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Post-PHE: Medicare Rules, Telehealth and More

Presenter Terry A Fletcher, CPC, CCC, CEMC
Broadcast Date 5/3/2023
Time 10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET
Presentation Length 60 minutes
Price $65 (Non-members $85)
Post-PHE: Medicare Rules, Telehealth and More Webinar

Learn more about this event

With the PHE (Public Health Emergency) status coming to an end on 5/11/2023, it is imperative that Medical Practices and Hospital entities know what is coming down the pike as many 1135 Waivers and Flexibility’s are expiring and many are being extended, but to different timelines.

This Webinar will not only spotlight the Telehealth extensions and rollbacks, but also the regulatory guidance that will affect reimbursement for many medical entities. The topic of Crossing State lines will also be addressed to make sure providers and practices alike are following the rules with no room for compliance leaks as we prepare for many pre-pandemic rules to be reinstated.

Learning Objectives/Agenda

• Approved Telehealth Platforms
• Payment Parity for Telehealth
• What codes can be submitted for Telehealth Audio and Video services
• Audio only services and Behavioral Health Services
• Frequency rules are also changing once the PHE ends and this will be covered as well in this webinar
• Materials will be a reference guide for all attendees to show regulatory published guidance to their providers
• Attendees will understand their role in making sure the post-PHE requirements are met for their providers

Why is this topic important?

This Webinar will be live a week before the PHE ends. It is imperative that coders, billers, physicians and anyone that has been working in healthcare, and has enjoyed the fruits (additional reimbursement and easy rules), of the waivers, get back to business and understand what Medicare, Medicaid and Private Payer expectations are.

Who would benefit from this topic?

• Coders
• Billers
• Physicians
• Mid-level providers
• Administrators
• Front office
• Back office
• Physicians
• Any healthcare professional that touches or has participated in reporting medical services during the PHE

What’s the presenter's background/expertise on this topic?

Terry has been teaching the Post PHE Webinar and Medicare Quarterly updates now for 6 months, updating every time additional published guidance updates are received from CMS and HHS…the most recent offering being April 5th. She is a certified coder, practice manager, auditor, and educator; also versed in Telehealth, pre, during and post PHE.

Terry A Fletcher, CPC, CCC, CEMC

About The Author

Terry A Fletcher, CPC, CCC, CEMC

Ms. Terry Fletcher joins us in her 25th year of coding and billing experience. She is the President and CEO of Terry Fletcher Consulting, Inc. and a McVey Seminar Leader. She teaches over 100 + specialty coding seminars, teleconferences and workshops every year. Ms. Fletcher also works with thousands of practices around the country, keeping them current, educated, and compliant in their coding while maximizing their reimbursement. She holds a bachelors degree in economics and multiple certifications in coding; CPC, CCC, CEMC, CMSCS, CCS-P, CCS, CMC.

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Two ways to register for this event
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