Cardiology Coding Alert

Benchmarking Can Help Stave-off Auditors and Recoup Reimbursement Dollars
How do you know if your practice will be flagged for an audit? Dont speculate anxiously; u... Read more
Consult Clarification
In the October 1998 edition of Cardiology Coding Alert we examined the issue of whether a ... Read more
Guard against Post-Payment Audits for Services by Non-Physician Practitioners
More and more cardiology practices are hiring non-physician practitioners (NPPs) such as p... Read more
Reader Questions:
Angioplasty and Stent on Same Artery
Question: What modifiers (if any) allow payment for both an angioplasty and stent performe... Read more
Reader Questions:
Same Day Second Procedure Billing
Question: When both a peripheral angiogram of the legs and a cardiac cath are done on the ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Global for Professional Services Only?
Question: Our cardiologists do cardiac catheterization procedures at the hospital, not her... Read more
Reader Questions:
Peripheral Angiogram of the Legs
Question: When a peripheral angiogram of the legs is completed, should both 36245 and 3624... Read more
Reader Questions:
Billing for Same Practice Consults
Question: We have four cardiologists in our group. Physician A is following a hospitalized... Read more
Seven Ingredients Key:
Compliance Plan for Cardiology Practice Can Improve Reimbursement as Well as Stave-off Auditors
With the changes in coding for Evaluation and Management (E/M) services, cardiology practi... Read more
Optimize Stress Test Coding:
History and Pysical; E/M Services; Modifiers -59 and -25
A stress test is one of the standard tools a cardiologist uses to evaluate patients with s... Read more
Modifier -25 Now Okay for Consultation Codes
In the October 1998 issue of CCA, it was incorrectly indicated that modifier -25 was not t... Read more
Letter of Clarification Paves the Way:
Obtain Hightest Reimbursement for Insert Loop Recorder
What is the ILR and how does it work?The insertable loop recorder, which is inserted just ... Read more
Cardiology Code Watch:
CPT and ICD-9 1999 Update
CPTThe 99 CPT manual has two new radiology codes for two new procedures that will affect c... Read more
Reader Question:
Billing for Angioplasty
Question: When my physician performs an angioplasty to LAD and a stent to RCA how should ... Read more
Differentiate between Consults and Referrals:
Reduce Risk of Audits with Correct Coding for Cardiology Consultations
The common usage of the word referral has thrown a cloud of ambivalence around coding for ... Read more
Increase Pay-up and Provide Audit Defense with '97 E/M Guidelines
You may have breathed a sigh of relief this July when the Health Care Financing Administra... Read more
Fifth Digit Coding Critical to Optimize Reimbursement for MIs
When coding for category 410 (Acute Myocardial Infarction) adding the fifth digit is vital... Read more
Modifier -25 Alert:
OIG Cracks Down on Modifier -25, Will Your Office Be in Compliance?
Cardiologists who have slipped into the habit of routinely adding modifier -25 should bewa... Read more
Available Years:  1998