CEU Vendor Information

Become one of thousands of organizations that offer AAPC approved continuing education. Prior approval of continuing education programs is based on the relevance of the program content to the medical coding and reimbursement profession. Being recognized as an approved vendor with AAPC is a privilege extended to vendors who have proven to provide valuable continuing education to our members and the coding community.

The Top Benefits of Becoming an Approved CEU Vendor

  • AAPC CEU approval for your education
  • Your titles listed on the CEU Search Tool, giving visibility to 250,000 members and providing a brief summary of your event
  • "AAPC CEU Approved" logos to use in your marketing
  • Confidence that your education meets the high standards of AAPC
  • Employers can provide continuing education to their certified coding employees for free (see guidelines for more details)
  • Multi-specialty breakout events can now request a Code Card. Instead of multiple certificates, use one approved document to write down the index number at the end of each session.
  • Approvals for regular sessions are valid for 12 months, which allows the event to be repeated multiple times during the approval period.
  • Post Secondary School Instructors, receive pre-approved CEUs for your live face-to-face courses (see guidelines for more details)
# of CEUs Approved Application Cost
1 $165
2 $225
3 $275
4 $360
5 $420
6 $480
7 $540
8 $600
9 $630
10 $660
11 $747.50
12 $780
13 $812.50
14 $845
15 $877.50
16 $910
17 - 24 $975
25 - 32 $1105
33 - 40 $1235
Maximum CEUs per application: 40
Fast Track Fee $100
Late Fee $50
Re-evaluation Fee $50

NOTE: Applications are defined on a per title basis; each application may only have one title unless submitting an application for a multisession conference. Charges will not be applied until your application is approved or denied. All but $50 will be refunded from any applications that are not approved. Late Fee will be assessed for applications submitted within 2 weeks of approximate launch of the CEU product. Selecting fast track on the application will place the applied for title on our priority processing list, which will change the 2 week processing time to 2 to 3 days.

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