Practicode for Teams

Quantify medical coding competency and elevate proficiency with the industry’s most trusted assessment solution.

For Hiring Teams

Make the right hire – and keep the best talent engaged. With industry turnover at an all-time high, finding qualified coding candidates can be a challenge. Instead of a tedious and expensive vetting processes, turn to AAPC Practicode to quickly recognize the best medical coders — and match them to the right role within their organization.  

  • Identify the best candidates early 

  • Avoid the cost and hassle of employing the wrong person  

  • Recognize top performers to keep them engaged in the right role 

  • Quantify coding and accuracy for equal, unbiased candidate evaluation 

  • Optimize existing talent with cross-training across specialty strengths  

  • Assess both inpatient and outpatient proficiency, guidelines, sequencing rules, specialty, and modifier assignments 

 “We use our own cases in Practicode so we can quickly assess job performance, just as it would be in our specialties.”  - Francine P., SHRM 

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For Education Providers

Ensure your students are job-ready by evaluating and amplifying their coding proficiency.  

AAPC Practicode and Practicums leverage real, redacted medical records to give students a competitive advantage in their medical coding education — and you the insights to optimize their learning.  

  • Give confidence with real-world experience performing code assignments and documentation abstraction 

  • Elevate skills with virtual labs, job readiness tool, and on-the-job simulation 

  • Improve competencies using M.E.A.T., T.A.M.P.E.R. and S.O.A.P. documentation requirements 

  • Optimize your teaching time with in-depth look at coders’ strengths and weaknesses 

 “There’s no better way to give my students real world experience.
- Clara V., HIT and Medical Coding Program Director 

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