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Associate HFrEF With Systolic Heart Failure

Question: What ICD-10-CM codes should I look to for systolic congestive heart failure?

Ohio Subscriber

Answer: You should report the following ICD-10-CM codes for systolic congestive heart failure:

  • I50.20 (Unspecified systolic (congestive) heart failure)
  • I50.21 (Acute systolic (congestive) heart failure)
  • I50.22 (Chronic systolic (congestive) heart failure)
  • I50.23 (Acute on chronic systolic (congestive) heart failure)

Don’t miss: HFrEF is the acronym for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, which is also known as systolic heart failure. When a patient has systolic heart failure, the left ventricle of his heart is not able to contract normally, so his heart can’t pump with enough force to push enough blood into circulation.

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