CPT® Codes Lookup

No provider of outpatient services gets paid without reporting the proper CPT® codes. Codify helps you quickly and accurately select the CPT® codes needed for the service patients receive.

CPT®, published by the American Medical Association (AMA), is the medical code set used to report medical services and procedures (surgical and diagnostic) for reimbursement. It consists of three types of five-character codes:

  • General Category 1, which describes services and procedures performed by providers
  • Category 2, which are used to track follow up and outcomes;
  • Category 3, which indicate the use of emerging technologies.

Supporting these codes are rules and guidelines. Two-character modifiers appended to the CPT® codes explain changes to the procedure.

Codify includes all the up-to-date CPT® codes, modifiers, and guidelines — but we know you need more. In the same way keeping a current copy of your CPT® book protects you from errors and compliance concerns, Codify's frequent updating helps you when changes are made, when AMA updates their errata, and when federal and commercial payers change payment decisions. Codify’s CPT® resources also help your productivity. Our research shows that coders and billers using Codify report 33 percent faster.

Here are some of the ways Codify helps you:

  • Codify includes all current CPT® codes, modifiers, rules, guidelines, and appendices so you can count on having the correct information.
  • An expanded index by service eases looking for a procedure or service.
  • Deleted codes back to 1993 and their replacements, if applicable, add context to old or unfamiliar codes.
  • Easy access CPT® Assistant archives, published by the AMA, and the AHA Coding Clinic, provide a library of expert, quotable resources about using CPT® as it was intended.
  • A Fee Schedule Lookup permits calculating the reimbursement for services.
  • Medicare decisions and National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) lookups help you report CPT® codes for federal reimbursement.

Codify's support of CPT® procedural coding is an essential tool to help ensure your facility gets the revenue it deserves.

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