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Corporate Team Training

Empower your staff and strengthen your revenue cycle with training customized to your needs.
Did you know AAPC provides customized training for medical providers, coders, billers, auditors, compliance professionals and practice managers.

Invest in Your Team's Future: Equip Your Employees for Success 

Empower your employees with the tools and knowledge to succeed in their roles as healthcare business professionals with AAPC Corporate Team Training. Our experts will evaluate your specific needs and provide training solutions that will equip your team with the skills to succeed in today's complex healthcare environment.​   

Our trainings are customized to your practice.  And while the options are nearly limitless, here are our most popular training topics:  

  • Denial Management & Resolution  

  • Revenue Cycle Management ​  

  • Post-Audit Education​  

  • Chronic Care Management​  

  • Code Set & Regulatory Changes​  

  • Provider Onboarding​  

  • Targeted Areas for Opportunity​  

  • Group Certification ​  

  • Telehealth ​  

  • Billing & Coding  ​

High-Demand Training Examples

E&M Guidelines

Evaluation & Management (E/M) coding, used in 80% of billed encounters, is a challenge for coders and providers. We provide your team with a working knowledge of CPT® E/M guidelines so you understand levels of service, whether based on MDM or time, and how to report separate services in conjunction with an E/M service. 

Risk Adjustment

In value-based care, reimbursement depends on patient outcomes. Our risk adjustment training equips your employees to support medical necessity and calculate an accurate risk score. This ensures accurate diagnosis code submission compliant with regulatory guidelines, opportunities for clinical documentation education and feedback for your providers, and overall better health management of a complex patient population.

Specialty Procedures

Performing procedures in specialties like cardiology, oncology, or neurology can require specialized training to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes. Your team must stay updated on the latest techniques, technologies, and best practices in your specialty to provide high-quality care to patients, identify and manage complications, reduce errors, improve communication, and effectively collaborate with providers.

Chronic Care Management

Since chronic care management (CCM) aims to reduce hospitalizations, emergency visits, and improving overall care, we help your staff meet quality care metrics and regulatory and insurance requirements, including Medicare. After all, proper CCM enhances patient care, satisfaction, and revenue by capturing and billing all eligible services accurately. 

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Accurate documentation is critical to ensure the appropriate level of care and treatment is provided, as well as ensure that your facility is reimbursed correctly for services rendered. Our experts will help bridge the gap between clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding, resulting in improved patient care and financial health for your facility.

Here’s how it works: 

1. We build a team of certified subject matter experts who have experience with your specialty and facility type. 

2. We identify any performance gaps, inaccuracies, or inefficiencies by performing a thorough review of your documentation, operations, denial reports, frequency reports, and EHR processes. 

3. We create a plan that’s customized to your organization’s unique challenges and goals. And it’s always tailored to your staff, software, and workflows.  

4. We train your team, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to resolve issues, increase productivity, and improve the overall performance of your organization.   

The result? A more efficient revenue cycle that ensures optimal, accurate reimbursement.  

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Our Trainers

With more than 240,000 members in 39 countries, AAPC has access to industry experts all around the world. Our trainers are subject matter experts who have been vetted, certified, and meet all of these requirements:    

  • Minimum of 5 years' experience  

  • Current, relevant certifications  

  • Proven track record in training  

  • Demonstrate expertise in national and regional payment and coding regulations  

 These strict requirements and expectations of our trainers ensure that they have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you with your organization's pain points.  

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Featured Trainer

Raemarie Jimenez


Rae Jimenez is a nationally recognized speaker and thought leader in the healthcare industry. She serves as a coding liaison to the AMA CPT® Editorial Panel and has overseen the development of certification exams, exam preparation materials, and distance learning.

Specialties: telemedicine, post audit training, evaluation and management training, and clinical documentation training.

Raemarie Jimenez

Enjoy the benefits of a well-trained workforce.