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Enhanced Medical Code Lookup

Enhanced Code Lookup

Find the code you're looking for using our universal search box. Get results for four code sets, or narrow your results using convenient checkboxes.

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Code Details and Code Listing

View a code details page dedicated to your code, or opt to see the code in the context of its range in a code listing page.

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Official Medical Code Descriptor

Official Code Data

Trust that you have up-to-date, accurate code information at your fingertips. Enjoy the simplicity of automatic updates throughout the year.

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Expert Analysis

Improve your coding with these bonus features, and discover the benefits of choosing coding software from the team that goes the extra mile.

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Code Crosswalks


Research right on the Codify site with our helpful cross-references that provide added information for procedure, supply, and diagnosis codes.

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Efficiency Helpers

Take stress out of your workday with our thoughtfully designed online coding software. Put our coder-requested extras to work for you.

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"The best feature with Codify is the ability to customize the home page and the code detailed page. I loved this ability to customize my Codify home page according to my needs and organized it in the way that works best for me."
Vimla Bhardwaj
Vimla Bhardwaj, CPC,CPMA, CPCO, COSC
Audit Team Leader

Universal Code Search

Search all code sets from a single box using keywords, abbreviations, and codes. Narrow and sort results fast!

Newsletter Library

Get specialty news and expert guidance from AAPC and TCI’s trusted teams. Choose from a range of 28 medical coding, compliance, and post-acute newsletters!

CCI Edits Checker

Enter up to 25 codes to get CCI results. Medicare and Medicaid tools include modifier indicators for cleaner claims!

MPFS/Fee Schedules

Find national and local MPFS RVUs and fees — as well as modifier indicators, global info, and MUEs.

Claim Scrubber

Reduce denial rates by checking for errors before you submit your claim!

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