updates Effective January 1, 201...
Health Alliance Medical Plans
Health Alliance Risk Adjustment Education - July, Health Alliance Risk Adjustment Education - April, Health Alliance Risk Adjustment Education - September, Health Alliance R...
Health Care Compliance Association
HCCA's Houston Regional Conference, HCCA Columbus Regional Compliance Conference, HCCA Kansas City Regional Conference, HCCA Minneapolis Regional Conference, HCCA Healthcare...
Health Care Conference Administrators, LLC
5th National Physician Advisor - UR Team Boot Camp-Day-2 (Live or On-Demand), 5th National Physician Advisor - UR Team Boot Camp-Day-3 (Live or On-Demand), Physician Advisor...
Health Care Management & Reimbursement Consultant
Obstetrics & Gynecology Coding, Documentation and Practice Update (2018), Primary Care Coding, Documentation and Practice Update 2018, 2018 AMA CPT code Changes and Review ...
Health Claim Services
Advanced ICD-10 Including Worker''s Compensation and Personal Injury
Health Information Associates
New CPT Codes and HOPPS Changes CY2018, Advanced Practice Providers Action Plan, New ICD-10-CM Codes and Changes FY 2018
Health Plan Alliance
Alliance Coding Workgroup-Apr-2018, Alliance Coding Workgroup-Jul-2018, Alliance Coding Workgroup-Aug-2018, Alliance Coding Workgroup-Oct-2018, Alliance Coding Workgroup-Nov...
Health Texas Provider Network (Baylor Scott & White Health)
Evaluation & Management Coding Workshop
Healthcare Association of New York
Health Information Management (HIM) User Group Meeting - Fall 2017, Health Information Management (HIM) User Group Meeting - Spring 2018
HealthCare Coding Sources LLC
Coding Celebration-So You Think You’ve Had a Bad Day , Coding Celebration-Tax Tips for the Remote Employee , Coding Celebration-Auditing A Chart , Coding Celebration, Coding...
Healthcare Information Services
2018 PMCC Course - Session 2, 2018 PMCC Course - Session 19, 2018 PMCC Course - Session 13, 2018 PMCC Course - Session 4, 2018 PMCC Course - Session 14, 2018 PMCC Course - S...
Healthcare Resource Group
Neurosurgery: Spine surgery, 1 Hand 20 Surgeries – Hand Surgery CPT Coding, Pulmonology and Lung Surgery – A&P and CPT Coding Challenges, A&P and Challenges in Colorectal Su...
Charting E/M Audits, Prime Time: ICD-10-CM for Primary Care, Primary Care Primer: Coding for Primary Care, Prime Time: ICD-10-CM for Primary Care, Charting E/M Audits, Dive ...
HIPAA Privacy and Security: Coders, Billers, and the HIM Staff, JustCoding’s Essential Skills for Anatomy and Physiology, Corporate Compliance for Coders, Billers, and HIM S...
Structuring and Auditing Physician Contracts Under the New Stark Rules (Live or On-Demand)
Healthicity Audit Services
Why Auditing is the Heartbeat of Your Compliance Program, The State of Compliance and Auditing Roundtable Webinar (Live or On-Demand) , Billing Company Mistakes That Coul...
HealthNow NY Inc
2017 Provider First
ICD-10-CM: Introduction to the ICD-10 Classification System, Diagnostic Coding: ICD-10-CM Chapter 14 - Diseases of the Genitourinary System, Diagnostic Coding: ICD-10-CM Cha...
Heather Rene Martinez
2018 ICD-10-PCS Review, Understanding Infusion Coding, 2018 CCS Prep Review, 2018 Integumentary System Refresher Review , 2018 ICD-10-PCS Review, 2018 Musculoskeletal Refres...
HFMA-NJ Chapter
Getting to the Heart of Revenue Integrity, NJ HFMA 2017 Annual Institute-Day-2, NJ HFMA 2017 Annual Institute-Day-1, NJ HFMA 2017 Annual Institute-Day-3, 2018 Charge Master ...
HIM Consulting
Coding Update 2018, CPT Update 2018
himagine solutions
FY 2018 CPT Update, Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding, You Asked, We Answered, Peering Inside ED Facility Coding, Beyond the Traditional Compliance Audit, OB/GYN/Newborn/Genito...
Hospice of Western Kentucky
Value-based management of high utilizing diseases
Humana Inc - Medicare
Atrial Fibrillation Condition Specific, RA CEU Opportunity April 2017- Anatomy of How the Heart Works (Live or On-Demand), Transitional Care Management, RA CEU Opportunity M...

Understanding ICD-10-CM and General Equivalency Mapping -2018 (INVOICE only (PART 2), Understanding ICD-10-PCS and General Equivalency Mapping - 2018, Understanding ICD-10-C...
iCode Academy
I''m Certified!!!....Now What!?
Idaho Medical Association
IMA Education Series-Challenges and Changes Series (January-2018), IMA Education Series-Evaluation and Management Part I—History Element, IMA Education Series-Challenges and...
IL Rural Health Association
Rural Health Clinic Policy and Procedure Development, Rural Health Clinic Annual Advisory Committee Meeting, MACRA & MIPS for Rural Health Clinics, Balancing Quality Measure...
iMedX, Inc.
CY2018 OPPS Regulatory Update
IMPACT Medical Consulting
2018 Coding and Medicare Update, 2018 Updates in EP Ablation Coding and Compliance: Physician Coding (Live or On-Demand), 2018 Updates in EP Ablation Coding and Compliance: ...
Indiana Medical Group Management Association
2018 IMGMA Annual Conference – Day 1, 2018 IMGMA Annual Conference – Day 2, 2018 IMGMA Annual Conference, IMGMA Revenue Cycle Conference
InGauge Healthcare Solutions
Using Technology To Resolve Coding Dilemmas, Using Technology to Resolve Coding Issues and Denials, Understanding HCC and RAF, 2018 CPT, ICD-10, MIPS and HCC Coding Update, ...
Ingenious Med
Ingenious Med Superuser Bootcamp
Innovative Medical Practices
Module 16 - Pathology/Laboratory Coding, Module 6 - Surgery - Integumentary, Module 18 - Medicine and HCPCS II Services Coding, Module 15 - Anesthesia, Module 17 - Radiology...
Inova Healthcare Systems
Coder Education 2017 # 3, Coder Education 2017 # 5, Coder Education 2017 # 4, Coder Education 2017 # 1, Coder Education 2017 # 2, Coder Education 2017 # 6
MASA 2014 Education Day - Session I - The ACA – Where Are We Now? , MASA 2014 Education Day - Payer Hot Topics, MASA 2014 Education Day - Keeping A/R on Target While Mainta...
Intermountain Healthcare
Cardiovascular Grand Rounds # 3, Cardiovascular Grand Rounds # 1, Cardiovascular Grand Rounds # 2, Cardiovascular Grand Rounds # 5, Cardiovascular Grand Rounds # 6, Cardiova...
Iowa Heart Foundation
27th Annual Cardiovascular Today Conference
Ivonne Atanacio
CPC Exam Review

Jewvons Medical Coding and Billing Consulting LLC
Health & Wealth Conference 2018, CPT for Integumentary & ICD-10 for Neoplasm Coding, Traumatic, Pathological Fractures & Muscular Disorders, CPC Review Class-Applying Conven...
JL Healthcare Services
Evaluation and Management - Leveling Made Easy (Live or On-Demand)
Joan Henry
AH Inpatient Coder Monthly Coding Education (12/2018) (Live or On-Demand), AH Inpatient Coder Monthly Coding Education (4/2018) 2 (Live or On-Demand), AH Inpatient Coder Mon...
Joel S Duhl Inc
E & M Auditing 101, Understanding and Implementing MACRA/MIPS, Compliant Documentation and Coding Hospital Services, Understanding the Risk Adjustment Factor and HCCs, Doing...

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan-SCAL Regional Office
ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS and CPT Coding Session # 8, ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS and CPT Coding Session # 7, ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS and CPT Coding Session # 6, ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS a...
Introduction to Medical Chart Auditing
Karen Q Kreider
abc³⁶⁰-Day-1-The abc360 Compliance and Privacy Update, abc³⁶⁰-Day-2-General Sessions -PM-The abc360 Roundtable: The “Billing QA/QI Committee” in Action on 4 Tough Billing C...
Karen Scott Seminars
ICD-10-CM updates and trouble spots-Condensed Version, CPT 2018 Procedure Coding Update – Day 2, CPT 2018 Procedure Coding Update – Day 1, ICD-10-CM updates and trouble spot...
Karen Zupko & Associates
Coding and Reimbursement Update for Critical Care, GI: Coding and Reimbursement Update, Dynamic Diagnosis Coding and Documentation, Surgical Coding and Fracture Care for Ort...
Kathleen G Bailey CPA, MBA
2017 CPC Review Class
Kentucky Medical Group Management Association
Kentucky MGMA 2017 Fall Conference, KMGMA 2018 Spring Conference - Roundtable Breakout Sessions, KMGMA 2018 Spring Conference - General Session-CONTRACTING / BUNDLED PAYMENT...
KGG Coding and Reimbursement Consulting
MACRA and Its Effect on Physician Codng and Billing, 2018 Coding Update, Coding in the Caribbean 2018-Day-3, 2018 ICD-10-CM Coding Update, Coding in the Caribbean 2018-Day-1...
The Art of Query: Tools & Techniques for Generating Effective Outpatient Queries (supplemental post-test)
Basic Principles in Medical Office Accounting
Kuehn Consulting LLC
ICD-10-CM and PCS-Day 1, ICD-10-CM and PCS-Day 3, ICD-10-CM and PCS-Day 2

L. Paul Kassouf & Co., P. C.
Coding and Compliance Update 2018
LA Chapter American College of Cardiology
Coding Impact on MACRA and other Hot Topics
Lake Health
Medicare Part B Update
Lee Memorial Health System
Coding and Auditing E/M Services-October 2017, Coding and Auditing E/M Services-February 2018, Coding and Auditing E/M Services-August 2017, Coding and Auditing E/M Serv...
LTAC/REHAB Coding, FY2018 ICD-10-CM Updates
Lexington Medical Center
Lunch and Learn May 2018
Libman Education
ICD-10-CM: Introduction to Diagnosis Coding, ICD-10-PCS for Pediatrics: Musculoskeletal Systems: Fractures and Trauma, Anatomy and Physiology for Coders, ICD-10-PCS Topic: B...
Lisa Roan
CPC Exam Review Class
Coding and Reimbursement-Inpatient Coding: The Respiratory System, Coding and Reimbursement-Highlights of the 2015 CPT Changes, Coding and Reimbursement-Inpatient Coding: Th...
Livanta LLC
Livanta Learning ICD-10-PCS Online Course, Livanta Learning ICD-10-CM Online Course
Lorman Education Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Records: What Can You Release?, Medical Record Retention and Destruction, Best Practices to Modify Electronic Health Records While Maintain...
Lynn C Schoeler
Professional Medical Coder COC Preparation Course, Evaluation & Management Auditing and Abstracting
Lynn Handy
Understanding Observation, Healthcon Conference Highlights 2018, GI Endoscopy Procedures; Everything you need to know, Critical Care Coding, Navigating the 2018 ICD-10-CM Co...
Lynn Pegram
Coding for Cancers, Billing & Compliance Education

MA General Phys Org Prof Billing Org (MGPO/PBO)
Annual MGPO Coding Retreat 2017-Keynote Address: “Staying Right-Side Up in an Upside-Down World”, Annual MGPO Coding Retreat 2017-“Useful Tools for the Coder in Microsoft Of...
MaineGeneral Medical Center
MaineGeneral Health Coding & Compliance Conference 2018-All Things Opioid: The Crisis and Treatment Options, MaineGeneral Health Coding & Compliance Conference 2018-IT Secur...
Managed Health Care Administration, Inc.
Documentation and Coding Boot Camp: Professional Standards to Anchor Your Practice
Margie Scalley Vaught
Tricks of the Trade - Ortho Surgical, Tricks of the Trade - Ortho - EM
Maria Teresa M Bondoc
Provider Coding Training - Session 10, Provider Coding Training - Session 3, Provider Coding Training - Session 1, Provider Coding Training - Session 2, Provider Coding Trai...
Martha Yvonne Wade
Introduction to ICD-10-CM, Evaluation & Management Documentation Guidelines, Intoduction to ICD-10-PCS Coding Guidelines, Introduction to ICD-10-CM Coding - Day 2, Introduct...
Mary Bort
ICD 10 2018 Changes and Updates and ICD10 Refresher course
Mary D Gregory
PCS Review, MASTERING CPT CODING, Screening vs Diagnostic Colonoscopy a Review, Mastering the Coding and Documentation Quandary, CPT 2018 Update/OPPS Update
Mary M Cantwell
Certified Outpatient Coder prep course
Maryland AAHAM
Finding the Hidden Treasure of the Revenue Cycle-Executive Breakout –Workshop for Effective Feedback, Finding the Hidden Treasure of the Revenue Cycle-Patient Financial Serv...
Maryland Healthcare Financial Management Association
Healthcare Financial Management Association Maryland Chapter 47th Annual Institute - Innovations in Healthcare II-Emerging Direct Collaboration Between Hospitals and Local S...
Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians
2017 Emergency Medicine Reimbursement and Coding Conference
Medicare 2018 OPPS Proposed Rule, Medicare OPPS Final Rule 2018, 2018 CPT/HCPCS Changes
McKesson Intelligent Coding
2018 CMS Final Rule Update
McKesson Specialty Health
McKesson Specialty Health Legislative Teleconference Series-Jun-2018, McKesson Specialty Health Legislative Teleconference Series-Dec-2018, McKesson Specialty Health Legisla...
McKesson Specialty Health - US Oncology Network PMCC
Genetic Counseling, Coding, Billing and Documentation (Live or On-Demand), Coding Urology Difficult Cases, Gynecology and Breast Difficult Cases, Understand Billing Single D...
McVey Associates Inc
MEDICARE QUARTERLY UPDATES-2018 1rst Quarter, Coding Updates for Gastroenterology, Reimbursement & Coding for General Surgery, Coding & Reimbursement Solutions for Orthopedi...
MD Liaison Services
Insurance Network Meeting
The Anatomy of Coding Webinar Series - Orthopedic Surgery - Leg to Toes (supplemental post-test), The Anatomy of Coding Webinar Series - Other Spinal Procedures (Live or on-...
Med Code Solutions and Training
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Auditing Workshop, CPC Exam Prep Workshop
Med Comply
Florida Medicaid Appeals Process, Ohio Medicaid Appeals , Georgia Medicaid Appeals, California Medicaid Appeals Process, Arizona Medicaid Appeals Process, Medicare Appeals P...
BOCN Web Series: Coding and Documentation for EP Device and Monitoring Services - Are you optimizing your monitoring services?, What is the Latest with Healthcare Compliance...
Medco Consultants Inc.
CPMA Auditor Certification Prep Course
Medcom, Inc.
Module 4: ICD-10-CM: Coding Mental Disorders, Nervous System and Musculoskeletal System Diseases, Congenital Anomalies, and Signs and Symptoms, Module 5: ICD-10-CM: Coding I...
Medicaid Integrity Institute
Emerging Trends in Medicaid: Opioids, Emerging Trends in Medicaid-Third Party Liability, Specialized Skills and Techniques in Medicaid Fraud Detection, Interactions between...
Medical Asset Management, Inc
Medical Audit Resource Services, Inc
Medical Coding & Healthcare Compliance - MCHC
Coding on the Sea-2018-E/M Breakdown- History Component, 2019 MCHC Healthcare Conference-Coding Common ED / ER Charges, Coding on the Sea-2018-Practice Management- Healthcar...
Medical Coding for Professionals
CRC Training , Medical Auditing Training - 7 Week Course, Certified Outpatient Coder - 10 Week Course, Practice Management Training - 7 Week Course
Medical College of Wisconsin
MCW Annual Coding and Billing Education
Medical College Physicians Group
2018 Coding Study Group - Session 7, 2018 Coding Study Group - Session 9, 2018 Coding Study Group - Session 4, 2018 Coding Study Group - Session 5, 2018 Coding Study Group -...
Medical Compliance Center
Void, Void, Medical Compliance Center''s 21st Annual Compliance Seminar Day 1 , Medical Compliance Center 2018 Anesthesia Coding Seminar-Anesthesia Bundling and Unbundling I...
Medical Compliance Training, LLC
MCS-P UpDate Session
Medical Education & Information Association (MEDIA)
Medical Management Institute
2018 Orthopedic Coding Update (Supplemental Post-test), 2018 Cardiology Coding & Reimbursement Updates (Live or On-Demand) , 2018 Cardiology Coding & Reimbursement Updates (...
Medical Minds in Motion
Reimbursement Remedies: Documentation, Billing and Coding for Physical and Occupational Therapy
Medical Practice Consulting
E/M Coding for Surgical Practices (Live or On-Demand), Medicare Rules for Incident-To Billing and Shared Services (Live or ON-Demand), To Credit or Not to Credit: Auditing E...
Medical Reimbursement
In service - Session # 15, In service - Session # 12, In service - Session # 1, In service - Session # 2, In service - Session # 3, In service - Session # 11, In service - S...
Medical University Hospital Authority
2017-2018 Huddle – Outpatient # 4, 2017-2018 Huddle – Inpatient # 3, 2017-2018 Huddle – Inpatient # 1, 2017-2018 Huddle – Outpatient # 2, 2017-2018 Huddle – Outpatient # 3, ...
Medlearn Media, Inc.
Learn How to Accurately and Compliantly Code and Document COPD (Live or On-Demand), 2017 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dialysis Shunt Interventional Radiology Coding (Live or ...
MedMal Direct
A to Z Risk Management for Medical Office Staff
Mednax Health Solutions
Lunch and Learn-July-2018, Lunch and Learn-February-2018, Lunch and Learn-April-2018, Lunch and Learn-November-2018, Lunch and Learn-March-2018, Lunch and Learn-May-2018, Lu...
Out With the Old and In With the New – Trauma Registry Updates for 2018, Main Line June 2017 Workshop, A Quality Tool to Improve Cancer Care, Oncology Date Management: Highl...
MedRevenue Solutions LLC _
Turn Denials Into Dollars
Medtronic CardioVascular
2018 C/APV CMS Update
Medtronic Inc
CY 2018 Medicare Hospital Outpatient Changes, Anatomy Dissecting Spinal Procedures, Medicare Physician Changes Effective FY 2018, Reimbursement 101, Medicare Inpatient Hospi...
Meera Mohanakrishnan
In-Service Seminar-December Session#2, In-Service Seminar-January Session#2, In-Service Seminar-February#2, In-Service Seminar-January Session#1, In-Service Seminar-February...
Mercy Health
Clinical Trials and Coding Updates - February (Live or On-Demand), The Components of your E/M - Session 7, Clinical Trials and Coding Updates - May (Live or On-Demand), Clin...
Merlino Healthcare Consulting Corp.
A Review of All Major CY 2018 Hospital OPPS Final Rule Changes , CY 2019 OPPS Proposed Rule Training Webinar, CY 2019 OPPS FINAL Rule Training Webinar
Metro Community College
Certified Outpatient Coder prep course
Metro Omaha Medical Society
CPT 2018 Coding Changes & Medicare Update
MGMA - Greater St. Louis
Medicare Update - What''s New for 2018, Learn to Play the Game - Fall Conference
MGMA - Iowa
IMGMA 2018 Spring Conference - Be Exceptional-Breakout 5A–Stop the Stigma – Managing Mental Illness in the Work Place, IMGMA 2018 Spring Conference - Be Exceptional-General ...
MGMA - Kentucky
Your Work Your Legacy- Session 5, Your Work Your Legacy- Session 2, Your Work Your Legacy- Session 1, Your Work Your Legacy- Session 4, Your Work Your Legacy- Session 6, You...
MGMA - Michigan
2017 Third Party Payer Day
MGMA - Mississippi
MGMA Southern Summer Conference
MGMA - National Mgma
MGMA 2017 Annual Conference-H10 Revenue Cycle Round Table, MGMA 2017 Annual Conference-B03 Certified Medical Scribe Specialists: Giving You Time Back for Patient Care, MGMA ...
MGMA - Oregon
You Are a Super Hero Rise to Excellence-Be Careful What You Ask For – A Medical Administrator’s Guide to the Do’s (& Don’ts) of Managing ADA & Family Leave Issues, You Are a...
MGMA - Virginia
VMGMA 2018 Spring Conference-Day-2, VMGMA 2018 Spring Conference-Day-1, VMGMA 2018 Fall Conference-Day-1, VMGMA 2018 Fall Conference-Day-2
Observation – a refresher on Inpatient versus Observation status, medical necessity, and billing compliance, Operationalizing Hierarchical Condition Categories
MHA Center for Education
Chargemaster Coding Updates and Implementatiion for 2018, Chargemaster Coding Updates and Implementatin for 2019
Michelle S Cowart
Emergency Department Facility Coder Basic Training
Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association - MASA
MASA 2017 Education Day-Patient Collections; Taking the best approach for Successful Return, MASA 2017 Education Day-Cyber Security: It's a jungle out there, MASA 2017 Educa...
Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors
Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors Fall 2017 Conference
Michigan College of Emergency Physicians
$traight Talk XXVI
Michigan Medical Billers Association (MMBA)
MMBA Northeast Chapter Meeting January 18 2018, ICD-10 – CM Hierarchal Condition Categories, DEVELOP PROFESSIONALLY WITH POSITIVITY, Compliance & the New Updated Programs f...
Michigan Orthopaedic Society
2017 Michigan Orthopaedic Society Coding Program
Michigan Osteopathic Association MOA
Michigan Osteopathic Association Practice Managers Program, Michigan Osteopathic Association Business of Medicine
Michigan Society of Hematology & Oncology
MSHO''s Medical Oncology Reimbursement 101 Webinar , WPS Outpatient Hospital Webinar, Now That the Dust Has Settled: Billing and Coding in 2018, MSHO Spring Reimbursement Me...
Michigan State Medical Society
Documentation for MACRA & HCC, Medical Necessity - Tips on Documentation to Prove it, Complete Coding Updates for 2018, Evaluation and Management Codes: Capturing Medical N...
Minnesota Department of Health
AUC Medical Code TAG-February-2019, AUC Medical Code TAG-November-2018, AUC Medical Code TAG-August-2018, AUC Medical Code TAG-May-2018, AUC Medical Code TAG-March-2019, AUC...
Minnesota Medical Group Management Association
Minnesota Medical Group Management Association Day with the Payers
Mississippi Rural Health Association
Coding Workshop
Missouri Primary Care Association
2018 MPCA MO HealthNet Division Billing Workshop for FQHCs
Monida Healthcare Network
Monida Billing Solutions Monthly Education Session - Session 7, Monida Billing Solutions Monthly Education Session - Session 8, Monida Billing Solutions Monthly Education Se...
Monroe County Medical Society
Ask The Carrier
Montgomery Community College
Health Care Medical Coding and Reimbursement
My Mosaic Life
Ambulatory HIM Coding In-Service 2018 Session-5. Pain Management Services , Ambulatory HIM Coding In-Service 2018 Session-2. Spinal Surgery Coding , Ambulatory HIM Coding In...
Myra Jayne Simmons
The Skin that You''re In!

NAMAS a Division of DoctorsManagement
Hands On: History of the E&M Encounter (Live or On-Demand), NAMAS 9th Annual Auditing & Compliance Conference Event-Facility-Based Auditing Track-Facility E/M Coding: Are Yo...
Nancy Freeman
Critical Care Billing and Coding Compliance
National Association of Rural Health Clinics
2018 NARHC Spring Institute-HOW TO DOCUMENT & SELECT OUTPATIENT LEVELS OF E&M SERVICES IN THE RHC (99201-99215), 2017 NARHC Fall Institute-Regulations: Finding Answers, 2018...
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association NHCAA
Fraud Schemes in the Behavioral Health Arena, Boot Camp for the Health Care Fraud Investigator, Skills & Schemes for Health Care Fraud Investigator's, 2017 Annual Training C...
Navicure Inc
Patient Payment Realities and Best Practices for Success, Top Five Denials and How To Appeal, Prevent 90% of Claims Denials, Reimbursement Reality 2018: The Challenges – and...
New Cardiovascular Horizons
New Cardiovascular Horizons 2018 Annual Conference
New York State Bones
Compliance Through the Maze of HealthPlexities, Billing BootCamp, Expanding Service Lines in Your Practice, NYS Workers'' Compensation: Authorization & Billing Requirements
Newby Consulting Incorporated
Comprehensive Guide to Medicare Part B Compliance, Billing & Coding, Billing and Coding for EyeMDs
Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Respiratory Assist Devices, Wound Care, General Documentation Requirements, Pressure Reducing Support Surfaces Group II, Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) , Po...
North American Spine Society
Coding Update 2018: Conquering Your Coding Hurdles, Coding Update 2017: Conquering Your Coding Hurdles
North Carolina Oncology Managers Society
HR 911...What's Your Emergency? - Harassment: Prevention and Correction, Engagement In The Workplace-60 Days To Success, HR 911...What's Your Emergency? - Working Better Tog...
North Carolina Pediatric Society
2017 NCpeds Annual Meeting, 2018 Practice Manager Retreat
North Carolina Radiology Business Managers
Interventional Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology Coding
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation
Coding #6, Coding #4, Coding #18, Coding #13, Coding #22, Coding #24, Coding #1 , Coding #21, Coding and Billing News-July-2017, Coding and Billing News-August-2017, Coding ...
Novant Health
Inpatient Coding Roundtable Discussion - Session 17, Coding Education Roundtable OPPS --Coding, Business Services, Audit-16, Coding Education Roundtable OPPS --Coding, Busin...
Novitas Solutions
Subsequent Hospital Care Rules and Coding, Nursing Facility Evaluation and Management Services, Understanding Skilled Nursing Facility Consolidated Billing, Accuracy Matters...
Procedural Coding (PCS): Body System and Part Fundamentals, Procedural Coding (CPT): Surgery - Musculoskeletal System - Abdomen and Upper Extremities, Compliance: Federal an...
Medicare SCS Coding - 2018
NY Harbor Health Care System - VA

Office Managers Association of Healthcare Providers
OMA 31st Annual Educational Conference, OMA 30th Annual Educational Conference, OMA 31st Annual Educational Conference-How to neutralize a Toxic Employee, OMA 31st Annual Ed...
Ohana Coding
Primer - Cardiovascular System, Primer - Digestive System, Primer - Anesthesia, COBGC Boot Camp, CPCD Boot Camp, CFPC Boot Camp, Primer - Musculoskeletal System, CPC 12 week...
Ohio Assn of Physician Assistants
Reimbursement and Utilization of Physician Assistants in Hospital and Outpatient (private) Settings
Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
OAASC 2017 Annual Multidisciplinary Conference-How to influence stakeholders about your ASC revenue cycle., OAASC 2017 Annual Multidisciplinary Conference-Top Coding Updates...
Ohio State Medical Association
2018 Medicare & Medicaid Update
Oncology Managers of Florida Inc.
OMF 2018 Fall Conference-Understanding Risk Adjustment and Quality Measures, OMF 2018 Fall Conference-Credit Balances and 25 Warning Signs Someone Won’t Pay their Bill, Sess...
One Call Care Management
Back Injuries from Sprain to Fusion
Online Audio Training
Coding for Surgery in the Wrist, Hand, and Fingers, PVC for the Cardiology Specialty: UE, Carotids, Subclavians, Verts- procedural coding, NPP Coding and Reimbursement: Non-...
Review of: Congestive Heart Failure, ICD-10-CM Training – Comprehensive Course-CM 211, Introduction to Procedure Coding, ICD-10-CM Training – Comprehensive Course-CM 212, 20...
OptumHealth Education
Establishing Effective Communication with Patients with Intellectual Disabilities: R.A.F.T. Part 1 (Live or On-Demand), Establishing Effective Communication with Patients wi...
Documenting and Coding Diabetes, Hypertensive Heart Failure (HF) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) for Medicare Advantage (1 hour), Understanding the Medicare Annual Wellness...
Orlando Regional Healthcare System
OHPG Coder's Educational Enhancement Session 12, OHPG Coder's Educational Enhancement Session 8, OHPG Coder's Educational Enhancement Session 4, OHPG Coder's Educational Enh...
OrthoCarolina Research Institute
37th Annual Oscar Miller Day Symposium on "New Horizons in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery"-Session VI: Forearm, 37th Annual Oscar Miller Day Symposium on "New Horizons in ...
OS2 Healthcare Solutions
CIOX-Aetna Coding & Coffee -November - Session 4 - 2018, MedXM Coding & Coffee-July-Session#1 (2018), CIOX-Aetna Coding & Coffee -September - Session 4 - 2018, CIOX-Aetna Co...
Ovation Revenue Cycle Services
Liver Conditions: It All Depends on the Liver, Injections & Infusions , Kidney's: Let''s Filter Through the Codes
Overlake Hospital Medical Center Coding Dept
Overlake Hospital Medical Center Coding Dept-Session#2, Overlake Hospital Medical Center Coding Dept-Session#8, Overlake Hospital Medical Center Coding Dept-Session#7, Overl...
Ozark Coding Alliance
Evaluation and Management 101, "Breaking the Skin" (Live or On-Demand), CPC Review Class, ICD10-"Stay Inside the Guidelines" (Live or On-Demand)

Panacea Healthcare Solutions
Coding and Reimbursement for Cardiac Catheterization and Coronary Interventions, Coding and Reimbursement for Procedures of the Head, Neck and Upper Extremities, Coding and ...
Paradigm Management Solutions
ICD 10 - Mental Health
Aftercare Presentation 2018 Update (Live or On-Demand)
Physician Practice Resources, Inc Matteson
Modifier Bingo (Interactive Seminar), 2018 CPT Changes, Basics of Evaluation and Management Coding Workshop
Physicians' Ally
The ABC's of Medicare Reimbursement. Protect Your Practice's Revenue.
Physician's Computer Company
2018 Users' Conference-Practices Can't Afford to Get Human Resources Wrong, 2018 Users' Conference-HIPAA Check-Up: Are You Protecting Patient Health Information?, 2018 Users...
PKK Consulting Inc
Coding for OB/GYN Services-Session A, Coding for OB/GYN Services-Session B, Coding for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
POHMS Adm. Svcs
POHMS 23rd Annual Fall Conference, POHMS 5th Annual Spring Conference-A Roadmap to Compliance: What Every Practice Needs to Know, POHMS 23rd Annual Fall Conference-Cancer Ca...
Practice Management Institute
National Conference for Medical Office Professionals-Day-3-Coding/Reimbursment-HCC Coding & Its Impact on Your Revenue, National Conference for Medical Office Professionals-...
PrimeWest Health
PrimeWest Health 2017 Providers & Partners Fall Conference-Medication Management and Safety, PrimeWest Health 2017 Providers & Partners Fall Conference-Mitigating Losses fro...
Priority Health
Documentation Improvement in Risk Adjustment
Progressive Business Publications
Keep Up to Date on Primary Care Coding & Reimbursement-August-2018, Keep Up to Date on Primary Care Coding & Reimbursement-November-2017, Keep Up to Date on Primary Care Cod...
Progressive Healthcare Conferences_
Telemedicine Coding & Billing: Guidelines for Reimbursement from Insurers, Orthopedic Coding Hotspots: Avoid Denials & Get Paid, Wound Care Coding: 2018 Guideline & Coding U...
Project Resume
Classroom to Career: A Medical Coder's Guide to Success
PRS - Physician Reimbursement System
2018 Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar-Day-2, 2018 Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar-Day-1
Chronic Kidney Disease (Live or On-Demand), Diseases of the Respiratory System (Live or On-Demand), Diseases of the Circulatory System: Keep Your Pulse on Risk Adjustment Do...
Phoeve Health Partners 2017 Coding Workshop

Quality Care Partners
Risk Adjustment 101

Radiology Business Management Assoc
RBMA PaRADigm 2018-GENERAL SESSION-Leveraging CDS Technology Successfully, RBMA PaRADigm 2018-CONCURRENT SESSIONS-Roundtable: MIPS/MACRA, RBMA PaRADigm 2018-CONCURRENT SESSI...
Endovascular Repair Coding in 2018 , Cracking the IR Code: Mastering Interventional Radiology & Cardiology Coding-Venous System , 2018 CPT Coding Update: Diagnostic & Interv...
RCM Healthcare Services
Inpatient HCC Chart Review using 2018 Guidelines, HCC Coding for Commercial Plans, HCC Coding Chart Review Using 2018 Coding Guidelines, RCM HCC Webinar Series- Inpatient HC...
Reimbursement Management Consultants
Psychiatric Diagnostic Coding, CPT Coding 2018, Part 1, Selection of Principal Diagnosis , ICD-10 Coding Refresher for Injury, Poisoning, and Certain Other Consequences of E...
Renal Physicians Association
Fundamentals of Nephrology Coding and Billing (Live or On-Demand), RPA Practice Management Workshop-Day-1, RPA Practice Management Workshop-Day-2
Revenue Cycle Plus
RevCycle Newsletter (Sep 2017), RevCycle Newsletter (July 2017), RevCycle Newsletter (Oct 2017)
RBMM 2018 Radiology Coding Seminar-Day-2, RBMM 2018 Radiology Coding Seminar, RBMM 2018 Radiology Coding Seminar-Day-1
Robin Linker & Associates
2018 AHCAE National Conference-Keynote: "The Preposition Proposition for Prosperity‐Who, What, When, Where and Wow of a Wonderful Life!”, 2018 AHCAE National Conference-Comm...
Rock Consulting Inc
Coding and Billing Issues for UCB FRMs

Salud Revenue Partners
October: Modifiers Impact on Revenue Cycle, December: CPT Changes for 2019, April: Basic Office Procedures, July: AWE, IPPE, Preventive Medicine for Medicare, September: Wha...
Scott & White Hospital
HIM Educational Sessions 2018 - Session 17, HIM Educational Sessions 2018 - Session 22, HIM Educational Sessions 2018 - Session 20, HIM Educational Sessions 2018 - Session 9...
Seattle Children's Hospital
Ambulatory and Outpatient Coding Round Table January - June 2018 Session 4, Ambulatory and Outpatient Coding Round Table August - November 2017-Session 4, Ambulatory and Out...
Seim Johnson Sestak & Quist
CPT 2018 Coding Changes and Medicare Update
Sherie K Phillips
Medical Money Matters
Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Coding for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Society for Vascular Surgery
Challenges in Vascular Surgery 2017: Coding and Reimbursement for Vascular Surgeons , E&M Coding for Vascular Surgeons
Society of Gynecologic Oncology
Special Interest Session I: Coding, Beyond the Basics for Surgical Coding
Soerries Coding and Billing Institute, LLC
ICD-10-CM Refresher , Documentation and Coding - Bridging the Gap, Bridging The Compliance Gap, A Day of Education: Risk Adjustment and Coding Updates
Sonda Kunzi
2018 CPT and ICD-10 updates, Coding and Documentation Under the BH Re-Design, 2018 CPT and ICD-10 Updates, Overview of 2018 changes and Healthcare Trends
South Carolina Oncology Managers Association
Oncology The New Frontier-Session 3: Treating Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care, Oncology The New Frontier-Session 2: Humanizing Cancer Care:The Patient Perspective, Palmett...
South Dakota Medical Group Managers Association
SDMGMA Third Party Payer and TPA Day
Southern Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology
Facing Challenges, Forging Solutions-Credentialing Craziness, Facing Challenges, Forging Solutions-Radiation Oncology Reimbursement & Policies: Today and Tomorrow, Facing Ch...
Southern Oncology Association of Practices
"Celebrating 20 Years of SOAP"
Southwest University
Evaluation and Management Documentation & Internal Auditing
NCTracks Update for Physician Offices, MCPO Meeting and Update
St Louis Children's Hospital & Washington University, CME office
Pediatric Coding Conference
St Lukes Physician Network
SLPG Physician Coding InService education sessions-Time based coding - feb 2018, SLPG Physician Coding InService education sessions-Modifiers - Sep 2018, SLPG Physician Codi...
Stalking Horse LLC
Clinical Documentation Improvement - Professional Fee-For-Service
Star Medical Auditing Services LLC
ICD-10-CM Neoplasm Coding … Increase Your Knowledge & Skill (Live or On-Demand), The Pitfalls of Radiology Coding (Live or On-Demand), Best Practices for CPT Coding of Injec...
Summa Health Network
CPT Coding Updates for 2018, 2018 ICD-10 Updates
SuperCoder.com (division of TCI, LLC)
Ophthalmology and Optometry Coding Alert - Volume 21 (September 2018), Pathology/Lab Coding Alert - Volume 19 (January 2018), Get Ready for the 2018 ICD-10-CM Updates, Gast...
Surgery Partners
Synergy Billing
2018 AUCH Billing Boot Camp – Day 1, 2018 AUCH Billing Boot Camp – Day 2

Anesthesia Coding Education 2018 - March, Anesthesia Coding Education 2018 - August, Anesthesia Coding Education 2018 - July, Anesthesia Coding Education 2018 - September, 2...
Temple University
ICD-10-CM Coding for the Outpatient Setting, ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding for the Acute Care Inpatient Setting
Tennessee Medical Association
37th Annual TMA Insurance Workshops, Building a More Profitable Practice
Tessellate Bi-Monthly Workshop-Session 23, Tessellate Bi-Monthly Workshop-Session 14, Tessellate Bi-Monthly Workshop-Session 4, Tessellate Bi-Monthly Workshop-Session 10, Te...
Texas Career Center Inc
Understanding Health Insurance, Medical Terminology for Coding, Advanced Coding , Advanced Coding Online, CPC Exam Review, Anatomy for Coding, ICD-10 Coding
The Business of Spine
Maximizing Reimbursement, Cadaver to Coding, Mastering Modifiers
The Reimbursement Group
Endovenous Mechanochemical Ablation (MOCA)
The Society of Thoracic Surgeons
2017 STS Coding Workshop-Day-3, 2017 STS Coding Workshop-Day-2, 2017 STS Coding Workshop-Day-1
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
61st Annual Edward T Smith Ortho Lectureship-Joint Arthroplasty: Future Solutions for Present Day Problems
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Compliance in 3D (Delivering Dynamic Discussions) - November, Compliance in 3D (Delivering Dynamic Discussions) - January, Compliance in 3D (Delivering Dynamic Discussions) ...
Making It Happen, Making It Matter
TN Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics
Pediatric Practice Managers'' Network Conference 2018, Pediatric Coding Seminar, 2018 EPSDT and Pediatric Coding Update
Trizetto Provider Solutions
Understanding the Trump Administration's New MyHealthEData Interoperability Initiative, How to Manage Your Denials and Other Tips to Maximize Revenue Collection, MACRA and M...
December Lunch & Learn: 2018 CPT Code Updates, October 2017 Lunch & Learn: Taking Confusion Out of Coding Injections and Infusions, TrustHCS January 2018 Lunch & Learn: The ...
Tulane University Center for Continuing Education
Advanced Institute for Anesthesia Practice Management

UHG Optum
CPT-Integumentary-Common Procedures Performed in ED, CPT-Integumentary-Laceration Repair, CPT-Musculoskeletal-Fracture Treatments, ICD-10-CM-All-ICD-10-CM 2018 Changes, ICD-...
UNC HC Professional Compliance Department
Regulatory Update Lunch & Learn-September-2018, Regulatory Update Lunch & Learn-October-2018, Regulatory Update Lunch & Learn-November-2018, Regulatory Update Lunch & Learn-...
Unique Career Academy for Medical Billing & Coding
Dissecting Evaluation & Management (E/M) & How to choose the proper code assignment
United Audit Systems Inc
2018 Inservice Education ICD-10-CM Topics-May, 2018 Inservice Education ICD-10-CM Topics-March, 2018 Inservice Education CPT Topics-February, 2018 Inservice Education ICD-1...
Episode of Care- Risk Adjustment Model (Live or On-Demand), HEDIS® Best Practices - Adult Body Mass Index Assessment (Live or On-Demand), Addressing th Opioid Challenge in T...
UnityPoint Clinic Administration
ICD10 Basic Coding Class - Q4, CPT Basic Class Q1, ICD10 Basic Coding Class - Q1, ICD10 Basic Coding Class - Q2, CPT Basic Class Q2, CPT Basic Class Q3, CPT Basic Class Q4, ...
Univ of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Medicaid Educational Conference 2017
University Medical Billing
UMB Inservice -December, UMB Inservice -June, UMB Inservice -January, UMB Inservice -March/2, UMB Inservice -May, UMB Inservice -October, UMB Inservice -November, UMB Inserv...
University of Alaska Anchorage
Coding and Billing Workgroup-September, Coding and Billing Workgroup-November, Coding and Billing Workgroup-February, Coding and Billing Workgroup-May, Coding and Billing Wo...
University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health
FY2018 ICD-10-CM Review of Edits to Index and Tabular
University of Southern Indiana
USI Coding (Medical) Certificate Program
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, attn: Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
Coding Roundtables-September, Coding Roundtables-November, Coding Roundtables-September, Coding Roundtables-December, Coding Roundtables-April, Coding Roundtables-May, Codin...
UPMC Health Plan
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and Other Preventive Services, Cancer Coding Guidelines, 2018 ICD-10-CM Changes and Updates, Dental Coding – January, ICD-10-CM Coding Chroni...
MRA SUMMIT 2018 Session 4, MRA SUMMIT 2018 Session 1, MRA SUMMIT 2018 Session 3, MRA SUMMIT 2018 Session 2, MRA SUMMIT 2018 Session 5
UT Health Science Center Houston
MSHBC SCCS Round Table Meeting # 1, MSHBC SCCS Round Table Meeting # 5, MSHBC SCCS Round Table Meeting # 3, MSHBC SCCS Round Table Meeting # 2, MSHBC SCCS Round Table Meetin...

Vance Thompson Vision
2018 Vision Foundation Spring Symposiim - Know Your Current Events: Know your Diseases of the Eye - Glaucoma, 2018 Vision Foundation Spring Symposiim - Know Your Current Eve...
CMS and Pricing Modifiers-October, CMS and Pricing Modifiers-December, Improving Financial Outcomes-Measure what matters: powerful, yet practical, techniques for analyzing h...
To Modify or Not To Modify?: A Guide to Assigning Frequently Misapplied Modifiers, 2018 CPT CODING UPDATES FOR CDM, VitalWare has your back with Orthopedic Coding, What’s Ne...
Vyne Education
Two-Day HIPAA Conference: NM Compliance and Training Certificate Program, Rehab your Reimbursement 2018 Edition: CPT Coding, Billing, and Documentation Strategies for Rehabi...

Weill Medical College/Cornell
Infusion Services, CMS Preventive Medicine Codes, EMR Guidelines, Coding Immunizations, Consultations, Most Frequently Used Modifiers, ICD-10 for the Non-Coder, Documentatio...
Westchester Medical Coder, Inc.
Complete Medical Coding Review-Block 8, Complete Medical Coding Review-Block 2, Complete Medical Coding Review-Block 5, Complete Medical Coding Review, Complete Medical Codi...
Wisconsin Medical Society
Innovate, Integrate, Motivate: Taking Charge of Change-Care of the Caregiver: It starts with you, Innovate, Integrate, Motivate: Taking Charge of Change-An Introduction to H...
Wolters Kluwer
ICD-10-PCS Vascular Coding, ICD-10 Update for 2018, Clarity in Inpatient Services and Current Industry Audit Trends, Auditing Your Interventional Radiology Reports to Insure...
Woodcock and Associates
Streamlining Your Revenue Cycle: Business Critical in Our Changing Healthcare Environment, Act Now: Prepare for Rising Patient Financial Responsibility, Nine Overlooked Oppo...
Wyshondia Shantae Jones

Yale Medicine
Shared Visits with APPs & Incident To Services - March
Yale New Haven Health System
OP Coding Education Series
YES HIM Consulting, Inc.
2018 CPT Academy-Week 8, 2017 3Q Coding Clinic Updates for ICD-10-PCS (Live or On-Demand), 2017 3Q Coding Clinic Updates for ICD-10-CM (Live or On-Demand), 2018 CPT Updates ...

ZHealth Publishing LLC
2018 - CPT Coding for Transcatheter Embolization, 2018 - CIRCC Exam Prep (Live or On-Demand), 2018 - Non-Vascular Interventional Coding: Part 2 (Live or On-Demand), 2018-Cod...
Preparing For The New Medicare Card