ICD-10 Code Assist

Often times we are left struggling to determine the difference between codes or clinical conditions or left figuring out what that procedure actually was. The ICD-10 Code Assist offers real solutions to our every day struggles with guidance on how not only to use the codes but also the documentation paths needed to insure we meet the specificity requirements of the procedure or clinical condition.

ICD-10 Code Assist offers:

  • Guidance on the clinical condition such as pathophysiology, signs and symptoms and key indicators so that the most appropriate code can be determined.
  • Guidance on procedure codes in lay terms so that you can determine the correct ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS code.
  • Documentation concepts so that you can work with your clinician to make sure that all necessary components are captured, or if you are a physician to help assist with your templates and documentation.
  • Key instructional notes to make sure that all nuances of the coding system is covered taking out the guess work on sequencing and use of additional codes.

* Available with Pro Fee Coder and Complete Coder