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Identify Correct ICD-10-CM Code for Cuboid Fracture

Question: What function does the cuboid bone have and which ICD-10-CM code should I report if the patient has a displaced fracture of the cuboid bone of the right foot? This was an initial encounter for a closed fracture.

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Answer: The cuboid helps provide stability for the foot and the movement of the toes, in addition to ensuring proper weight distribution and flexibility along the plantar fascia.

The navicular and the cuboid bones connect the rear foot to the forefoot. If the cuboid gets rotated or twisted, mainly due to a rigid foot and an abnormal walking pattern, this can lead to pain on the outside of the foot or referred pain, which could be misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis or tibias tendinitis.

You should report code S92.211A (Displaced fracture of cuboid bone of right foot, initial encounter for closed fracture) on your claim.