Group Purchasing

Meet your accuracy, training, and revenue goals with group purchasing.
Did you know over 50% of AAPC's certified members have membership paid for by their employers?

Whether you’re a healthcare organization or a higher education institution, we have products and services that will help you meet your goals. And, when you purchase for a group of 5 or more, you’ll enjoy additional savings.  

Healthcare Organizations

Strengthen your revenue cycle team by ensuring your employees have the expertise to close risk gaps, ensure compliance, and drive optimal reimbursement for your organization. From code books to staff training, AAPC’s best-in-class resources drive employee competency and revenue success. Here’s what we have to offer: 

Code Books

Easy to use and rich with helpful features, AAPC Code Books — available as hard copies or eBooks — boost coding efficiency and accuracy by providing the information your staff need to get the job done right, the first time.  


AAPC certifications are the industry gold standard, serving as an official recognition of achievement, demonstrating that staff have the skills and expertise as medical billers, coders, auditors, or practice managers to maintain a strong revenue cycle.

Webinars and Workshops

Help your staff earn CEUs and stay current on the latest news and regulations related to emerging technologies, E/M guidelines, telehealth and more. 


AAPC specialty newsletters provide up-to-date and easily applied coding, billing, compliance, and reimbursement support, serving as a great resource to maximize revenue and minimize denials.

Data Files

We identify your medical coding data file needs, custom-build them to your specifications, and deliver them to you in as few as 5 days — so you get the right data files in the right format at the right time. 

Corporate Memberships

Save money, ensure accuracy, and enjoy the benefits of a well-trained workforce with access to the best experts, education, and events to ensure your staff are up to speed on the latest changes, up to date on their certifications, and fully trained for their role at your organization. 

Teacher in Classroom

Higher Education Institutions

Prepare your students for a successful career in healthcare by harnessing the power of AAPC’s education resources. Created by a committee of experts, our offerings prepare students to pass their certifying exams and succeed in their career — and drive higher enrollment, better pass rates, and improved employer partnerships for your school. With 350+ partners and more than 30 years of experience, we have the strongest education network in the industry. Here’s what we have to offer: 

Code Books

Available in the spiral bound format or as an eBook, we have the textbooks your students need to master their area of study. 

Study Guides

Study guides — available for all AAPC certifications — help students prepare for the certification exam by covering the content they will be tested on, in addition to expert tips and relevant examples.

Practice Exams

Created by the same experts who write the exams, practice exams are the best way to gauge exam readiness with immediate feedback, unlimited retakes, and realistic exam content.


AAPC exams assess mastery of the credential being tested and demonstrate that the student is prepared for a career in that area of expertise. 

Turnkey Curriculum

AAPC’s turnkey curriculum features interactive lectures, quizzes, an online learning management system, and more. Plus, students who learn with AAPC’s curriculum average an 80% pass rate, far above the national average of 27%.  

Instructor Resources

We provide everything instructors need, including licensing authorization, teaching aids, an instructor forum, and networking events.

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