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Webinars: Stay Up to Date and Earn CEUs!

The education you need from world's top revenue cycle management minds — all at a great price. Webinars are one of the easiest ways to earn CEUs while staying current on timely matters around medical coding, billing, auditing, compliance, or practice management. Our webinars dive deep into a variety of hot topics such as emerging technologies, E/M Guideline Changes, Telehealth and more. Enjoy access to 250+ webinar events each year.

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On-Demand Webinars

Date Topic CEUs User's Rating Take Action
9/27/2023 Ask & Learn: The Implications of the Recent DOJ (Department of Justice) Compliance Updates in 2023 1.0 Watch Now
9/20/2023 Best Practices for Payer Communications 1.0 Watch Now
9/13/2023 2024 ICD-10-CM Updates 1.0 Watch Now
9/6/2023 2024 ICD-10-PCS Updates 1.0 Watch Now
8/30/2023 2023 CPT® Coding Updates for Interventional Radiology and Cardiology, an Expanded View 1.0 Watch Now
8/16/2023 13 Steps to Maximize Your Revenue Cycle Management 1.0 Watch Now
8/9/2023 The Ins and Outs of Colonoscopies 1.0 Watch Now
8/3/2023 Increasing Home Health Agency and Patient Outcomes 1.0 Watch Now
8/2/2023 CMS Incident To Rules and Regulations 1.0 Watch Now
7/19/2023 Mentorship 101 1.0 Watch Now
7/12/2023 The Ins and Outs of Medicare Wellness Visits 1.0 Watch Now
6/28/2023 HCC Updates and Their Effect on ACOs and Compliance 1.0 Watch Now
6/21/2023 In The Cath Lab: Cardiac Cath and Intervention (PCI) Coding 1.0 Watch Now
6/14/2023 Ask & Learn: R Codes: Signs, Symptoms and Coding From the Documentation 1.0 Watch Now
5/31/2023 Anesthesia from a Clinical and Coder's View 1.0 Watch Now
5/24/2023 Selection of Principal Diagnosis for Inpatient Admission 1.0 Watch Now
5/17/2023 Diagnosis Guidelines and Other Tips for Obstetric Coding 1.0 Watch Now
5/3/2023 Post-PHE: Medicare Rules, Telehealth and More 1.0 Watch Now
4/26/2023 Understanding Overpayment Demands 1.0 Watch Now
4/19/2023 Ask & Learn: The Gray Areas of Auditing 1.0 Watch Now
4/12/2023 Behavioral Health: A Deep Dive into Prolonged Services, Polices and Procedures and EMR Best Practices 1.0 Watch Now
4/5/2023 Understanding the Relationships of Diseases & Symptoms 1.0 Watch Now
3/29/2023 Differences Between Chiropractic Documentation and Medical Documentation 1.0 Watch Now
3/22/2023 Payor Contract Negotiations 1.0 Watch Now
3/15/2023 Ask & Learn: 2023 Changes for Hernia Coding 1.0 Watch Now
3/8/2023 2023 E/M Guidelines for Orthopedics 1.0 Watch Now
3/1/2023 Medicare Advantage Organization Risk Adjustment Changes for 2023 1.0 Watch Now
2/22/2023 The OIG 2023 Workplan: Review of New and Updated Part A and Part B Risk Areas 1.0 Watch Now
2/15/2023 2023 E/M Guidelines for Obstetrics & Gynecology 1.0 Watch Now
2/8/2023 2023 E/M Guidelines for Primary Care 1.0 Watch Now
2/1/2023 CMS Final Rule for the 2023 E/M Guidelines 1.0 Watch Now
1/25/2023 Behavioral Health and Psychiatry: 2023 Updates and Best Practices for Documentation and Coding 1.0 Watch Now
1/18/2023 2023 Coding Updates for Behavioral Health 1.0 Watch Now
1/11/2023 2023 OPPS Final Rule Analysis 1.0 Watch Now
12/14/2022 Understanding the 2023 Hospital IPPS Final Rule 1.0 Watch Now
12/7/2022 2023 HCPCS Updates 1.0 Watch Now
11/30/2022 2023 Coding Updates for Home Health & Hospice 1.5 Watch Now
11/22/2022 2023 CPT® Coding Updates 1.0 Watch Now
11/16/2022 ICD-10-CM Updates for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy LGMD 1.0 Watch Now
11/9/2022 The Ins & Outs of Peripheral Stent Placement Coding 1.0 Watch Now
10/26/2022 Anesthesia Coding, Billing & Documentation Nuances 1.0 Watch Now
10/19/2022 Ask & Learn: Reporting Audit Findings to Providers 1.0 Watch Now
10/12/2022 Basic CMS Critical Care Billing: What to Do and What Not to Do 1.0 Watch Now
10/5/2022 Reporting Quality Metrics - CPT® II, HCPCS & Non-Compliance Coding 1.0 Watch Now
9/28/2022 FAQs for Orthopedics 1.0 Watch Now
9/21/2022 How to Use Comparative Billing Reports (CBRs) as a Tool 1.0 Watch Now
9/14/2022 2023 ICD-10-CM Updates 1.0 Watch Now
9/7/2022 2023 ICD-10-PCS Updates 1.0 Watch Now
8/31/2022 A Look at Peripheral Vascular/Interventional Surgery 1.0 Watch Now
8/17/2022 Ask & Learn: Tips for Working with Corporate Counsel 1.0 Watch Now
8/10/2022 Audit Trends in Hospice and Palliative Care 1.0 Watch Now
7/27/2022 ENT Procedures, Surgeries and Other Hot Topics 1.0 Watch Now
7/20/2022 Overview of the 2023 E/M Changes 1.0 Watch Now
7/13/2022 Success With the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) Program 1.0 Watch Now
7/6/2022 Coding Updates for COVID-19 Vaccines 1.0 Watch Now
6/29/2022 Ask & Learn: Splitting Hairs over Shared Visits 1.0 Watch Now
6/15/2022 Ins and Outs of Pediatric Coding 1.0 Watch Now
6/8/2022 Audit Trends for Rheumatology 1.0 Watch Now
6/1/2022 2022 CMS Changes to Reporting Shared Services 1.0 Watch Now
5/25/2022 Ask & Learn: Observation VS. Hospital Admission: Combatting the Payer-Provider Opposition 1.0 Watch Now
5/18/2022 FQHC Basic Billing Requirements 1.0 Watch Now
5/11/2022 E/M Guidelines for Office and Other Outpatient Services 1.0 Watch Now
5/4/2022 Billing for Gynecological Well Visits: From Traditional to Non-Traditional and Everything In-Between 1.0 Watch Now
4/20/2022 Coding for Injections & Infusions 1.0 Watch Now
4/13/2022 Implementing Clinical Documentation Improvement in the Outpatient Environment 1.0 Watch Now
4/6/2022 Ask & Learn: The ICD-10-CM Guidelines 1.0 Watch Now
3/23/2022 Dissecting Complex Surgery Reports 1.0 Watch Now
3/16/2022 Chronic Care Management 1.0 Watch Now
3/9/2022 Endoscopy Coding for Gastroenterology With Screening 1.0 Watch Now
3/3/2022 When Routine Foot Care Isn't Routine 1.0 Watch Now
3/2/2022 Common Denials: Definition, Cause, Resolution, Prevention 1.0 Watch Now
2/23/2022 MS-DRG Changes for 2022 1.0 Watch Now
2/9/2022 Auditing for Telehealth 1.0 Watch Now
2/3/2022 Optimizing Front Desk Operations 1.0 Watch Now
2/2/2022 Ask & Learn: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! Billing Tips, Tools and Tricks from Medicare 1.0 Watch Now
1/26/2022 The OIG 2022 Workplan: Review of New and Updated Part A and Part B Risk Areas 1.0 Watch Now
1/19/2022 2022 OPPS Final Rule Analysis 1.0 Watch Now
12/15/2021 Understanding the 2022 Hospital IPPS Final Rule 1.0 Watch Now
12/8/2021 2022 HCPCS Level II Updates 1.0 Watch Now
12/1/2021 ICD-10-CM Changes for 2022 Affecting Risk Adjustment 1.0 Watch Now
11/23/2021 2022 CPT® Coding Updates 1.0 Watch Now
11/18/2021 Ask & Learn: Educating Your Providers on Risk Adjustment 1.0 Watch Now
11/10/2021 Risk Assessments and Therapy Coding 1.0 Watch Now
10/27/2021 Coding for Treatment of Low Back Pain 1.0 Watch Now
10/20/2021 How to Effectively Communicate With the C-Suite 1.0 Watch Now
10/14/2021 Onboarding & Credentialing: You Hired a Provider, Now What? 1.0 Watch Now
9/29/2021 Ask & Learn: Potpourri of Billing – Ask the CPB 1.0 Watch Now
9/22/2021 Medicare Fee for Service - Depression Screening 1.0 Watch Now
9/15/2021 2022 ICD-10-CM Updates 1.0 Watch Now
9/8/2021 2022 ICD-10-PCS Updates 1.0 Watch Now
8/25/2021 Reducing Hospitalizations and Emergent Care to Increase Outcomes 1.5 Watch Now
8/11/2021 Behavioral Health Documentation and Coding: Ways to Avoid Costly Errors With Rise in Services Due to the Pandemic 1.0 Watch Now
8/4/2021 Coding Common Procedures in a Primary Care Setting 1.0 Watch Now
7/28/2021 Start With Empathy: How Practicing Empathy Can Elevate and Improve Organizational Productivity 1.0 Watch Now
7/21/2021 Spine and Stimulator Coding 1.0 Watch Now
7/14/2021 Landing a Job in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle 1.0 Watch Now
7/7/2021 Transitional Care Management - Good Patient Care with Good Payment for Time Spent 1.0 Watch Now
6/23/2021 Demystifying OB/GYN Coding 1.0 Watch Now
6/9/2021 Coding By the Skin of Your…Skin: Coding CPT® and ICD-10 in Your Dermatology Practice 1.0 Watch Now
6/2/2021 Closing the HCC Gap: Capturing Correct Diagnoses for Improved Risk Adjustment 1.0 Watch Now
5/19/2021 Talk to the Hand 1.0 Watch Now
5/12/2021 Let’s Simplify General Surgery Coding 1.0 Watch Now
5/5/2021 ABA Therapy Billing for Autism Spectrum Disorder 1.0 Watch Now
4/28/2021 Planning for the Unknown Future of Telehealth, Post Pandemic 1.0 Watch Now
4/21/2021 Common Modifiers Used in Physician Billing 1.0 Watch Now
4/14/2021 HEDIS for Behavioral Health 1.0 Watch Now
4/7/2021 Coding for COVID-19 Vaccines 1.0 Watch Now
3/24/2021 Tools of the Trade for Newly Certified Coders and Billers 1.0 Watch Now
3/17/2021 Diving into Diagnostic Radiology Coding and Documentation 1.0 Watch Now
3/10/2021 Cardiology - EP Ablation and PM ICD Implants 1.0 Watch Now
3/3/2021 Dialysis Coding 1.0 Watch Now
2/24/2021 Common Ophthalmology Billing Denials 1.0 Watch Now
2/17/2021 Emerging Coding Implications for Pharmacist Integration in New Care Delivery Systems 1.0 Watch Now
2/10/2021 Coding & Billing for Coverage Analysis 1.0 Watch Now
2/3/2021 2021 OPPS Final Rule Analysis 1.0 Watch Now
1/27/2021 Medical Necessity from the Lens of a Payor 1.0 Watch Now
1/20/2021 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule Analysis 1.0 Watch Now
1/14/2021 Managing a Remote Workforce 1.0 Watch Now
1/13/2021 Behavioral Health Updates for 2021 1.0 Watch Now
12/9/2020 2021 Final Rule Analysis for Home Health 1.0 Watch Now
11/18/2020 Getting to Know the Social Determinants of Health 1.0 Watch Now
11/11/2020 Understanding Transplant Medicine 1.0 Watch Now
11/4/2020 COVID-19 Pulmonary Complications & Ventilator Management 1.0 Watch Now
10/28/2020 Tricks and Treats for Compliance Planning 1.0 Watch Now
10/21/2020 2021 E/M Guideline Changes for Ophthalmology 1.0 Watch Now
10/14/2020 How to Effectively Manage Challenging Coding Scenarios In PDGM 1.5 Watch Now
10/7/2020 Coding in a Remote World 1.0 Watch Now
9/23/2020 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Sex Reassignment 1.0 Watch Now
9/3/2020 Oral Pathology 1.0 Watch Now
9/2/2020 Locum Tenuns - What to Do When Your Provider Is Gone 1.0 Watch Now
8/26/2020 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Neonates and Children 1.0 Watch Now
8/19/2020 Behavioral Health: Accurate Documentation and Coding for Telehealth and Outpatient Services 1.0 Watch Now
8/6/2020 Compliance and Ethics for Practice Administrators 1.0 Watch Now
8/5/2020 Deep Dive into Clinical Documentation Improvement for Home Health 1.0 Watch Now
7/29/2020 Schedule, Prepare and Communicate Your Way to Successful Audits 1.0 Watch Now
7/23/2020 Ask and Learn Series: COVID-19 Changes Relating to CDI 1.0 Watch Now
7/22/2020 Pediatric HCCs 1.0 Watch Now
7/15/2020 Leadership in an Evolving Healthcare Culture 1.0 Watch Now
7/8/2020 Bronchoscopy Billing - Navigational and EBUS 1.0 Watch Now
6/24/2020 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Brain Injuries 1.0 Watch Now
6/17/2020 Telehealth, Virtual Check-Ins and E-Visits 1.0 Watch Now
6/10/2020 ICD-10 Coding Guidelines: A Refresher to Rules You May Have Forgotten 1.0 Watch Now
6/3/2020 Building your Team with Six Sigma Principals and Strategy 1.0 Watch Now
5/27/2020 5 Scenarios for Critical Care Coding 1.0 Watch Now
5/20/2020 Front Desk Best Practices 1.0 Watch Now
5/13/2020 Updates from Medicare on Coding & Billing for COVID-19 1.0 Watch Now
5/6/2020 Telehealth for Behavioral Health Services 1.0 Watch Now
4/29/2020 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Obesity 1.0 Watch Now
4/22/2020 From Nuts to Bolts: The Impact of Each Step in the Revenue Cycle 1.0 Watch Now
4/15/2020 The Do's and Dont's of Behavioral Health Documentation and Coding: Why Policies and Procedures Matter 1.0 Watch Now
4/1/2020 EKGs: What Do All of Those Squiggly Lines Mean? 1.0 Watch Now
3/31/2020 Telehealth and Other Remote Services from a Physician's Office 1.0 Watch Now
3/25/2020 Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 1.0 Watch Now
3/23/2020 2021 E/M Guidelines: What's Changing and What You Need to Do to Prepare 1.0 Watch Now
3/11/2020 Coding for Orthopedic Trauma 1.0 Watch Now
3/4/2020 Cutting Through the Red Tape of Preauthorization 1.0 Watch Now
2/26/2020 2020 Roadmap for Understanding Behavioral Health Audits 1.0 Watch Now
2/19/2020 Medical Necessity in Obstetric and Gynecology Ultrasound Coding 1.0 Watch Now
2/12/2020 Modifier Mania 1.0 Watch Now
2/5/2020 Behavioral Health and HEDIS for 2020 1.0 Watch Now
1/22/2020 Formulating the Findings of an Audit 1.0 Watch Now
12/18/2019 5 Steps to Getting Paid for Gender Identity Claims 1.0 Watch Now
12/4/2019 The ABCs of Writing an Effective Appeal Letter 1.0 Watch Now
11/20/2019 Uncomplicating Radiation Oncology 1.0 Watch Now
11/13/2019 How to Code for Services Provided by NPPs 1.0 Watch Now
11/6/2019 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; End of Life 1.0 Watch Now
10/30/2019 What You Need to Know About Being a Practice Manager 1.0 Watch Now
10/23/2019 Revenue Cycle Management: A "Ride-Along" Journey with a Claim 1.0 Watch Now
10/16/2019 Mental Health and the Opioid Crisis: What Do We Code? 1.0 Watch Now
10/9/2019 Behavioral Health and Psychiatry: Guidelines for Passing an Audit 1.0 Watch Now
9/25/2019 The Impact of E/M Documentation Changes on CDI 1.0 Watch Now
9/11/2019 Pitfalls to Avoid in Behavioral Health Documentation and Coding 1.0 Watch Now
8/28/2019 Risk Assessment, Inpatient Documentation and Coding for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health 1.0 Watch Now
8/21/2019 Navigating Through Payer Denial Codes and How to Successfully Respond 1.0 Watch Now
8/7/2019 A Coder’s Look into Medicare Wellness Services Documentation 1.0 Watch Now
7/31/2019 HEDIS® for Mental Health and Psychiatry 1.0 Watch Now
7/10/2019 Modifier Maze – Guidelines, Policies, and Documentation 1.0 Watch Now
6/19/2019 Common Cardiology Claim Denials & How to Avoid Them 1.0 Watch Now
6/12/2019 Creating Coding Policies in Risk Adjustment 1.0 Watch Now
6/5/2019 How to Better Utilize Medicare Resources 1.0 Watch Now
5/22/2019 Care Management Services in 2019 1.0 Watch Now
5/8/2019 Documentation Requirements for Quality Measures 1.0 Watch Now
4/24/2019 Behavioral Health Documentation Standards 1.0 Watch Now
4/17/2019 Auditing for Risk and Revenue 1.0 Watch Now
4/3/2019 Intent vs. Technique - Overhaul of the Integumentary System 1.0 Watch Now
3/27/2019 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Ischemic Heart Disease 1.0 Watch Now
3/13/2019 Percutaneous Interventions - Head, Neck and Spine 1.5 Watch Now
3/6/2019 Take the Sting out of Pain Management Coding 1.0 Watch Now
2/20/2019 I am Just a Bill! 1.0 Watch Now
2/13/2019 Making the Most of MIPS and MACRA 1.0 Watch Now
2/7/2019 Fine-tuning your Documentation for Medical Necessity in Plastic Surgery 1.0 Watch Now
1/9/2019 What You Need to Know About Telehealth 1.0 Watch Now
11/28/2018 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Lymphatic System 2.0 Watch Now
11/14/2018 Reading and Understanding an Anesthesia Record 2.0 Watch Now
11/7/2018 Auditing EM Services for the Office and HOPD 2.0 Watch Now
10/24/2018 It’s Time to Talk About Opioids 2.0 Watch Now
10/17/2018 Peripheral Vascular Coding 2.0 Watch Now
10/10/2018 Percutaneous Interventions- Abdomen, Lower Extremity 2.0 Watch Now
10/3/2018 Coding for the Obstetrical Patient 2.0 Watch Now
9/26/2018 HCC Compliance: Maximizing Results 2.0 Watch Now
9/19/2018 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Neoplasms 2.0 Watch Now
9/12/2018 Guidelines: The Foundation of Coding 2.0 Watch Now
9/5/2018 Submitting A Bulletproof Claim 2.0 Watch Now
8/29/2018 FAQs on DVTs and PEs 2.0 Watch Now
8/22/2018 Data Doesn't Lie…Taking the Drama out of Your Practice Improvements 2.0 Watch Now
8/15/2018 Documentation Guidelines for PATH 2.0 Watch Now
8/8/2018 How to Be Successful Working Remotely 2.0 Watch Now
8/1/2018 Ophthalmology - Breaking Down Diagnostic Components 2.0 Watch Now
7/19/2018 Coding for Mastectomies 2.0 Watch Now
6/27/2018 Writing or Erasing the EHR Documentation Dilemma 2.0 Watch Now
6/20/2018 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Endocrine System 2.0 Watch Now
6/13/2018 Keys to Effectively Lead and Influence Successful Revenue Cycle Management Without Doing the Work Yourself 2.0 Watch Now
6/6/2018 Medical Billing for Insurance - A Beginner's Guide 2.0 Watch Now
5/30/2018 Medicare Payment Revolution - How Should I Respond to MACRA? 2.0 Watch Now
5/23/2018 On the Front Lines: How to Prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse as a Coder 2.0 Watch Now
5/16/2018 Navigating the Logistics of Collaborative Care Visits 2.0 Watch Now
5/9/2018 Best Practices for Behavioral Health Coding 2.0 Watch Now
3/21/2018 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Immune System 2.0 Watch Now
3/7/2018 The Four Elements of Spine Coding 2.0 Watch Now
2/21/2018 Coding Selective and Nonselective Catheterizations 2.0 Watch Now
2/7/2018 Avoid Concurrent Care Denials 2.0 Watch Now
1/10/2018 Chronic Wound Care Coding, Billing and Documentation 2.0 Watch Now
11/15/2017 Outpatient Facility and Hospital Billing Methods 2.0 Watch Now
11/8/2017 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Musculoskeletal System 2.0 Watch Now
10/18/2017 Annual Wellness Visit and Initial Prevent (AWV and IPPE) 2.0 Watch Now
10/11/2017 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Urinary System 2.0 Watch Now
9/20/2017 Care Management Codes (TCM, CCM, CCCM) 2.0 Watch Now
9/13/2017 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Auditory System 2.0 Watch Now
8/30/2017 Modifiers: To Use or Not to Use 2.0 Watch Now
8/16/2017 Keeping up with the Evolving Roles of a Coder 2.0 Watch Now
8/9/2017 Documenting Medical Necessity 2.0 Watch Now
8/2/2017 Properly Billing for Moderate Sedation Services 2.0 Watch Now
7/19/2017 DRG Pitfalls: What to look for in Documentation to Code Comorbid Conditions 2.0 Watch Now
7/12/2017 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Male Reproductive System 2.0 Watch Now
6/28/2017 Making the Connection: Strategic Documentation, Compliance, and the Revenue Cycle 2.0 Watch Now
6/14/2017 Reporting Errors on Services and Their Impact on Your Practice 2.0 Watch Now
6/7/2017 Data Collection on Global Surgery Services (as Mandated by MACRA) 2.0 Watch Now
5/24/2017 Prolonged Care: Face-to-Face and Non-Face-to-Face 2.0 Watch Now
5/17/2017 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Female Reproductive System 2.0 Watch Now
5/3/2017 Ransomware – Prevent, Prepare, Respond, Recover 2.0 Watch Now
4/19/2017 Coding Chronic Conditions 2.0 Watch Now
3/22/2017 10 Most Common Questions from OB Coders 2.0 Watch Now
3/8/2017 Transitional Care: Starting with the Basics and Building a Successful Model 2.0 Watch Now
2/22/2017 The 7 Deadly Sins of HIPAA 2.0 Watch Now
2/15/2017 Foundations in Anesthesia Practice 2.0 Watch Now
2/8/2017 Ophthalmology Updates and Coding Tips 2.0 Watch Now
11/16/2016 Is Your Practice Healthy? 2.0 Watch Now
10/19/2016 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Eye 2.0 Watch Now
10/12/2016 Effective Communication Skills 2.0 Watch Now
9/7/2016 Empathy and Boundaries, Challenges in Healthcare 2.0 Watch Now
8/31/2016 Administering the Proper Coding of Infusions and Injections 2.0 Watch Now
8/3/2016 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Respiratory System 2.0 Watch Now
6/8/2016 Secrets of Successful Coders 2.0 Watch Now
3/9/2016 Managing Challenging Patients 2.0 Watch Now
11/11/2015 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Heart 2.0 Watch Now
10/21/2015 When Personalities Prevent Productivity 2.0 Watch Now
9/30/2015 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; Chronic Disease 2.0 Watch Now
7/8/2015 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Nervous System 2.0 Watch Now
4/8/2015 Anatomy and Pathophysiology Series; The Digestive System 2.0 Watch Now
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