Corporate Integrity Agreements Compliance Resource

  • Calloway Laboratories, Inc. (amended and restated)
  • Amedisys, Inc. and Amedisys Holding, LLC
  • Valley Heart Consultants, P.A.,
  • Wood-Davis, Gigi, D.O.
  • Alliance Rehabilitation LLC, Active Physical Therapy, Services, LLC
  • Results of the Corporate Integrity Agreement Survey, August 2001
  • Building a Partnership for Effective Compliance The Third Government-Industry Roundtable--A Report on the July 30, 2001 Roundtable Discussion on Corporate Integrity Agreements
  • Media Alert on Report on the July 30, 2001 Roundtable and Survey Results of CIA Survey
  • OIG Guidance on IRO Independence and Objectivity
  • Pharmaceutical Compliance Roundtable Report
  • Focus on Compliance: The Next Generation of Corporate Integrity Agreements
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