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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Health care professionals are obligated to stay current in their profession. This includes continuing education in their respective discipline as well as keeping up with the latest medical coding updates, compliance rules, and government regulations. AAPC supports its members to maintain a distinctive edge in their health care career by providing a wide variety of topics and subject matter delivered live or on demand, in classrooms or over the web.

For questions about approved content, CEU requirements and how and when to submit CEUs, see our CEU Information page.

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Workshop Presenter

AAPC's 4-hour workshops are held in more than 50 cities across the country. Expert presenters use hands-on exercises, case studies, and real-life scenarios to provide in-depth training on the most important topics facing health care professionals. Bring your code books, roll up your sleeves, and earn up to 6 CEUs.

Cheerful Receptionist

These 1-hour intensive multimedia events are an opportunity to interact with a special guest who occupies the expert hot seat throughout the discussion with questions and comments submitted via online messaging. Earn up to 2 CEUs with a post-event quiz. Register for single events or subscribe to all.

On Demand Events

Get immediate access to AAPC's most recently recorded events (workshops, webinars). Replay broadcasts online or download podcasts, presentation slides and Q/A transcripts. The education and CEUs you need are available right now - without the cost and inconvenience of time and travel.

National / Regional Conferences

AAPC's signature event is its National Conference. The event features a myriad of educational breakout sessions, hands-on expos (Anatomy & Business of Healthcare), dynamic industry exhibitors, keynote presentations, local chapter highlights, and endless opportunities to network and advance your career. Regional Conferences offer a similar educational experience, but are closer to home and at a lower price.

Healthcare Business Monthly

There are many opportunities to obtain your medical coding CEUs at low or no cost. These include attending local chapter meetings and local events, Test Yourself exercises from the Healthcare Business Monthly and the CMS Learning Network and teaching opportunities.

  • Local Chapter Meetings/Local Events = 1 CEU/hour
  • Healthcare Business Monthly Test Yourself = 1 CEU/issue
  • CMS Medicare Learning Network = 0.5-2 CEUs
  • Pre-Approved Instruction = 1 CEU/hour

The following are vendors that have been pre-approved for CEUs through AAPC. Granting of prior approval does not constitute endorsement by the AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor. The AAPC believes certified coders gain greater experience from earning CEUs with a variety of educational opportunities.

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1199SEIU Training and Employment Fund
Overcoming Workplace Related Stress and Strain: What Medical Coders Need to Know

3M ICD-10 Education Program - Module 19: Skin Procedures; Breast Procedures; Lymphatic Procedures, 3M ICD-10 Education Program - Module 7: Skin conditions, Signs and s...

7Atlis/ Healthicity Compliance
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - 7Atlis001001, Medical Record Documentation - 7Atlis001008, HIPAA - 7Atlis001006, OIG 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance...

A Coder's Review
ICD-10 CM Basic Principles Online, Evaluation and Management Homestudy
AAPC National Authorship CEUs
Healthcare Business Monthly (October 2014) - The Power of Networking, Healthcare Business Monthly (October 2014) - Scribes, Healthcare Business Monthly (January 2015) ...
AAPC National Distance Learning
Physician Based Medical Coding (CPC Prep), Outpatient Facility Based Medical Coding (CPC-H Prep) , ICD-9-CM Codeset Training Course, Anatomy, Risk Adjustment Coding On...
AAPC National ICD-10 Training and Education
ICD-10-CM Overview Training, ICD-10-CM Condition Codes - Angina Pectoris, ICD-10-CM Condition Codes - Erythema Mulitforme, ICD-10 Condition Cases: Skin Conditions # 1 ...
AAPC National Office
Practicode Internal Medicine (ICD-10), Healthcare Business Monthly (December 2015) , Teleconference Training for Officers, Local Chapter Officer Training (Live), Profe...
AAPC National Webinars/Workshops
Conquering E/M Auditing Challenges Within EMRs (Post-Test), Best Practices in Physician Recruitment and Hiring: Loving Them and Leaving Them (Post-Test), Shoulder Surg...
Acadiana Computer Systems
ICD-10-CM for Physician Practices
Coding, Coverage and Reimbursement for Implantable Biologics (Live or On-Demand)
Acevedo Consulting Incorporated
ICD-10 Boot Camp for Rheumatology-A, ICD-10 Boot Camp for Rheumatology-B, Audit Alphabet , ICD-10 Boot Camp for Rheumatology, Medicare Updates, Meaningful Use- Behind ...
Administrative Consultant Service
Advanced ICD-10-PCS: Orthopedic Surgery, Advanced ICD-10-PCS: General Surgery, Advanced ICD-10-PCS: Neurosurgery, Advanced ICD-10-PCS Workshop, Advanced ICD-10-CM W...
Adult Career and Technical Education ACTE
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
Advanced Coding Services
Professional Compliance Officer Boot Camp-Day 1, CPPM Boot Camp-Day 1, CEMC Classroom Course-Week 1, CPPM Boot Camp-Day 2, ICD-10 BootCamp-Day 2, CEMC Classroom Course...
Advize Health LLC
Advize Health Hands on E/M, Advize Health LLC 3 Day ICD-10-CM - Day 1, The Enlighten Newsletter – January 2015, The Enlighten Newsletter – November 2014, Advize Healt...
Aetna In-Service - December 2015, SIU Coder Training - Week 2, SIU Coder Training - Week 3, Aetna In-Service - June 2016, Aetna In-Service - August 2016, Aetna In-Serv...
Affinia Health Network
Affinia Health Network 10th Annual Educational Conference & MSO Expo - BCN/BCBSM , Affinia Health Network 10th Annual Educational Conference & MSO Expo - Meridian , Af...
AHA Central Office
2015 Update on AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Part Two, 2015 Update on AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Part One, Coding for ICD-10-CM: U...
Alabama Hospital Association
RIC/RAC 2014 Fall Meeting, RIC/RAC 2015 Spring Meeting, RIC/RAC 2015 Summer Meeting, Alabama Audit Summit
Alamance Community College - Haw River NC
OST 148-Section 02N-Medical Coding, Billing and Insurance, OST 247 CPT Coding_Section 01
Alaska Career College
Demystifying ICD-10 - Day 2, Demystifying ICD-10, Demystifying ICD-10 - Medical Terminology, Demystifying ICD-10 - Day 1
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Alaska Annual Tribal Business Office Conference - Day 1, Alaska Annual Tribal Business Office Conference - Day 2
All Children's Hospital
Pediatric Coding and ICD-10 Course
Altegra Health
2015 CPT Coding Changes
Ambulatory Surgery Foundation
ICD-10 updates: Current Documentation Practices and Contingency Plans that Impede Progress, ASCA's 2016 Winter Coding Seminar - Day 2, ASCA's 2016 Winter Coding Semina...
American Academy of Dermatology
Practice Management On-demand webinars - Could you Be a Target of the OIG? , Coding and Practice Updates for 2016 (Live or On-Demand), Coding Essentials for Dermatolog...
American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives - AAOE
American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE) 2015 - Steps to Successful Surgical Coding, American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE) 2015 - Comprehensive Car...
American Academy of Pediatrics
AAP Pediatric Coding Webinars-Coding for Inpatient-Provided Services (Live or On-Demand), AAP Pediatric Coding Webinars - ICD-10-CM Part 2 (Live or On-Demand), AAP Ped...
American Association of Medical Audit Specialists
AAMAS 21st Annual Conference - Pre-Conference Workshop 2 - Auditing Surgical Service Claims, AAMAS 21st Annual Conference - Breakout 3: Common Weaknesses Identified in...
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
Managing Coding & Reimbursement Challenges in Neurosurgery - Day 2: Spine Procedure Coding and Scenarios, Managing Coding & Reimbursement Challenges in Neurosurgery - ...
American Association of Orthopaedic Executives
AAOE 2015 Annual Conference - The Importance of Personally Modeling Health and its Impact on Patient Outcomes and Staff Behaviors, AAOE 2015 Annual Conference - Workin...
American College Emergency Physicians
Introduction to Emergency Department Coding, Reimbursement: Trends and Strategies in Emergency Medicine, Advanced Procedure Coding for Emergency Medicine
American College of Rheumatology
Developing Experts in Rheumatology Coding and ICD-10
American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Principles of Diagnosis Code Selection, 2015 ACOG Coding Workshops, 2015 ACOG Coding Workshops-Day 1/Module 4, Coding Multiple Services on the Same Day , Preventive S...
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
AHIMA State Association Events, AHIMA National Office Sponsored Events
American Medical Accounting & Consulting
Boot Camp II - RoadMaps(TM), ICD-10-CM Part 3, Radiation Oncology Coding, Billing, Documentation and Compliance -Day 1, Radiation Oncology Coding, Billing, Documentati...
American Medical Association - AMA
CPT Panel Meeting - Oct 11, 2014, AMA CPT Panel Meeting - February 6, 2015, CPT Panel Meeting - Oct 9, 2014, AMA CPT Panel Meeting - February 5, 2015, CPT Panel Meetin...
American Medical Billing Association
Breakout Session-Auditing ICD-10, 2015 Compliance Webinar Series - March 2015, Breakout Session-Hiring & Managing Remote Workers & Considerations in Setting Up a Virtu...
American Pathology Foundation
APF 2015 Coding & Practice Management Seminars, APF ICD-10 Preparation Workshops
American Pediatric Surgery Managers Assoc
American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association 25th Annual Conference - Everything you wanted to know about Pediatric anesthesiology, but were afraid to ask, American...
American Physical Therapy Association
APTA 2015 Insurance Forum, Navigating the Payment Maze: Reducing Denials and Minimizing Risks (Live or On-Demand)
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
HIPAA Compliance (Live or On-Demand), 2015 ASIPP Annual Meeting - Day 3, ICD-10. A Busy Crosswalk From ICD-9 to ICD-10-Part-2 (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10 Codes and Gui...
American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA)
ASOA 2015 Annual Congress - Modifiers – Getting it Right!, ASOA 2015 Annual Congress - An Administrator’s Guide to ICD-10 Mapping: Map Your Future Before it Maps You! ...
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Plastic Surgery Coding Workshop
American Urological Association
2015 Coding Seminar Mastering Urology Coding-Day 1, 2015 Coding Seminar Mastering Urology Coding-Day 2, Rockford Urological Associates Customized Coding Seminar, Mayo ...
Amerigroup Community Care
HEDIS and Value Based Purchasing Coding and Billing, HEDIS and Value Based Purchasing Coding - Part Two, HEDIS and Value Based Purchasing - Medical Record Documentatio...
Amphion Medical Solutions
Circulatory Series Webinar, ICD-10-CM Training, Bacterial & Viral Infectious Agents in Diseases Classified Elsewhere, Borderline Dx, Impending Condition, Table of Drug...
AmSurg Corp
2015 AMSURG Building Together - Day 1, 2015 AMSURG Building Together - Day 2, 2015 AMSURG Building Together - Day 3
Anthelio Healthcare Solutions inc.
Anatomy and Physiology - Module 1: Introduction to the Human Body, Anatomy and Physiology - Module 5: The Nervous System, Anatomy and Physiology - Module 11: The Ur...
2015 ICD-10-CM Assessment Exam Prep.Training - Day 3, 2015 ICD-10-CM Assessment Exam Prep.Training - Day 2, 2015 ICD-10-CM Assessment Exam Prep.Training - Day 1
The Importance of Diagnostic Coding, Medicaid Perspectives: Understanding Documentation Improvement for ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding, Documentation and Diagnosis Coding
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Healthlink Fall/Winter Seminar Series, Anthem Fall/Winter Seminar Series
Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Kentucky
Anthem Kentucky PNS Workshop & Seminar
Antidote Education Company
Billing Class I, Billing Class III, 2015 eClinicalWorks National Conference - Day 2, 2014 eClinicalWorks National Users Conference-Day 1, eBO Navigation, eBO Daily/Mon...
AQ Consulting, LLC & AQ-IQ, LLC
ICD-10-CM for Pulmonology, Billing: Insurance Only - Why Not Waive Copays? , Basics of ICD-10 for Hospitals-In Depth Session, ICD-10 CM: Renal Conditions, ICD-10 for I...
Arkansas Medical Society
12th Annual Insurance Conference
Arkansas MGMA
Arkansas MGMA Annual Conference: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - ICD-10 Breakout Session, Arkansas MGMA Annual Conference: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - MGMA Washington ...
Arnaldo Ardevela
Interventional Radiology & Cardiovascular Coding Program - (Basic Interventional Radiology Coding Rules) - Day 1, HCC Training - Day 5, HCC Training - Day 7, HCC Train...
ASC Excellence
2015 ASC Excellence Coding Seminar
ASHIM - American Society of Health Informatics Managers
A Medical Coder’s Guide to Health IT: Building Essential Skills in Health Information Technology, Understanding Healthcare Operations in Health IT
AskMueller Consulting
ICD-10 Training for Gastroenterology , GI Practice Update, ICD-10 Training and Practice Management, ICD-10 Training for Gastroenterology
Association Matters, Inc.
New York State Conference - Day 2, New York State Conference - Day 1, New York State Conference - Day 3
Association of Dermatology Administrators-Managers
ADAM 23rd Annual Meeting - New Managers Roundtable, ADAM 23rd Annual Meeting - The Psychology of Closing the Sale, ADAM 23rd Annual Meeting, ADAM 23rd Annual Meeting -...
Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors
AHIA 34th Annual Conference: Get Hip to Healthcare - Day 3, AHIA 34th Annual Conference: Get Hip to Healthcare - Day 2, AHIA 34th Annual Conference: Get Hip to Healthc...
Association of Otolaryngology Administrators
2015 Coding Updates, Tidbits and Snipits of ENT Coding, ICD-10-CM IS HERE: HOW ARE YOU DOING?, AOA-33: Steering Through Modern Healthcare-OIG Compliance Plan Boot Camp...
AudioEducator (A division of The Coding Institute)
The Value Based Modifier Program – Understanding QRUR Reports (Live or On-Demand), Care Plan Compliance for SNF, Understanding the CMS 855-B, Clinical Documentation Im...
Auditing for Compliance and Education, Inc
ACE ICD-10 Monthly Training Program - Chapter 18, Chapter 19 and Chapter 21, ACE ICD-10 Monthly Training Program - Chapter 9 and Chapter 10, Alphabet Soup:  Understand...
Coding Hypertension and Diabetes in ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-CM Beginner Program
Availity, LLC
ICD-10 for Podiatry: Take the Right Steps , Clearing Up ICD-10 for Dermatology (Live or On-Demand), The Impact of Consumerism on Provider Revenues, an Availity Researc...
Axea Solutions
ICD-10 Training (On-Demand)-PCS Ancillary Section, ICD-10 Training on Demand, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Classroom Training-Nervous, ICD-10 Training (On-Demand)-Factors ...
Coder Progressive ICD-10-CM Training, ICD-10-CM Training, Coder Progressive ICD-10-CM Training

B.A.Y.S. RVP Billing & Consulting, LLC:
Medical Coding & Billing Prep Course /Medical Terminology, Medical Coding & Billing Prep Course
Bettinger, Stimler, & Associates, LLC
ICD-10 Implementation Series, Part Three: The Skeletal System, ICD-10 Implementation Series, Part Seven: The Respiratory System, Use of the Medicare Audit Tool Part 2,...
Betty G Gilmore-Morgan
New Modifier 59 Guidelines Explained
Bill Dunbar & Associates, LLC
Mental Disorders - Clinical Psychological Disorders , Anatomy and Pathophysiology of the Ear and Mastoid, The Anatomy and Function of the Genitourinary System, BDA ICD...
Billing Management Services, Inc
ICD-10 Training, Coding Evaluation and Management Services for Medical Necessity
Billing Services Inc
Billing-Coding Inc
BC Advantage Audio Series: ICD-10: Sessions 1-Welcome to the New World (Live or On-Demand), BC Advantage Audio Series: ICD-10: Sessions 4-Obstetrics and Related Condit...
Clinical Documentation Improvement, Count Down to Go Live, Clean Up Your Clinical Documentation, ICD-10 Coding Training
Blue & Co., LLC
ICD-10 In-Depth Training-PCS Day 4, ICD-10 In-Depth Training, ICD-10 In-Depth Training-CM Day 2, ICD-10 In-Depth Training-CM Day 1, ICD-10 In-Depth Training-PCS Day 3
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
What''s New in 2016, 2015 New Billers' Insurance Workshop
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
ICD-10 without Fear (Live or On-Demand), Consulting with the Coder
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
Risk in the New Healthcare Environment (Live or On-Demand)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Informational Session, ICD-10 diagnoses coding, Improving Quality Risk Documentation and Patient Perception, ICD 10 Overview Readiness and Resources, Providing Quality...
BlueCross BlueShield of TN
Mental and Behavioral Health Services Training
Bogardus Medical Systems, Inc BMSI
Radiation Oncology Coding & Billing- Day 1, Radiation Oncology Coding & Billing- Day 2, Radiation Oncology Coding & Billing-2 Day
Bon Secours St Francis
2015 CPT Updates for Coders and Biller's Meeting
Boston Scientific Corp - Endoscopy Division
2015 GI Endoscopy Coding Update, 2015 Coding and Medicare Reimbursement Changes for Gastroenterology (Live or On-Demand), Coding, Reimbursement and the Economic Landsc...
Boston Scientific Corporation
Introduction to ICD 10 with Case Examples (Live or On-Demand)
Breezy U Houston
Medical Coding Course: Online 20 Week CPC Course - Week 13, Medical Coding Course: Online 20 Week CPC Course - Week 16, Medical Coding Course: Online 20 Week CPC Cours...
Coding and Reimbursement-Inpatient Coding: Mental Disorders, Coding and Reimbursement-Inpatient Coding: Basic Diagnosis Coding, Anatomy & Physiology for ICD-10 Coding-...
Brissan Kramar
ACCC Oncology Reimbursement Meetings, Bridging the Gap between Patient Needs and Financial Resources— A Case-Based Approach, ACCC Fall Oncology Reimbursement Meetings ...
Brown Consulting Associates, Inc
120 Respiratory and GI (Supplemental Post-Test), 129 Mental & Neuro, 401 Understanding Modifier I (E/M), 127 External Causes (supplemental post test), 401 Understandin...
Bryant & Stratton
Anatomy & Physiology: Review For ICD-10, ICD-10 Power Breakfast, ICD-10 for Orthopedics, ICD-10-CM/PCS, ICD-10-CM Coding, Clinical Foundations, Advanced A&P for Coders...
Burlington County College
Tackling Peripheral Coding

Cagle Medical Consulting, LLC
ICD-10 CM Code set Training-Day 2, ICD-10 CM Code set Training-Day 1, ICD-10 CM Code set Training
Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators, LLC
Medicare 101 - Quick Guide to Medicare Part B, Medicare Fraud and Abuse - Protecting the Medicare Trust Fund (Live or On-Demand), Medicare 102 - Advance Beneficiary No...
CardiologyCoder.Com, Inc
ICD-10 for Cardiology
Career Coders, LLC
ICD-10CM Bootcamp
Career Step, LLC
Coder Clinical Concept Course - Pathophysiology, ICD-10-CM Webinar Series (Live or On-Demand) - Session 9, ICD-10-CM Webinar Series (Live or On-Demand) - Session 8, IC...
Caren J. Swartz
ICD-10 refresher for oncology
Caryl Scharpf
Acumen Users Group Conference- Connect, Nephrology ICD-10 Preparation
Catholic Health Initiatives
FY 2015 CRP National Conference - HIPAA and Healthcare Data Breaches: Are You Ready?, FY 2015 CRP National Conference - CRP: Imagine the Possibilities, FY 2015 CRP Na...
Centers for Medicare\Medicaid Services
All CMS Sponsored Courses, Seminars and Workshops
Cerner Corporation
Cerner Health Conference 2014 - Revenue Cycle Roundtable , Cerner Health Conference 2014 - Built-in Millennium Data Exchange through the Cerner Exchange, Cerner Health...
Certification Coaching Organization, LLC
Understanding Medicare Payment Methodologies Live Webinar Event, Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium, LET''S TALK ABOUT ICD-10, CEU EM On Demand Class, June 2014 ...
Chastity Werner
2015 - HERE WE COME! (Live or On-Demand), Transparency Methods To Improve your Practice''s Financial Viability (Live or On-Demand)
Cherice Nicole Witter
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Children's Surgical Specialty Group Monthly Coding In-service - May 2016, Children's Surgical Specialty Group Monthly Coding In-service - August 2015, Children's Surgi...
Children's Mercy Health Network
Pediatric Coding 2015
Children's Physician Network
Primary Care Pediatric Coding Workgroups - 3, Specialty Care Pediatric Coding Workgroup - 3, Specialty Care Pediatric Coding Workgroup - 1, Specialty Care Pediatric Co...
Churchill Consulting, Inc.
F7-10: 2015 Code Summary, F7-7A Focused Brachytherapy, F7-5 Isodose Planning and Devices, F7-4 Simulation, F7-6A In Tune to Stereo, F7-11: Coding for Success in 2015, ...
City College of San Francisco
ICD-10-CM Coding
Clarity Coding Inc
2015 CPT Changes
Clarkson College
CPT 2015 Coding Changes and Medicare Update
Claudine Rosson
AABC ICD10 Workshop-Day-1, AABC ICD10 Workshop-Day-2
Cobbe Consulting & Management
2015 Midwest AAOE Spring Meeting, Revenue Cycle: Financial Monitoring for the Health of Your Practice, Payment Reform Collaborations: Payer and Provider Partnerships, ...
Code Central Services
ICD-10-CM General Code Set Training
Code with Confidence Consulting
ICD-10-CM for Billers, Medical Chart Auditing Course, ICD-10-CM 101...
ICD-10 Inpatient Course Ch. 10-19, ICD-10 ED Coding Course, ICD-10 Inpatient Course Ch. 1-9
Financial Arrangements with Referring Physicians: Be Careful, 2015 Procedure Coding Update for Labs and Pathologists, Developing Medicare Coverage Challenges for Hospi...
Codes Unlimited Healthcare Academy
''What Lies Ahead for ICD-10-CM'', 'What Lies Ahead for ICD-10-CM'-Day 2, 'What Lies Ahead for ICD-10-CM'-Day 1
Coding Compliance Management
2015 ASC Multi-Specialty ICD-10-CM Coding Conference - Nervous System (Pain Management) ICD-10-CM Coding, 2015 ASC Multi-Specialty ICD-10-CM Coding Conference - Infect...
Coding Concepts, LLC
Exploring the World of ICD10CM
Coding Network.com
ICD-10-CM for Psychiatry, ICD-10-CM Obstetrics/GYN, Maternal Fetal and Gynecology Oncology (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10-CM for Allergy and Immunology (Live or On-Demand...
Coding Strategies Inc
ICDAN2 Circulatory Disorders, IVR2 Lower Body Arteriograms, DRG8 PET/PET-CT, ICDFNDOBG ICD-10-CM Fundamentals for Obstetrics and Gynecology, ICDER3 Pregnancy, ICD-10 D...
Anatomy: Integumentary: Full Coverage - The Skin, Medical Terminology - Respiratory System , Medical Terminology - Muscles and Joints, 2015 Coding Scenarios for the Pr...
Ready or Not....Here Comes ICD-10 CM, Ready or Not....Here Comes ICD-10 CM-Day-2, Ready or Not....Here Comes ICD-10 CM-Day-1
Colleen Ann Murphy
ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 1, ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 2
Community Visionary Health Group
ICD-10-CM Workshop 2 Day Program (Day Two), ICD-10-CM Workshop 2 Day Program (Day One), IN Health Coverage Program Medicaid 2015 Updates, ICD-10-CM Specialty Code Set,...
Compliant Coding Systems
Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding Online Boot Camp-Day 1 (Live or On-Demand), Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding Online Boot Camp-Day 2 (Live or On-Demand)
Connecticut Hospital Association
2015 Corporate Compliance Conference, Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) Final Rule for 2015, Changes in CPT/HCPCS for 2015
Contemporary Forums
ICD-10-CM Boot Camp
Corcoran Consulting Group
Key Coding Concepts, Introduction to ICD-10, Documentation Challenges for Ophthalmology, Medicare Compliance, Coding and Documentation for Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic Re...
Corrie Alvarez
PMCC Course-Evaluation and Management, PMCC Course-ICD-9
ICD-10-CM/PCS, ICD-10-CM/PCS Training, ICD-10, CM Training
CPC Solutions Inc.
ICD-10 Fundamentals, ICD-9 CODING, Medical Terminology Anatomy & Physiology, Operative Report Coding, Coding Compliance Essentials, Evaluation and Management Coding
Craneware, Inc.
Understanding and Ensuring Pharmacy Reimbursement, Re-Engineering Charge Capture Business Processes, Defining the Value of Pharmacy Revenue Integrity –HIS Conversion P...
Creatively HIM, Inc
Coding ICD-10-CM
Crescent Health Solutions
Empowering Self Care Part 2
Crista Fair
Care Management Services, Fighting Back on Payor Recoupment
Cross Country Education, Inc
Protect Your Revenue with ICD-10-CM, Advance to ICD-10-CM: Learn the Basics to be Ready (Adjusted block), Coding & Billing for Therapy & Rehab, A Comprehensive Guide T...
The Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians

Damaris Ramirez, MS, CPC, COC, CPMA, CPPM,CPC-I MS
ICD-10-CM Training
Danita Forgey Consulting
ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Training – Session 9, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Training – Session 8, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Training – Session 13, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS ...
DataQual, Inc
Transitioning from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM-DAY TWO, Transitioning from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM-DAY ONE, Coding & Reimbursement Update for Medical Practices
DB Healthcare Consulting
Camp Interventional Radiology and Cardiology
Clinical Aspects of Diagnostic & Procedural Coding - Renal Disease, Clinical Aspects of Diagnostic & Procedural Coding - Endocrine System, Clinical Aspects of Diagno...
Decatur Back and Neck Center
National Chiropractic Compliance Bootcamp
2015 PQRS Action Plan: Report correctly to avoid penalties, Cardiology Coder's Pink Sheet (Vol. 5 Issue 1), Anesthesia & Pain Coder’s Pink Sheet, April 2015, Volume 16...
Delmar Cengage Learning
2015 Coding Workbook for the Physician's Office, Cengage Learning Community ICD-10 Training, Training the Educator: Transitioning to ICD-10-CM/ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10 On De...
Department of Defense
MHS coding analysis review (Live or On-Demand), DHA Maternal Codes (Live or On-Demand), Neonatal codes (Live or On-Demand), MHS Data Sources- Techniques for Analysis (...
Department of Veterans Affairs-DC
ICD-10-CM Chapters 8-10 Coding Roundtable, ICD-10-CM Chapters 5-7 (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10-CM Chapters 11-14 Coding Roundtable (Live or On-Demand)
Dermatology Managers Assoc of GA
Dermatology Managers Assoc of GA Retreat(12th annual) - Day 1, Dermatology Managers Assoc of GA Retreat(12th annual)- Day 2, Dermatology Managers Assoc of GA Retreat(1...
Diana Phelps
2 Day ICD-10-CM Bootcamp, 2 Day ICD-10-CM Bootcamp - Day 1, 2 Day ICD-10-CM Bootcamp - Day 2
Dignity Health
Compliance, Privacy & Data Secrurity Summit - Day 1, Compliance, Privacy & Data Secrurity Summit - Day 2
Divine Coding Institute
ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparison-8.27.15, ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparison-10.29.15, ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparison, ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparison-7.16.15, ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparison-3.26.15, ICD-9/ICD...
DocuComp LLC
Paying it Forward: Preparing for the Future of Healthcare (Live or On-Demand), Clinical Documentation Improvement & Integrity Institute (CDI), Denials Avoidance & Appe...
Doris V Branker
Dual Coding: Applying I-10 to Daily Work
Dynacor Consulting, LLC
ICD-10-CM Coding Bootcamp - Day 1, ICD-10-CM Coding Bootcamp - Day 2, ICD-10-CM Bootcamp-Day 2, ICD-10-CM Bootcamp-Day 1

E/M University
New Office Patients (1995 Guidelines), Observation Care Services (1997 Guidelines), Emergency Department E/M Services (1995 Guidelines), The Resident Course (1997 Guid...
Eastern Claim Conference Associates, Inc.
Eastern Claims Conference - Auditing/Interpretation of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Eastern Claims Conference - Effective Data Mining Techniques - Can You Dig It?,...
Eastern Ky Coders
Medical Coding
Eastern Maine Medical Center
ICD-10-CM Outpatient Training-Day 1, ICD-10-CM Outpatient Training-Day 2
Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic
Entering A New Frontier with Workers' Compensation
eCatalyst Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 1, ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 2, ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 3, ICD-10 Boot Camp
EisnerAmper, LLP
EisnerAmper's 2015 Health Care Update Forum, ICD-10-CM Preparation: What You Can Do Now, EisnerAmper''s 2016 Documentation and Coding Update, EisnerAmper''s 2016 Healt...
Elizabeth Jean Bitsilly
AAPC ICD-10-CM Code Set Boot Camp
Elizabeth Zahodne
Three-Hour ICD-10-CM Refresher Course, ICD-10-CM Boot Camp
CY 2015 Outpatient Procedure Code Changes, Mosby's Pathophysiology: Alterations of Renal and Urinary Tract Function, Mosby's Pathophysiology: Alterations of Cardiovasc...
ICD-10-PCS Online Training Modules
EduCode Coding: Outpatient Procedural Coding for the Digestive System IV, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Essentials: ICD-10-PCS Procedure Coding Fundamentals I , Mosby's Ana...
ICD-10-CM Online Training Modules
EduCode Coding: ICD-10-CM Introduction to Outpatient Diagnosis Coding IV, Mosby's Pathophysiology: Alterations of Cardiovascular Function II, Medical Terminology 2.0 -...
Emergency Billing Services Inc
It's Audit Time, Appeal Every Denial; Strengthening Your Appeal Process, CPT 2016 Edition, PQRS: Report Now or Pay Later
Emory Clinic
Modifiers and the Proper Usage, Emory ICD10 Proficiency Preparation, Evaluation and Management Coing in a Teaching Facility
Empower Education Center
ICD-10 Training
Beyond Basics: Issues and Answers about Emergency Medicine Reimbursement and Coding
2015 HIPAA UPDATE: CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS, The Sleeping Giant - Issues of Employees" Personal Privacy and Company Data Security Converge in Social Media, Mobile Devi...
Episource LLC
ICD-10-CM Clinic/Staff Education, Spring-Summer 2015, Part 2: Documenation Tips & Key Diagnoses, ICD-10-CM Clinic/Staff Education, Spring-Summer 2015, Part 1: Intro to...
Evergreen Healthcare
ICD-10-CM/PCS Training-Lesson Six-May-C, ICD-10-CM/PCS Training-Lesson Eleven-June-D, ICD-10-CM/PCS Training-Lesson Five-May-B, ICD-10-CM/PCS Training-Lesson Seven-May...
Remote Coding & Your HIM Department (Live or On-Demand)
Eyes On Reimbursement
ICD-10-CM Training Workshop

Facility Billing & Coding
Understanding Inpatient Coding & OPPS-Day 4, Understanding Inpatient Coding & OPPS, Understanding Inpatient Coding & OPPS-Day 3, Understanding Inpatient Coding & OPPS-...
FairCode Associates, LLC
ICD-10-CM Academy Bootcamp, ICD-10-PCS Academy Bootcamp
Faye Henson HIM Consulting
Building Expert Coders In Diagnosis Coding - ICD-10-CM (Live or On-Demand), Building Expert Coders in Procedure Coding - ICD-10-PCS (Live or On-Demand)
Financial Research Associates, LLC
Commercial RADV and EDPS Optimization, Part I - Improve Coding Accuracy and Documentation through Provider Engagement and Education, The Risk Adjustment Forum, Impleme...
First Class Solutions, Inc.
ICD-10CM/PCS Bootcamp - Day 2 , ICD-10CM/PCS Bootcamp - Day 4, ICD-10CM/PCS Bootcamp - Day 1, ICD-10CM/PCS Bootcamp - Day 5, ICD-10CM/PCS Bootcamp - Day 3
Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (FSASC)
The FSASC 2015 Coding Seminar
Forsyth Technical Community College
AAPC coding review Blackboard class
Fredrikson Healthcare Consulting
ICD-10-CM Refresher Training, ICD-10-CM Training: Multi-Specialty - 7.0 Hour, ICD-10-CM Training: Multi-Specialty - 6 Hour, ICD-10-CM Training: Multi-Specialty - 6.5 H...

G2N, Inc.
ICD-10 Coder Training, ICD-10 Coder Training - Day 3, ICD-10 Coder Training - Day 1, ICD-10 Coder Training - Day 2
Gaston College
OST 141 Medical Office Terminology I
Genius Solutions
ICD 10 Implementation
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
ICD-10 Prep Class
Gina Vuocolo-Branch
ICD-10 Ed & Training for Billing Teams, ICD~10 Training and Prep for the Proficiency Assessment, ICD-10 Ed & Training-One day
Glaucoma Project, Inc
SW FL Optometric Association Assistant's Program 2015
Global Healthconsultants LLC
Staying Compliant: How to Improve Documentation with ICD-10-CM for Physicians and Dentist, COMPLIANCE PLANS--Be ready, Have the Knowledge and Understanding, ICD-10-CM ...
Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board
Certification Prep Course
Greenbranch Publishing
Benchmarking Your Practice Operations, Chronic Care Management: Know the Rules when Billing for this new Medicare Service
Greenville Hospital System
PMCC Fall 2015-Chapter 9- Respiratory/Hemic/Lymphatic, PMCC Fall 2015- Chapter 7- Integumentary, PMCC Fall 2015-Chapter 10- Cardiovascular, PMCC Fall 2015-Chapter 14- ...
Greenville Technical College
OB/GYN Coding, ICD-10 Coding
Guidant Partners
Three to Five: Getting your Practice to Profit in an Age of Compliance, Healthcare / Create the Process

Haugen Consulting Group
CM Diseases of the Sense Organs, Orthopedic Coding for ICD-10-CM/PCS, Basic ICD-10-CM/PCS - Day 3, Advanced ICD-10-CM/PCS - Day 3, Introduction to ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10-C...
Hawaii Professional Coders Education Fund
"Imi a Loa''a Kekahi Mea Hou" (''Discover Something New'') - Auditing from the Auditor's Perspective, "Imi a Loa''a Kekahi Mea Hou" (''Discover Something New'') - Bi...
Hayes Management Consulting
ICD-10-CM Chapter-Specific Guidelines: HIV and Sepsis, ICD-10-CM Chapter-Specific Guidelines: Neoplasms, ICD-10-CM Chapter-Specific Guidelines: Obstetrics and Newborn,...
Hazard Community & Technical College
ICD-10-CM Workshop
HCPro Inc
Custom: Medicare – Hospital & Certified Coder Boot Camp Hybrid, Outpatient & Professional Services ICD-10-CM & CPT - Outpatient/Professional: Introduction to HCPCS Lev...
HCS HealthCare Consulting Solutions
Chargemaster Coding Updates and Implementation for 2016: Hospital Coding & Billing Updates Effective January 1, 2016
Health Care Compliance Association
HCCA's Desert Southwest Regional Annual Conference (Scottsdale 2014), HCCA Basic Compliance Academy (2015), HCCA Orlando Regional Annual Conference (2015), HCCA Manage...
Health Care Conference Administrators, LLC
3rd National Physician Advisor - UR Team Boot Camp - Pre-Conferecne, 3rd National Physician Advisor - UR Team Boot Camp - Day 2, 3rd National Physician Advisor - UR Te...
Health Care Management & Reimbursement Consultant
Chart Clean Up for ICD 10 CM (2015), ICD 10 CM 2015- Pathology Diagnoses coding, ICD 10 CM 2015 – Endocrinology &Nephrology Coding, Coding and Documentation Psychiatr...
Health Information Associates
Certain Infectious and Parasitic Diseases ICD-10-CM Coding, Nervous System ICD-10-CM Coding, New CPT Codes and HOPPS Changes for CY 2015, Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue ...
Health Information Professionals
Coding with ICD-10-CM in Long Term/Post Acute Care
Health Revenue Assurance Assoc Inc
ICD-10 CM "What You Need To Know" , 2015 CPT Updates Webinar, 2015 OPPS Final Rule Webinar, Wound Care - Are Your Wires Crossed, Let''s Untangled Them!
Healthcare Association of New York
HIM User Group Meeting (Spring and Fall)
Healthcare Business Solutions Ltd
ICD10CM Bootcamp -Day 2, ICD10CM Bootcamp , ICD10CM Bootcamp -Day 1
Healthcare Coding Consultants of Hawaii LLC
ICD-10 - Preparing for the Transition, Ready10 ICD-10 Coding Workshop
Medical Coding Strategies, E/M Chart Auditing and Coding, E/M from A to Z, Elements of ED Coding (Emergency Department), Primary Care Primer: Coding for Primary Care, ...
ICD-10-CM Coding Conventions, 2015 IPPS-MS-DRG Update, Anatomy & Physiology for ICD-10 Coding - Nervous System, Nervous System, Coding 101, Anatomy & Physiology, Anato...
10 Best Payer Contracting Practices
Healthnow New York Inc
ICD-10 Coding Seminar
ICD-10-PCS Coding: The Section Value of the Medical and Surgical-Related Section, ICD-10-CM Coding: Chapter 9: Diseases of the Cardiovascular System, Observation Care ...
HFMA - NJ Chapter
2015 NJ HFMA Annual Institute-Day-3, 2015 NJ HFMA Annual Institute-Day-2, 2015 NJ HFMA Annual Institute-Day-1, Bright Lights, High Performance Healthcare, 2015 Charge ...
Hill & Associates
ICD-10 Coding and Documentation for OB/Gyn Practices
HIM Consulting
ICD-10-CM Coder Workforce Training
himagine solutions
ICD-10 Refresher Education Eye and Ear, ICD-10 A&P - Disease of the Respiratory System, ICD-10 Refresher Education Nervous System and Mental Behavioral Neurodevelopmen...
HIMpoint Consulting
HIMpoint ICD-10 Training - Day 1, HIMpoint ICD-10 Training - Day 3, HIMpoint ICD-10 Training - Day 2
HomeTown Health
ICD-10 Physician Webinar Series - August 2014, ICD-10 Physician Webinar Series - February 2014, ICD-10 Physician Webinar Series - November 2013, ICD-10 Physician Webin...
Houlton Regional Hospital
ICD-10 Training for Payer Organizations - Introductory Training, ICD-10 Training for Payer Organizations - Implementation and Data Integration, ICD-10 Training for Pay...
Humana Inc - Medicare
PVD, PAD and DVT, Hedis QOCA 2015 Training , MRA Coding Conference 2015 - Looking for Laughter in All the Wrong Places, Comprehensive Coding Workshop Day 3, MRA Coding...
Hutchinson Community College
Coding Quality, Auditing and Monitoring AFTER October 1st: It's not over 'till the money comes…

Iasis Healthcare Corporate
ICD 10 Education - #26, ICD 10 Education - #14, ICD 10 Education - #7, ICD 10 Education - #17, ICD 10 Education - #9, ICD 10 Education - #22, ICD 10 Education - #10, I...
Understanding ICD-10-PCS and General Equivalency Mapping, Understanding ICD-10-CM and General Equivalency Mapping
Idaho Medical Association
IMA Education Series, IMA Education Series - Challenges and Changes Series: Third Quarter Updates, IMA Education Series - Book Review: Medical Record Auditor, IMA Educ...
IL Rural Health Association
From Volume to Value: Transition Away from Fee for Service for Medicare Payments, Rural Health Clinic Billing Workshop, RHC Administrator Series & ICD 10 Training-Bloc...
IMPACT Medical Consulting
2015 Coding and Medicare Update, E/M Coding and Documentation Fundamentals, 2015 Updates in EP Ablation Coding & Compliance: Facility Coding - Preparing for ICD-10 (L...
Indian Health Services
Indiana Rural Health Association
ICD-10 Workshop
Indiana State Medical Association
ISMA Annual Coding, Billing & Reimbursement Symposium - Documenting & Auditing E/M Services, ISMA Annual Coding, Billing & Reimbursement Symposium, ISMA Annual Commerc...
InGauge Healthcare Solutions
The Alphabet Soup of Medicare - Understanding Audits, ICD-10 Coding for Surgical Specialties, HIPAA Privacy and Security - Awareness Training, ICD-10 Proficiency Works...
Ingenious Med
The Homestretch to ICD-10, ICD-10 has arrived, Possible Workflows for Transition – IM and ICD-10, ICD-10, the Final Countdown, Post ICD-10 Check in , ICD-10 Implement...
Innovative Management Alternatives
Navigating the Compliance Highway
MASA 2014 Education Day - Keeping A/R on Target While Maintaining Your Sanity, MASA 2014 Education Day - Fraud & Abuse Issues for ASC Professionals, MASA 2014 Educatio...
The Art of E&M Auditing
Intermountain Health Care - Ogden Utah
ICD-10 course
IOD Incorporated
ICD-10-CM Education for Expert Learners , Anatomy and Terminology for ICD-10 for Expert Learners, ICD-10-PCS Education for Expert Learners
ionHealthcare, LLC
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Risk Adjustment 2-Day Boot Camp, ICD-10-CM Refresher Training, Risk Adjustment, HCC & Stars Ratings 101, ICD-10-CM Boot Camp, Risk Adjustment ...
Iowa Heart Foundation
24th Annual Cardiovascular Today
Iowa Medical Society
CMS Update, 2015 CPT Coding Update

Jaci J. Kipreos
ICD10 2 Day General Code Set Training
Jennifer Bartunek
Jeri Leong
Ready10! ICD-10 Workshop
Jeri Leong Duplicate
Understanding Chronic Care Management for 2015
Jill E Kulanko
ICD-10-PCS Training Course-Week 2, ICD-10-PCS Training Course-Week 5, ICD-10-PCS Training Course-Week 7, ICD-10-PCS Training Course-Week 4, ICD-10-PCS Training Course-...
Joel S Duhl Inc
Hire, Motivate and Build a Great Team, E&M Auditing 101, Flawless Customer Service, Improvements in Billing, OSHA BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS, Doing It Right the First Time P...

Kaiser Permanente - Pasadena
Break-Out-4, Fighting Fraud, Waste & Abuse in Outside Medical Claims, Break-Out-5, FWA in the Care Delivery Space-A DME Risk, Pre-Session, Break-Out-1, Break-Out-2, 20...
ICD-10-CM Refresher Workshop, ICD-10-CM General Code Set Training
Karen Beth Strandell
What does it mean to me? A look at healthcare regulatory updates, ED and Observation 2014 Benchmarks
Karen Scott Seminars
Procedure Changes for 2015 - 3 Hour, Procedure Changes for 2015, Procedure Changes for 2015 - 2 Hour, Procedure Changes for 2015 - Full Day
Karen Zupko & Associates
AAO-HNSF/KZA Workshop - Focused ICD-10 Training for Otolaryngology, 2015 Coding Update for Vascular Surgeons (Live or On-Demand), AAO-HNSF/KZA Workshop - Mastering Oto...
Kathleen G Bailey CPA, MBA
CDI & ICD-10 an Introduction, ICD-10-CM Code Set Training, Clinical documentation ICD-10-CM , CPC Review
Kathy Ormsby
Introduction to Medicare Risk Adjustment
Katie Summit Health Management
Casting, Strapping, and Splinting
Kentucky Medical Association
Kentucky Health Now - and the Telemedicine and Chrnoic Care Management Connection
KGG Coding and Reimbursement Consulting
Coding in the Caribbean 2015 - Basic E&M Auditing - Day 2, ICD-10-CM: Time To Get Ready, ICD-10-CM: Time To Get Ready, Coding in the Caribbean 2015 - Advanced Chart A...
Kim L Ramirez
PMCC refresher course - Anesthesia and Modifiers, PMCC refresher course - Compliance, PMCC Refresher Course: Cardiovascular System, PMCC Refresher Course: Anesthesia a...
Kimberly Kerr
ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 1, ICD-10 Boot Camp-Day 2, ICD-10 Boot Camp
Kiwi-Tek, LLC
Introduction to ICD-10-CM Chapters 15 to 21 (Live or On-Demand)
Kraft Healthcare Consulting, LLC
ICD-10 CM Boot Camp, ICD-10 PCS Boot Camp, ICD-10 CM and Mental Health III - Comorbidities & Crosswalk, ICD-10 Refresher Webinar II, ICD-10 Refresher - Webinar I - Par...
Kuehn Consulting LLC
ICD-10-CM and PCS Training - Day One, ICD-10-CM and PCS Training - Day Two, ICD-10-CM and PCS Training - Day Three

L. Paul Kassouf & Co., P. C.
2015 Coding Update
Lake Health
Medicare Part B Update, ICD-9-CM & CPT Update for 2014, Medicare Part B Update
LCB Solutions
Medical Coding Training - CPC - ICD-10 (2days), Medical Coding Training CPC - CPT/HCPCS (8days)
Libman Education
ICD-10-CM: Diagnosis Coding-Module 4, ICD-10-CM: Diagnosis Coding-Module 7, ICD-10 For Post Acute Care - Home Health Providers, ICD-10-CM: Diagnosis Coding-Module 1, C...
LifePoint Hospitals
Certified Professional Biller Boot Camp, CPC Boot Camp-Day-3, Certified Professional Medical Auditor Boot Camp, CPC Boot Camp-Day-1, CPC Boot Camp-Day-2, Certified Eva...
Lisa Phillips
ICD-10-CM Coding Seminar
LJM Healthcare Information Mgmt LLC
ICD-10-CM Boot Camp
Lord Fairfax Community College
ICD-10-CM Training for Coders - Week 4, ICD-10-CM Training for Coders - Week 1, ICD-10-CM Training for Coders - Week 2, ICD-10-CM Training for Coders - Week 3

MA General Phys Org Prof Billing Org (MGPO/PBO)
The Annual MGPO Coding Retreat-Break-Out Session 1 or Break-Out Session 2, The Annual MGPO Coding Retreat-R&R: Coding Jeopardy Game , The Annual MGPO Coding Retreat-...
Macomb Community College
ICD-10-CM Coding Basics - Week 2, ICD-10-CM Coding Basics - Week 1, ICD-10-CM Coding Basics - Week 4, ICD-10-CM Coding Basics - Week 5, ICD-10-CM Coding Basics - Week ...
Maine Medical Association
Annual Coding Seminar
MaineCare Services
Coding Committee – October 2015 ‘C’, Coding Committee – January 2016 ‘A’, Coding Committee – January 2016 ‘B’, Coding Committee – September 2015 ‘C’, Coding Committee ...
Margie Scalley Vaught
Orthopedic Coding Updates, Tricks of the Trade - EM, Tricks of the Trade - Ortho, ICD-10 Coding for Musculoskeletal Issues
Martha Yvonne Wade
Evaluation & Management Documentation Guidelines, Introduction to ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines-Day 3, Introduction to ICD-10-CM, Introduction to ICD-10-PCS Coding Guid...
Mary D Gregory
Outpatient Coding of Spinal Procedures for Facilities, ICD-10-CM For Providers Clinics, Review of Coding Signs and Symptoms, ICD-10-CM Refresher Chapter 7,8, 9 PCS Pro...
Mary Tait
ICD-10-CM Boot Camp
Maryland AAHAM
Maryland AAHAM Annual Institute-Play a Starring Role in Healthcare Partnerships-September 17th-PM, Maryland AAHAM Annual Institute-Play a Starring Role in Healthcare P...
Maxim Healthcare Services
ICD-10 Fundamentals Boot Camp - ICD-10-CM Coding Conventions and Official Guidelines, Anatomy & Physiology for ICD-10 Coding - Pregnancy and Perinatal Period, ICD-10-C...
2015 CPT/HCPCS Changes, Medicare 2015 OPPS Final Rule, Medicare 2016 OPPS Proposed Rule
McKesson Health Solutions - Newton, MA
NS03-The Value of Automated Authorization, HT03-Legislative Update: Focus on Network Management, CL06-Policy Management: Calling Balls and Strikes, IQ26-Mental Health ...
McKesson Specialty Health
OPES Webinar Series-December 2014, Key Tips for ICD-10 Preparation (Live or On-Demand), OPES Webinar Series, McKesson Specialty Health Legislative Teleconference Serie...
McKesson Specialty Health - US Oncology Network
ICD-10 Surgery: General, Breast, Gynecology and Urology, Challenges and Implementation of 2015 Radiation Code Changes, Understanding Modifiers and When to Use Them, IC...
McVey Associates Inc
Understanding Hospital E/M Coding for Cardiology (Live or On Demand), TWO days of in-depth coding & billing for: Cardiology Physicians and Practice Billers and Coders,...
MD Liaison Services
Insurance Network Workshops
MDAdvantage ICD-10 Orthopedic Coding Workshop
The Anatomy of Coding Webinar Series - Orthopedic - Hip, Leg and Knee Surgeries (Supplemental Post-Test), Diagnosing ICD-10 for ASC's - Lower Body Orthopedics (Live or...
Gearing-Up for the Annual Updates: A Revenue Cycle Approach , Summary of 2015 Breast & Mammography Procedure Changes, Lets Play, the Price is Right!” What Packaging Ha...
Coding and Documentation for Cardiac Device Monitoring, CMS Final Rule: Update on Regulatory Changes, Billing and Coding Vascular Surgery Procedures Part One, Coding a...
Medco Consultants Inc.
Understanding Incident To Services (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10-CM Coding & Documentation for Primary Care (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10-CM Coding & Documentation for Pri...
Medcom, Inc.
Module 6: ICD-10-CM: Coding Diseases of the Respiratory, Digestive and Genitourinary Systems, Coding Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System, Nervous System, Mental Dis...
Medicaid Integrity Institute
MII - Managed Care Oversight Seminar, Program Integrity Fundamentals Seminar, Provider Auditing Fundamentals Program, Medicaid Provider Enrollment Seminar, Program Int...
Medical Asset Management, Inc
2015 Case Studies 19, 2015 Case Studies 17, 2015 Case Studies 16, 2015 Case Studies 14, 2015 Case Studies 4, ONE WEEK INTENSIVE CODING -DAYS (1-4)-DAY THREE, 2015 Case...
Medical Coding & Healthcare Compliance - MCHC
Practice Management Boot Camp - Day 1, Healthcare Management Boot Camp - Day 2, E/M Auditing Center, Coding Integumentary Procedures, Anatomy for Medical Coding - Day ...
Medical Coding Academy
Week 7, Integumentary System, Week 9, Respiratory, Hemic, Lymphatic, Med & Diap Systems, Week 3, Introduction to ICD-9, Week 12, Urinary System, Male Genital System, W...
Medical Coding for Professionals
Medical Auditing Training - 7 Week Course, ICD.10.CM Training Workshop, ICD.10.CM Training - 5 Week Course
Medical Compliance Center
Medical Compliance Center's 19th Annual Compliance Seminar - Day 1, Medical Compliance Center's 19th Annual Compliance Seminar - Day 2
Medical Compliance Training, LLC
MCS-P UpDate Session
Medical Education & Information Association (MEDIA)
2015 MEDIA Spring Seminar
Medical Education Services, LLC
Coding and Documentation Updates for 2016, Expanding Your Knowledge: Orthopaedic ICD-10-CM Coding, 2015 CPT Changes, Grasping the Guidelines of ICD-10-CM, The Guideli...
Medical Informatics Solutions, LLC
ICD10CM Training for 2015 Implementation - 2 Hour, ICD10CM Training for 2015 Implementation - 8 Hour, ICD10CM Training for 2015 Implementation - 4 Hour
Medical Liaison Services
The Inpatient Transition (Live or On-Demand)-Week 2, The Inpatient Transition (Live or On-Demand)-Week 5, The Inpatient Transition (Live or On-Demand)-Week 3, The Inpa...
Medical Management Plus Inc
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Diagnosis Coding and Documentation in a Risk Adjustment Model
Medical Office Alternatives, LLC
AAPC: ICD-10-CM Code Set Training
Medical Practice Consulting
Essentials in ICD-10-CM Coding for Medical Practices, ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding for Mental Health Clinicians, ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding for Primary Care Clinicians
Medical Reimbursement Analysis & Solutions
NHMG Coding Department 1-day Cardiothoracic & Vascular Seminar
Medical Revenue Solutions
ICD-10 Advanced A&P, Part 2 of 2, ICD-10, ICD-10 CM Code Set & Guidelines-Part 1 of 4 (Live or On-Demand), 2015 Coding Update - Compliance Update, ICD-10 Advanced A&P,...
Medical Society of Virginia
ICD-10CM Bootcamp - Day 1, ICD-10CM Bootcamp - Day 2, ICD-10CM Refresher
Medical Staff SOS, Inc. PHIA
ICD-10 is here…..are you ready!
Medical Train Right
2015 CPT Updates for Orthopedics
Medical University Hospital Authority
ICD-10 CM 5 week refresher classes - Week 2, ICD-10 CM 5 week refresher classes - Week 5, ICD-10 CM 5 week refresher classes - Week 1, ICD 10 PCS Advance Operative Cas...
ICD-10-CM Beyond the Coding, Part 1 & 2
Medkoder''s ICD-10-CM Medical Coding Training, Medkoder''s ICD-10-CM Medical Coding Training-Day 2, Medkoder''s ICD-10-CM Medical Coding Training-Day 1, Medkoder''s IC...
MedLearn Publishing I Panacea Healthcare Solutions
Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation: Back to the Basics (Live or On-Demand), Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation: Take Your Skills to a Higher Level (Liv...
Mednax Services, Inc
2015 Annual Medical Coding Conference-Day 2, 2015 Annual Medical Coding Conference-Day 2, ICD10: Review of Chapter 10, Diseases of the Respiratory System, 2015 Annual ...
MedOffice Resources
Evaluation and Management - Chart Audits, ICD-10-CM: Basic Training and Practice - Part 2, ICD-10-CM: Basic Training and Practice - Part 1
Med-Rec Systems
ICD-10-CM for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
MedRevenue Solutions LLC
Turn Denials Into Dollars
Medtronic CardioVascular
FY2016 IPPS Medicare Updates, 2015 Cardiovascular Reimbursement Updates, Medtronic Coronary and Peripheral Vascular ICD-10 Coding for Hospitals, Medtronic Coronary and...
Medtronic Inc
ICD-10, Lumbar Spinal Fusion, Anatomy: Dissecting Spinal Procedures, Medicare Inpatient Hospital Changes effective October 1, 2015 (FY 16), Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm & ...
Melody S Irvine
Basic Physician Auditing, Basic Anatomy and Medical Terminology
Merlino Healthcare Consulting Corp.
RBMA New England Chapter - 2015 Educational Conference - ICD-10: Ready or Not Here it Comes. Implementation is More Than a Code Set, Review of The Hospital OPPS Propos...
MGMA - Joplin-Metro
Operation Excellence - Keynote - Team Building, Operation Excellence, Operation Excellence - Lean Sigma Part 2 - Lean Leadership (Continued), Operation Excellence - Le...
MGMA - Englewood Colorado
MGMA 2015 Cardiology Medicare and Coding Update Webinar, 2015 Anesthesia Medicare and Coding Update, 2015 Gastroenterology Medicare and Coding Update, 2015 Orthopedic ...
MGMA - Georgia
GMGMA Annual Conference 2015 "Roaring Into the New Horizon''s of Healthcare Management"
MGMA - Greater St. Louis
Clear the Clutter - Strategies for a High Performing Revenue Cycle, Clear the Clutter, Clear the Clutter - Managing the Health of Your Patient Population, Clear the Cl...
MGMA - Iowa
IMGMA Spring Conference: Looking Back to the Future - Presenting Financial Information to Physicians, IMGMA Spring Conference: Looking Back to the Future - Perfecting ...
MGMA - Kentucky
MGMA - Michigan
Third Party Payer Day
MGMA - Mississippi
MGMA of MS 2014 Fall Meeting
MGMA - Missouri
MGMA-MO Spring Conference TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More - What Exceptional Leaders Know, MGMA-MO Spring Conference TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More - Bill...
MGMA - Oregon
Fall Conference-"Security Incident Response", Fall Conference-“cOLOriNg OutsiDe the LiNes”…Creating a NEW Patient Experience-Day-1, Fall Conference-”Beyond the Limits;...
MGMA - Virginia
VMGMA Spring Conference - Keynote Speaker, VMGMA 2015 Fall Conference-Understanding Transitional Care & Chronic Care Management Billing Requirements, VMGMA 2015 Fall C...
ICD-10 CM Case Studies for the Heart, ICD-10 CM Case studies for the Circulatory System and Hypertension, ICD-10 CM Cases Studies for Circulatory System Procedures
MHA Center for Education
Chargemaster Updates
Michele Urbina
Evalutation and Management basics
Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association - MASA
Breast Reconstruction and Plastric Surgery Procedures, Getting It Right- Understanding Complex ASC Coding Scenarios, Requirements for Medicare Incentive Reward Program...
Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors
Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors Fall 2014 Conference, Michigan Association of Healthcare Auditors Spring 2015 Conference
Michigan College of Emergency Physicians
$traight Talk XXIV
Michigan Medical Billers Association (MMBA)
BCBSM - What to Expect in 2015, 8th Annual Billing Expo-OB/GYN Updates, MMBA South Chapter Mtg April 15 2015, 8th Annual Billing Expo-Use of IT for Patient Centered Me...
Michigan Osteopathic Association MOA
11th Annual Autumn Practice Manager Program, 15th Annual Spring Practice Manager Program
Michigan Society of Hematology & Oncology
MSHO Spring Reimbursement Meeting, MSHO ICD-10 Webinar Series - Hematology, MSHO 5th Annual Payer Update, Now That The Dust Has Settled Billing and Coding in 2015, MSH...
Michigan State Medical Society
Complete Coding Updates for 2015, ICD-10: Are You Prepared?, ICD-10 Boot Camp: The Clock is Ticking - Day 1, Documentation of E/M Services: Understanding Key Component...
Midwest Technical Institute Inc
CPC Review Class-Las Vegas, NV 9/19/2015, ICD-10 CM Training-Day 2, ICD-10 CM Training-Day 1, ONLINE CPC Review Class
Minnesota Medical Group Management Association
Minnesota Medical Group Management Association Day with the Payers
Mississippi Hospital Association
Mississippi Rural Health Association
Rural Health Clinic Conference, Rural Health Clinic Workshop - Billing & Coding 2015
Missouri College
Advances in Medical Records, Review of Health Insurance, EHR & Coding Practices Review, Conflict Resolution in Patient Care, Health Care Data Review
Missouri Primary Care Association
2015 MO HealthNet Division Billing Workshop for FQHCS, MO HealthNet HBAI and SBIRT Billing and Coding Process Webinar
Missouri State Medical Association
MSMA Insurance Conference
MO Association of Rural Health Clinics
2015 Spring Conference
Monroe County Medical Society
Ask the Carrier
Mount Wachusett Community College
The Coding of Care Management Services and Advance Care Planning
Mountain View Hospital
ICD-10-CM Bootcamp-Day 1, ICD-10-CM Bootcamp-Day 2, ICD-10-CM Bootcamp
MPA Consulting, Inc.
ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp-Day 4, ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp, ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp-Day 1, ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp-Day 2, ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp-Day 3
Must Have Info
PQRS: Avoid Medicare Payment Cuts (Live or On-Demand), Transitional Care Mgmt: Finally Get Paid (Live or On-Demand), Fee Schedule: Maximize Your Profitability (Live or...
Myra Jayne Simmons
Understanding Coding Guidelines Coding Camp, CPC Review Class, CPC Review Class

NAMAS a Division of DoctorsManagement
NAMAS 7th ANNUAL AUDITING & COMPLIANCE CONFERENCE - Stump the Healthcare Professionals, Pre-Audit Risk Assesment, 2014 NAMAS Conference-Physical Therapy, ICD-10 CM KEE...
Nancy M Enos
ICD-10 Specialty Training: Pediatrics, ICD-10 Specialty Training: Dermatology, ICD-10 Specialty Training: Orthopedics, 2 day ICD-10 Workshop, ICD-10 Transition- don''t...
Natasha Miller
ICD-10-CM Code Set Boot Camp, Medical Coding Review Workshop
National Association of Portable X-ray Providers
2015 NAPXP Mid-Year Meeting - Perspective From Congress, 2015 NAPXP Mid-Year Meeting - Perspective From Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2015 NAPXP Mid-Year...
National Association of Rural Health Clinics
2015 NARHC Spring Institute - DDE/FISS TRAINING (Direct Data Entry), Annual Evaluation & Peer Review, Going Beyond Requirements, Starting a New RHC, RHC Billing: Advan...
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association NHCAA
Functional Medicine: Fraud in Diagnostic Procedures & Treatment, Coding Clinic for Health Care Fraud Investigators, 2015 Annual Training Conference, Skills & Schemes ...
Navicure Inc
Strategies for ICD-10 Appeal Success, Trends in Patient Payments: Best Practices for Collecting (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10: Ensure You Are Prepared, Value-Based Modif...
NC Pediatric Society
Practice Managers Spring Retreat, ICD-10-CM: Strategies, Crosswalks and Caveats
New Cardiovascular Horizons Foundation
Understanding the Business of Peripheral Interventions
New Jersey Hospital Association - HBS
Ready. Set. Code! ICD-10 Specialty Coding Workshop Series - Mental Health / Neurology / Neuro Surgery, ICD-10 Summit by Association - A Mastery Series PCS - Day 3 , R...
NJ Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
NJAASC Coding Billing and Business Office Operations Seminar
Advanced Cardiology/Circulatory ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding Workshop, Advanced Obstetric and Perinatal ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding Workshop, Advanced Orthopedic ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding...
Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Ankle-Foot/Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis, Wheelchair Options, Accessories, and Seating, Patient Lifts, Nebulizers, DME Basics: General Documentation Requirements, Commodes,...
North American Spine Society
Coding Update 2014: Essentials and Controversies of Spine Care Coding-Day 1, Coding Update 2015: Essentials and Controversies of Spine Care Coding, Coding Update 2014:...
North Carolina Medical Society
NC Society of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery 2015 Coding Seminar - Day 2, NC Society of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery 2015 Coding Seminar- Day 1 , NC ...
North Carolina Oncology Managers Society
NCOMS 2014 Winter Conference -Laughter is the Best Medicine, Chaplaincy and Counseling Services in Oncology Practice Management, Managing Daily Oncology Services, The ...
North Carolina Radiology Business Managers
Interventional Radiology Coding
North Idaho College
ICD-10-CM Online Training Modules
North Texas Speciality Physician
NTSP Basic ICD-10 Course, Documentation and Coding with ICD-10-CM_1 hour, The Language of Medicare Risk Adjustment - Modules 1, 2 & 3, The Language of Medicare Risk Ad...
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation
NMG Coding And Billing News - June 2016, NMG Coding And Billing News - January 2016, NMG Coding And Billing News - May 2016, NMG Coding And Billing News - March 2016, ...
Novitas Solutions
Critical Care Visits, 2015 Novitas Solutions Medicare Symposium - Part B Medicare Secondary Payer Start to Finish, Part A Skilled Nursing Facility Resource Utilization...
Nuance Communications-Healthcare
ICD-10 Coder Boot Camp - Day 2, ICD-10 Coder Boot Camp - Day 3, ICD-10 Refresher Coding Workshop, ICD-10 Coder Boot Camp - Day 1, ICD-10 Refresher Coding Workshop-Day ...

OB Hospitalist Group, LLC
Oby C Egbunike
ICD 10 CM Boot Camp
Office Managers Association of Healthcare Providers
OMA 29th Annual Educational Conference - Day 2, OMA 29th Annual Educational Conference - Day 1, Educational Summit 2015 "Denials, Appeals and the Right Questions to As...
Ohana Coding
CPMA Boot Camp, Ohana Auditing Conference-Day 2, CENTC Boot Camp, ICD-10 Boot Camp, CPB Boot Camp, CPC Boot Camp, Ohana Auditing Conference-Day 1, CRHC Boot Camp, CCPC...
Ohio Assn of Physician Assistants
Reimbursement and Utilization of Physician Assistants in Hospital and Outpatient (private) Settings
Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
The Value of ASCs to Ohio’s Worker’s Compensation System, Breakout Sessions 6-Revenue Cycle Management – what you may not know and what you need to know to keep your c...
Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association
CPT Coding, Documentation & Billing Solutions for E/M Services, Psychiatry & Other Mental Health Services
Ohio Radiology Business Management Assoc.
Interventional Coding and ICD-10 Training
Ohio State Medical Association
2015 Medicare & Medicaid Update
OIC Training Academy
OKC MGMA Local Chapter
Fraud & Abuse: Clarifying Compliance in Healthcare, ICD-10: Is it time to Panic?, Business As Unusual – Change Essentials for Leaders, Introduction to the Prescriptio...
Elements of Success, Elements of Success-Day 1, Elements of Success-Day 2
Oncology Managers of Florida Inc.
2015 OMF Spring Conference - Considerations and Operational Excellence: In Office Dispensing Pharmacy, 2015 OMF Spring Conference - Round Table Discussions (John), 201...
Opal Events
The Annual Risk Forum - Health Information Platforms for Aspiring Agile Enterprises and Real-Time Digital Risk Adjustment, The Annual Risk Forum - Moving from fee for ...
Optum360 Essentials Conference-Your Data Is Talking: Are You Listening?, Optum360 Essentials Conference-Advanced ICD-9-CM Coding, Optum360 Essentials Conference-ICD-10...
Coding ICD-10-CM for Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment 1 Hour Part 3, Diagnostic Coding for Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Hands-On Workshop 1 Hour Part 3, Docume...

ICD.10- Are you ready?
Pamela Ann Bowles
ICD-10 Code Set Training
Paradigm Management Solutions
2016 Updates, ICD 10 - Mental Health
Patricia C Henricksen
ICD-10-CM Refresher Course, ICD-10-CM Code Set Training
PB Resources
Teaching Cardiovascular Across Code Sets: ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, Teaching Fractures Across Code Sets: ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, Teaching N...
Peak Health Solutions
Peak Webinar Series- Documentation Pitfalls (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10 Training
Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (IFPA)
MD-DC Clinics: Boosting Chiropractic Revenue Under the Guise of Medicine, Link Analysis in Medical Investigations, Waging War on Medical Fraud, The Great Medical Migra...
Pennsylvania Medical Society
ICD-10 Practice Preparedness and Pitfalls
Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association's Payer Summit
Pfiedler Enterprises
Optimizing Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Outcomes with Drug Delivery
Physician's Computer Company
ICD-10 for Billers, ICD-10 for Clinicians, Billing Office Best Practices, Roundtable Discussion: Collections, Front Desk Best Practices, 2015 Pediatric Coding Updates ...
Piedmont Technical College
Pittsburgh Technical Institute
Diagnostic Coding with ICD-10
PKK Consulting Inc
Coding for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, ICD-10-CM for Maternal Fetal Medicine
POHMS Adm. Svcs
POHMS 2nd Annual Spring Conference - Oncology Medical Home Update, POHMS 20th Annual Fall Conference - Practical Counsel to Physicians and Ancillary Providers: A Prime...
Practice Management Institute
National Conference for Medical Office Professionals - Compliance and the Physician Practice: A Glimpse of the Future, National Conference for Medical Office Professio...
Precyse University
ICD-10-PCS Coding: Overview of the Medical and Surgical Section, ICD-10-PCS Coding: Fundamentals of Body Systems and Body Parts, ICD-10-CM Super User Course ICD-10 & t...
Premier Coding Resources
ICD-10 Training
Premier Healthcare Exchange
2015 Modifier Update
Primary Eyecare Network
Conquering ICD-10: A Strategic Approach-Updates on Audits & Compliance, Conquering ICD-10: A Strategic Approach-ICD-10 Workshop, Conquering ICD-10: A Strategic Approac...
PrimeWest Health System
A DSM by Any Other Name, Post ICD-10 Implementation: Real Answers to Real Questions, Keynote: Lighten Up and Laugh!, Aging in Minnesota: A 10-Year Look Ahead, News you...
Priority Management Group, Inc
ICD 10 Coding for Behavoiral Health (B), ICD 10 Code Set Training: Adult Medicine-1, ICD 10 Code Set Training: Introduction to Coding Conventions Part 2 (Live or On-De...
Progressive Business Publications
Keep Up to Date on Primary Care Coding & Reimbursement - March 2015, Keep Up to Date on Primary Care Coding & Reimbursement - October 2015, Keep Up to Date on Primary ...
Progressive Healthcare Conferences
Code for ICD-10 Infusion, Injection & Chemotherapy: Be Prepared on Oct. 1, E/M Modifiers & the Latest CMS Guidance on -59: What You Need to Know, ICD-10-CM Coding for ...
Provider Consulting Solutions
ICD-10-PCS Fundamentals-Week 3, Quarterly Seminars - 2, Quarterly Seminars - 4, ICD-10-CM/PCS Fundamentals, ICD-10-CM Fundamentals-Week 3, ICD-10-PCS Fundamentals-W...
Provider Reimbursement Consultants, Inc
Coding Compliance #1, Coding Compliance #4, Coding Compliance #2, Coding Compliance #3
PRS - Physician Reimbursement System
Urology ICD-10-CM Training Webinar Series 2015-Session 3, ICD-10-CM Live Training Seminar - Las Vegas 2015 (Urology), Urology ICD-10-CM Training Webinar Series 2015-Se...
PWW Media, Inc.
Shaping EMS Change – How Leaders Can Create Their Own Future, The Medicare Non-Emergency Prior Authorization Program: Setting Yourself Up for Success, Real Breach Less...
ICD-10-CM Coding Workshop

Quadax Inc
Quadax ICD-10 Preparedness
Quality Care Partners
ICD-10 What You Really Need to Know
Quill Inc.
ICD-10 and Clinical Documentation Improvement, Move the Needle Up: How Great Patient Experiences Can Earn Big Payer Bonuses

Radiology Business Management Assoc
2015 RBMA Fall Educational Conference- ICD-10: After the Implementation, 2015 RBMA Fall Educational Conference-Health Care’s Pursuit of Value: Easier Done Than Said?, ...
Radiology Business Management Association-Michigan Chapter
2015 Radiology Coding Update Day 2, 2015 Radiology Coding Update Day 1
Mastering Interventional Radiology & Cardiology Coding Virtual Boot Camp
Regional Center for Border Health Inc.
ICD-10 Workshop
Prepare for ICD-10 changes with Training from Rehmann - 3 Hour Session, Prepare for ICD-10 changes with Training from Rehmann, Prepare for ICD-10 changes with Training...
Reimbursement Management Consultants
10x Refresher: Tricky Codes, 10x Refresher: Neoplasms, 10x Refresher: Ortho/Fractures and External Causes, 10x Refresher: OB & Newborn, 2014 Coding Update: Pregnancy, ...
Renal Physicians Association
Fundamentals of Nephrology Coding and Billing (Live or On-Demand)
Reproductive Medicine Administrative Consulting Inc.
ICD-10-CM for OBGYN--A 1 Day Workshop, ICD-10-CM Coding Workshop for OB/GYN
Revenue Cycle Inc
Reimbursement and Coding for Radiation Oncology, 2015 Final Rule Summary for Radiation Oncology, Improved Processes for the Oncology Billing Office Webinar, 2015 Final...
Robin Linker & Associates
Module 11: Introduction to ICD-10-CM – 12 hours-DAY-1, Nothing But Notes: Hands-on Auditing, Module 15: Anesthesia , CPC Review: Cram for the Exam!, 2015 OIG Work Plan...
Robin Richards, CCS
ICD 10 Coding Seminar
RSG Coding Solutions
ICD-10 - Session 2, ICD-10 - Session 1, ICD-10 - Session 3, ICD-10 - Session 4
Rural Health Clinic Assoc of Washington
2015 RHCAW Annual Conference-Day 2, 2015 RHCAW Annual Conference, 2015 RHCAW Annual Conference-Day 1

San Jacinto College
ICD-10 Code Set Training, AAPC Certified Coder Bootcamp
SC Medical Group Management Association
Healthcare Takes the Universe By Storm-Breakout 20X, Healthcare Takes the Universe By Storm-General Session IV, Healthcare Takes the Universe By Storm, Healthcare Take...
SCMGMA - Florence Chapter
Are You Prepared for ICD-10?
Seim Johnson Sestak & Quist
Non-Physician Practitioner Documentation and Billing, CPT 2015 Coding and Medicare Update
Sentara Health
ICD 10 CM Diagnosis Coding & Conventions
Sharlene A Scott
ICD-10 Preparation Course, CPMA- Medical Auditing Training-Week 3, CPMA- Medical Auditing Training-Week 4, CPMA- Medical Auditing Training, CPMA- Medical Auditing Trai...
Sharon Jane Oliver
ICD-10-CM AAPC Curriculum
Sherry Ann Smith
ICD-10-CM: The Next Step, ICD-10-CM: The Basics, ICD-10-CM: What You Need To Know
Sheryl T Witter
PMCC Curriculum Review & Optimum Coding for HCC & MRA, ICD10CM ASSESSMENT PREPARATION
Short Hills Surgery Center
NJAASC Coding, Billing & Business Office Operations Seminar-VOIDED
Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Coding for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Society for Vascular Surgery
Challenges in Vascular Surgery 2015: Coding and Reimbursement for Vascular Surgeons, Challenges in Vascular Surgery 2015: E&M Coding for Vascular Surgeons (optional w...
Society of Gynecologic Oncology
The Storm is Here: ICD-10-CM Codes and Case Studies for GYN Oncology (Live or On-Demand)
SourceHOV LexiCode
Educational Review of Audit Findings - Session 7, Educational Review of Audit Findings - Session 8, Educational Review of Audit Findings - Session 6, ICD-10 CM Outpati...
South Carolina Oncology Managers Association
ASCOM/SCOMA 21st Annual Education Conference - Legislative Update, ASCOM/SCOMA 21st Annual Education Conference - How to Maintain High Touch Relationships in High Tech...
South Dakota Medical Group Managers Association
Group Management Third Party Payer and TPA Day
Southern Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology
Embracing Change, Positioning for Success - ICD-10-CM: Ready or Not, Here it Comes, Embracing Change, Positioning for Success - Update on Reimbursement and the Economi...
Southern Oncology Association of Practices
"Grand Ole ''Opry-tunities'' in Nashville"
Spectrum Health
Education Coding Conference-Office Procedures, Education Coding Conference-Cerner, Education Coding Conference-Talking to Providers, Education Coding Conference-EPIC-T...
SPi Healthcare
ICD-10 Coder Bootcamp - Day 1, ICD-10 Coder Bootcamp - Day 2, ICD-10 Boot Camp
ICD-10: After the Conversion, A How To Guide for PQRS Reporting in 2015, Meaningful Use Stage 2
ICD-10 PCS Root Operations
St Louis Children's Hospital & Washington University, CME office
Pediatric Coding Conference
St. Alphonsus Maternal Fetal Medicine & OB Hospitalists
MFM OB GYN Hospitalist Specialty Coder Education - May 2016, MFM OB GYN Hospitalist Specialty Coder Education - January 2016, MFM OB GYN Hospitalist Specialty Coder Ed...
St. Charles Community College
Classroom ICD-10-CM
Stephanie G Ellis
2014 ASC Coding and Billing Seminar
StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC
ICD-10-PCS (International Classification of Diseases - Tenth Revision - Procedure Coding System)
Summa Health Network
Chronic Care Management: Primary Care, Selected Topics in Procedure Coding, ICD-10-CM Coding Workshop, 2015 CPT Coding Updates, ICD-10-CM Coding
SummaCare, Inc.
Coding Hypertension and Diabetes in ICD-10-CM
SuperCoder.com (division of TCI, LLC)
Cardiology Coding Alert Volume 18 (November, 2015), Optometry Coding Alert - Volume 13 (December 2015), Pain Management Coding Alert - Volume 2 (March 2015), ICD-10-CM...
Susan Dean Consulting
Documentation Improvement for ICD-10-CM - Part 1, Documentation Improvement for ICD-10-CM - Part 3, ICD-10-CM Coding Workshop-Day 1, Documentation Improvement for ICD-...

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association
TASA Reimbursement/Compliance Conference-Day 1, TASA Reimbursement/Compliance Conference-Day 2, TASA Reimbursement/Compliance Conference
Tennessee Medical Association
35th Annual TMA Insurance Workshop
Tennessee MGMA
TMGMA Legislative-Payer Conference
Texas Association of Community Health Centers
ICD-10-CM Code Set Training For Coding and Billing Staff, Biller, Coder, and Provider ICD10 Readiness
Texas Career Center, Inc
Professional Compliance Officer - Part IV, ICD-10 for Physicians, Advanced ICD-10-CM for the Certified Coder – Day 6, Advanced Coding for E&M Services / CEMC Prep - Pa...
Texas Podiatric Medical Association
TPMA ICD-10 Advanced Course
Texas Tech Univ - Health Sciences Center - Health.edu
66414 ICD-10-CM: Endocrine/Nutritional/Metabolic; Perinatal Period; Morbidity/Mortality; Congenital Abnormalities, 62914 ICD-10-CM: Introduction and Factors Influencin...
The Business of Spine
Revenue Cycle Dynamics for the Spine Reimbursement Specialist-‘The Fusion’-Part 5-The Appeals Process, Revenue Cycle Dynamics for the Spine Reimbursement Specialist-‘B...
The Claro Group, LLC
CDI Insight - Accurately Reflecting Patient Quality of Care
The Coding Academy
ICd-10 Review and Coding Digestive System, ICD-10 Review and Coding Genitourinary System , ICD-10 Review & Coding of Mental/Behavorial and Nervous System, ICD-10 Revie...
The Health Plan
Health Plan Provider Training Seminars
The Medical Management Institute
Compliance in Pre-Registration & Registration , Compliance While Coding the Record , External Audits - Another Component , Live ICD-10-CM Training Event, Compliance Bu...
The Office Assistant
ICD-10 PCS Review Workshop, ICD-10 CM Review Workshop
The Reimbursement Group
RF Ablation of Uterine Fibroids
The Society of Thoracic Surgeons
2015 STS Coding Workshop - Day 1, 2015 STS Coding Workshop - Day 3, 2015 STS Coding Workshop - Day 2
The Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
TASCA 2015 Coding Seminar
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
59th Annual Edward T. Smith Orthopaedic Lectureship and Orthopaedic Trauma Alumni Symposium
Tina Marie Williams
ICD-10 General Code Set
TN Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics
2015 Pediatric Practice Managers' Network Conference
Trizetto Provider Solutions
Managing Rising Operating Costs, Patient Estimation 2015 (Live or On-Demand), ICD-10-cm Coding for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, ICD-10 and Clinical Documentation ...
TruBridge (A CPSI Company)
2015 National User Conference - Cash Flow Analysis, 2015 National User Conference - Denial Management, 2015 National User Conference - Executive Information - C Level,...
Physician Coder Education: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physician Coder Education: Hospitalist, Physician Coder Education: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physician Coder Edu...

Don't Worry, We've Got This - Generations, Don't Worry, We've Got This - Workplace Violence/ Workplace Bullying, Don't Worry, We've Got This, Don't Worry, We've Got Th...
UF Health Shands
ICD-10-CM for Radiation Oncology
Ultimate Medical Academy - UMA
Introduction to ICD-10-CM Training Series - (Live or On-Demand)
Unique Career Academy for Medical Billing & Coding
ICD-10CM 2 Day Boot camp, ICD-10CM 2 Day Boot camp-Day 2, ICD-10CM 2 Day Boot camp-Day 1
United Healthcare Community Plan
ICD-10: Dollars and Sense: ICD-10 Cost Survey Results
United Physicians Inc
Savannah 2015 IPA Conference - Day 1, Savannah 2015 IPA Conference - Day 2, Savannah 2015 IPA Conference - Day 3
Univ of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2014 Medicaid Education Conference
University of Alaska Anchorage
ICD-10-CM CodingTraining in 2015 , ICD-10-CM Coding Training in 2015 - Day 1, ICD-10-CM Coding Training in 2015 - Day 3, CPT Update 2015, ICD-10 Orthopedic Overview, C...
University of Central Florida College of Medicine REC
ICD-10-CM Coding 1 Hour Webinars - Chapters 1-4, Family Planning Focus , ICD-10-CM Coding 1 Hour Webinars - Chapters 11-14, Mental Health Focus, ICD-10-CM BASIC CODING...
University of Florida Jacksonville Physicians Inc
Anatomy for Coding—Radiology, Anatomy for Coding—The Urological and Male Reproductive Systems , Anatomy for Coding—The Respiratory System, Anatomy for Coding—The Endoc...
University of Utah Health Care Compliance Office
Compliance Monthly Newsletter - Oct 2014, 2015 August Billing Compliance Monthly Newsletter, 2015 February Billing Compliance Monthly Newsletter, 2015 April Billing Co...
UPMC Health Plan
Introduction to ICD-10-CM Coding, Clinical Documentation Improvement, ICD-10-CM Focus Coding: Chapters 1-4, ICD-10-CM Coding for Pediatrics, ICD-10-CM Coding For Fami...
Utah Medical Association
Coding and Compliance 2015
UTMB - Galveston
The 58th Annual Edward T. Smith Orthopaedic Lectureship

Valencia College West Campus
Microbiology CRN 14560 Valencia College
Vance Thompson Vision
Vance Thompson Vision 2015 Spring Symposium
VantagePoint HealthCare Advisors
ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp - All Modules - Complete Course, ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp - Day 1, ICD-10-CM Coding Boot Camp - Day 2
VCU Health Systems Compliance Services
New Billing Provider Compliance Training
Verisk Health
Targeted Diagnosis Training - Training Date 29, VHC2015 Client Conference - Evaluate the Impact of the New Date of Service MUE and J Code Editing, VHC 2015 Client Conf...
Verna Pregnon
ICD-10-CM Boot Camp
Victoria Menchaca
Multispecialty Group Coding - September 2015 - Session 2, Multispecialty Group Coding - October 2015 - Session 3, Multispecialty Group Coding - May 2016 - Session 2, M...
What to Expect From the 2015 OPPS Final Rule, "What's the Diff?" ICD-9 vs. ICD-10 Guidelines 2015, 2016 IPPS Final Rule, New Year, New Codes 2015 CPT® Coding Updates
Vivian Washington
2-DAY ICD-10-CM Boot Camp

Washington State Medical Association
ICD-10 Boot Camp in Three Sessions-Session 2, ICD-10 Boot Camp in Three Sessions-Session 3, ICD-10 Boot Camp in Three Sessions, ICD-10 Boot Camp in Three Sessions-Sess...
Weill Medical College/Cornell
Documentation Improvement, Co-Surgery Documentation & Billing, HIPAA-Privacy Basics, Modifiers -22 & 24, ABN, Critical Care Coding, Prolonged Services, HIPAA-Release o...
Wellspan Medical Group
Coding Basics - Day 2, Coding Basics - Day 1
Wendy L Owens-Frierson
Medicare Preventive Services
West Park Hospital
Coder's Workshop for ICD-10-CM/PCS
West Valley Occupational Center
Health Information Technology/4&5; Ambulatory Coding Systems and Diagnostic Coding Systems
Wisconsin Hospital Association
Preparing the Chargemaster for 2016
Wisconsin Medical Society
Wisconsin Medical Society Symposium 2015-Managing and Negotiating Payer Contracts, Wisconsin Medical Society Symposium 2015-GENERAL SESSION All About Communication an...
Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) Part B
Evaluation and Management Services in the Office , What You Should Know About CMS Claim Review Contractors, Skilled Nursing Facility Consolidated Billing - Working Tog...
Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Understanding the Self-Disclosure Process, Telemedicine Risk Exposures and Mitigation Strategies, “Evaluation and Management Services – Sticking to the Basics to Avoid...
Women's Healthcare Associates, LLC
GYN/Surgery Coding
Woodcock and Associates
Meaningful Use Update: 2015, Gearing Up Your Practice for Population Health Management, Rapid Revenue Cycle Rescue: Resolving Denials Post-ICD10, Perfecting Front Offi...
WPS Government Health Administrators (GHA)
Evaluation and Management Service - Office setting , Evaluation and Management Preventive Services , Evaluation and Management Services in the Outpatient Setting , Med...

Xeone In, LLC.
2015 Hospital CPT Updates, 2015 Hospital OPPS Updates, Ambulatory Surgery Bootcamp

YES HIM Consulting, Inc.
ICD-10 Reinforcement Training

ZHealth Publishing LLC
2015 - Cardiology Part 4: Electrophysiology, Pacemaker, and Defibrillator Coding (Live or On-Demand), 2015 - CPT Coding for Transcatheter Mechanical Thrombectomy, 2015...
New Reimbursement Models in a Value-Based World, Speed up Patient Revenue, ICD-10 goes live in less than 14 weeks. Are You Ready?, Improve the Financial Health of Your...

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