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Current Procedural Terminology, more commonly known as CPT®, refers to a medical code set created and maintained by the American Medical Association — and used by physicians, allied health professionals, nonphysician practitioners, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and laboratories to represent the services and procedures they perform. No provider of outpatient services gets paid without reporting the proper CPT® codes. Codify by AAPC helps you quickly and accurately select the CPT® codes you need to keep your claims on track.

With Codify’s cross-reference tools, you can check common code pairings. You also get CPT to ICD-10-CM, CPT to HCPCS, and CPT to Modifier crosswalks. Our CCI Edit tool will help you prevent denials from Medicare’s National Correct Coding Initiative edits. You’ll also strengthen your appeals with access to quarterly versions since 2011.

Our research shows that subscribers using Codify are 33% more productive. With features like these, it’s no surprise:

  • Keyword database enhanced with medical acronyms and terminology
  • Default settings to lock in your preference for code-centered or range pages
  • Code Constructor to narrow down your code options one clickable range at a time
  • Lay terms and CPT® code update information
  • An expanded index by service eases looking for a procedure or service
  • Deleted codes and their replacements, if applicable, add context to old or unfamiliar codes.
  • Easy access CPT® Assistant archives, published by the AMA, and the AHA Coding Clinic
  • A Fee Schedule Lookup

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