ICD-10-CM Codes Lookup

Medical coding is based on International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-10-CM is the standard transaction code set used to report diseases, conditions, and services associated with a patient. Providers and facilities must report ICD-10-CM codes to establish medical necessity for payment. Researchers and government require ICD-10-CM to accumulate for public health research and actuarial studies.

Codify simplifies the traditional ICD-10-CM lookup of consulting the Index to Diseases and Injuries, Table of Drugs and Chemicals, and Index of External Causes, then finding the code of greatest specificity in the Tabular Section. With Codify, now you can find the right codes quickly, through an easy-to-use search using keywords, code, or code ranges. Other ways Codify eases finding and reporting the codes accurately include:

  • Presentation by Code Chapters, which are then broken into Categories
  • Official Guidelines back to the 2014 Draft Release and every year since.
  • Latest changes to the codes and their descriptions.
  • Indexes and Tables presented separately for additional study.
  • Add-ons that allow medical coders to search by term, DRG, MDC, APC, and OPPS
  • Notes and favorites lists for those commonly reported codes
  • Payment and other information unique to each code

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