CPT® to ICD-9 Cross-Reference

Quickly identify mismatched ICD-9 and CPT® codes to capture faster reimbursement. CPT® to ICD-9 Cross-Reference features proprietary CPT® to ICD-9 and ICD-9 to CPT® code links researched by certified coders and backed by CMS and private payer insurance data.

CPT® to ICD-9-CM Cross-Reference includes:
  • Verify applicable ICD-9 volume 1 codes for a CPT® surgical code to prevent CPT® to ICD-9 code mismatches.
  • Sidestep common ICD-9 coding pitfalls with easy to understand guidance right at the code level.
  • Find top CPT® codes linked with an ICD-9 code on claims submitted to private payers and CMS thanks to the CPT® Cross-Reference
  • Go beyond restrictive Medicare LCD ICD-9 codes with the top reported diagnoses to all insurers.

* Available with Codify