Corporate Integrity Agreements Compliance Resource

  • Hudson Valley Hematology Oncology Associates, LLP
  • Alternative Learning Center and Alice Soard
  • Adult Educational Technologies, Inc. and Wendell James
  • Steven Mendelsohn, M.D., Zwanger and Pesiri Radiology Group, LLC and Zwanger Radiology, P.C.
  • Home Bound Healthcare, Inc. Home Bound Healthcare Hospice, Inc. Home Bound Healthcare Medical Equipment & Supplies, LLC Home Bound Healthcare Outpatient Therapy Services, LLC Home Bound Consulting, LLC Home Bound Healthcare Staffing, LLC
  • Vibra Healthcare, LLC; Vibra Healthcare II, LLC; 8451 Pearl Street Operating Company, LLC D/B/A Vibra Hospital fo Denver; Vibra Hospital of San Diego, LLC; Vibra of Southeastern Michigan, LlC; Vibra Specialty Hospital of Dallas, LLC; Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland, LLC; and 1300 Campbell Lane Operating Company, LLC D/B/A Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital
  • U.S. Healthcare Supply, LLC; Spectrum Diabetic Services, LLC; Heritage Diabetic Supply, Inc.; Dependable Diabetic Supply, LLC; U.S. Diagnostics, Inc.; U.S. Diagnostics NJ; Edward J. Letko; and Jon P. Letko
  • Forrest Preston and Life Care Centers of America, Inc
  • North American Health Care, Inc
  • Westlake Convalescent Hospital
  • Dermedx Dermatology, P.C., D/B/A Dermatique and Barry A. Solomon, M.D
  • Physician Group Services, P.A
  • Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia, Inc., Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesiology, LLC, Sweet Dreams Anesthesiology Nurses of Georgia, LLC, Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia of Georgia, LLC, NMDA Anesthesia, LLC D/B/A Sweet Dreams Anesthesia Nurses, Sweet Dreams of Albany, LLC, Synergy Anesthesiology, Inc., Symphony LLC, Anesthesia Adjuncts, LLC, and Access to Care America, LLC
  • MD2U Management, LLC; MD2U Florida, LLC; MD2U Indiana, LLC; MD2U Kentucky, LLC; MD2U North Carolina, LLC; MD2U Ohio, LLC, Jerry Michael Benfield, M.D.; Gregory Latta; and Karen Latta
  • Jesus Villegas, D.D.S., Fairfield Pediatric Dentistry, LLC, and Haven Pediatric Dentistry, LLC
  • Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, LLC
  • Cardiovascular Systems, Inc
  • Lexington County Health Services District, Inc. d/b/a Lexington Medical Center
  • The University of Missouri Health System
  • Preferred Imaging Centers, LLC
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