Cardiology Coding Alert

Follow Simple Steps to Ace Your Permanent Leadless Pacemaker Coding
Hint: Never report 33274 in conjunction with 33275. Pacemaker and implantable defibrillat... Read more
Answer 5 Cerebrovascular Accident FAQs to Solidify Your Claims
Only report code from category I69- if patient has neurologic deficits. The ICD-10-CM Off... Read more
Navigate the 2024 Office/Outpatient Updates With Ease
Take a look at this handy chart. Although you will only see a few small evaluation and ma... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Dial Into This Endovascular Revascularization Scenario
Question: The patient was prepped, and anesthesia was administered. My physician empl... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand Facets of Medical Record Rules
Question: One of the providers in my practice likes to write their very personal imp... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand CMS Provider Taxonomy
Question: I have never heard of taxonomy beyond the categorization of species, and no... Read more
Reader Question:
Take Note of POS For Cardiac Stress Test
Question: If my cardiologist performs a complete stress test, which code should I rep... Read more
Reader Question:
Decipher TAVR/TAVI Situation
Question: After prepping and anesthetizing the patient, my provider accessed the pati... Read more
Reader Question:
Observe Relationship Between MDM and Risk
Question: Do inherent risks, such as perforation, make all surgeries “high risk” ... Read more
Handy Tips Perfect Your Tilt Table Coding
Report E/M service with caution. Your cardiologist may treat patients who have symptoms o... Read more
5 Answers Help Conquer Your Most Challenging Hypertension Coding Questions
Hint: Report I27 for pulmonary hypertension. The ICD-10-CM Official Rules for Coding an... Read more
Realize Burnout and Apathy May Occur and Help Employees Navigate Workloads
Make sure remote workers establish boundaries. It's inevitable that at some point in thei... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Don’t Mix Up Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter
Question: If the patient has atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter can you code both... Read more
Reader Question:
See CCM Rules for Clinical Staff
Question: I know that typically the physician establishes a care plan in chronic care... Read more
Reader Question:
Figure Out When Medicare is Primary
Question: We have a patient on Medicare who is also insured through a group health p... Read more
Reader Question:
Figure Out This Cardiac Rhythm Monitor Scenario
Question: After the patient was appropriately prepped and local anesthesia administer... Read more
Reader Question:
Discover Correct Aortography Code
Questions: My physician injected a contrast medium into the patient's vein. They then... Read more
Reader Question:
Puzzle Out HIPAA Language
Question: I'm confused by some of the language in the Health Insurance Portability an... Read more
CPT® 2024:
Intraoperative Ultrasound, Venography, and E/M Highlight Next Year’s CPT® Changes
Hint: Remember to check venography documentation carefully for correct code choice. When ... Read more
2024 Updates:
Mark Down New Category III Codes For 2024
Hint: Category III CPT® codes are temporary codes. CPT® 2024 will become effective on J... Read more
Query Your Providers With Confidence
Hint: Always be respectful. In some coding cases, you may need clarification from your pr... Read more
Reader Questions:
Remember Importance of Provider’s Signature
Question:  My office's electronic health record (EHR) system was down for a few... Read more
Reader Questions:
Learn How to Code Intracatheter Procedure
Question: With the patient under local anesthesia, my provider made a small incision ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Mind This Venipuncture Solution
Question: My provider cleansed the venipuncture site on the patient's upper arm with ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Observe Digital E/M Codes
Question: Our surgeon wants to use the digital E/M codes, but we're having difficulty... Read more
Reader Questions:
Focus on Correct Code for Balloon Valvuloplasty
Question: My cardiologist made an incision in the femoral artery and inserted a guide... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Solve Mechanical Thrombectomy Situation
Question: After prepping and anesthetizing the patient, my cardiologist accessed the ... Read more
Answer 5 Common ECG Coding Questions
Hint: Follow specific rules for rhythm ECGs. Reporting electrocardiograms (ECGs) can be ... Read more
How To Confidently Report Myocardial Infarctions In Your Practice
Hint: For old or healed MI, report I25.2. When it comes to coding for acute myocardial in... Read more
Make Accessibility for Deaf Patients a Priority
Consider accommodations for deaf patients. It's of the utmost importance that you ensure ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve This Stenting Scenario
Question: When the patient was appropriately prepped and anesthetized, my provider ma... Read more
Reader Questions:
Understand These E/M Guidelines
Question: When our providers perform online digital E/M services (99421-99423) servic... Read more
Reader Questions:
Puzzle Out This X-ray Conundrum
Question: In the clinic, the patient had a follow-up single-view chest X-ray after he... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Chronic Care Management With Ease
Question: To bill chronic care management (CCM) services 99490 and 99439, how involve... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Dial Into How to Report Revascularization
Question: The patient arrived through the ED with an acute myocardial infarction (AMI... Read more
ICD-10-CM 2024:
Tachycardia, Hypertension, and Angina Pectoris Highlight New ICD-10-CM 2024 Code List
Concentrate on numerous parent, new ‘kid' codes. The ICD-10-CM 2024 code additions, de... Read more
Differentiate Between Comprehensive, Limited EP Studies With Ease
Comprehensive studies require 5 components. Intracardiac electrophysiologic (EP) can be ... Read more
Take Stock of How You Are Handling 2023 Inpatient/Hospital E/M Revisions
Hint: Ensure providers are identifying POS correctly with observation patients. You've h... Read more
Reader Questions:
Ensure Your ABNs are the Most Current Ones
Question: Is there a way to know if I'm using the most up-to-date advanced beneficiary not... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve This Stent Situation
Question: We have recently added cardiology services to our facility, and no one seems to ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Mark Down Device Evaluation Reporting Rules
Question: Can the facility charge for 93286 (Peri-procedural device evaluation (in person)... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pinpoint Correct Revascularization Code for This Scenario
Question: Once the patient was appropriately prepped and anesthetized, my provider made a ... Read more
Conquer Your ECMO Reporting Challenges With This Helpful Guide
Know the rules when multiple physicians are involved. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation... Read more
Heed 4 Handy Tips for Smooth Bradycardia Coding
Hint: Report I49.5 for sick sinus bradycardia. Coding for arrythmias can be tricky. Brad... Read more
Learn How to Code Virtual Encounters After End of PHE
Hint: Always check NCCI edits. Now that the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) is off... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don’t Use Modifiers in This Case
Question: Can I append a modifier to an unlisted CPT® code? I'm having trouble... Read more
Reader Questions:
Mark Down This Endovascular Revascularization Procedure
Question: My cardiologist made a small incision through the patient's skin to punctur... Read more
Reader Questions:
Stay in the Loop With Addendum Rules
Question: If a healthcare practitioner makes an addendum to a patient's medical recor... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Differentiate Between Comprehensive EP Studies With Ease
Question: My cardiologist performed a comprehensive electrophysiologic (EP) study, wh... Read more
Follow 4 Tips to Conquer Your Swan-Ganz Coding Challenges
Know how many access sites there are. Your provider may place cardiac catheters for both... Read more
Brush up on Heart Failure Reporting Skills
Hint: Learn the heart failure scales. Diagnostic coding can be tricky because ICD-10-CM o... Read more
Sidestep Denials to Bolster Your Claims
Hint: See impact of modifiers. Even the most seasoned coders make mistakes, but denials a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Learn Modifier 51 Guidance
Question: There has recently been an argument in our department regarding modifier 5... Read more
Reader Questions:
Figure Out Atherosclerosis Dx
Question: The patient has atherosclerosis of the renal artery. How should I report th... Read more
Reader Questions:
Delve Into Venous Mechanical Thrombectomy Coding
Question: My cardiologist accessed the affected popliteal vein through a tiny incisio... Read more
Reader Questions:
Pinpoint Business Associate Rules
Question: I woke up in a panic last night: I've been sending bills with protected hea... Read more
Reader Questions:
Focus on How to Bill E/M Visit
Question: One of our providers wants to bill an evaluation and management (E/M) visit... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Report Correct Option for This Noninvasive Physiologic Study
Question: My cardiologist placed blood pressure cuffs on the patient's legs and arms ... Read more
Navigate Tricky Holter Monitoring Claims With Ease
Hint: Knowing the length of monitoring time is crucial. Sometimes your cardiologist may p... Read more
Answer 7 FAQs About Cardiomyopathy to Ace Your Claims
Remember: Report I42.0 for dilated cardiomyopathy. If your cardiologist treats cardiomyo... Read more
Avoid Denials in Your Practice With Expert Tips
Hint: Educate your staff. Working in healthcare, you already have a lot on your plate, so... Read more
Reader Questions:
Understand Difference Between Claim Denials Versus Rejection
Question: I filed a claim, and it was rejected. When I reviewed the claim, I discovered t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Pinpoint Correct Codes for ICD Removal
Question: My provider removed an existing implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) fro... Read more
Reader Questions:
Remember, MDM is Crucial
Question: Suppose a physician orders a diagnostic test, such as an electrocardiogram (EKG)... Read more
Reader Questions:
Follow Advice to Timely Claims
Question: How do I know if a medical record is completed in a “timely” manner? Can I s... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve Cardioversion Conundrum
Question: The patient was put in the supine position with their chest exposed, and my card... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Puzzle Out This Pulse Generator Removal Situation
Question: My provider made an incision on the patient's skin over the subcutaneous pocket,... Read more
Follow 3 Handy Steps to Solidify Your Cardiac Stress Test Coding
Remember: Only report global code if physician performs complete test. If your cardiologi... Read more
Test Your Atherosclerosis Coding Smarts With This Quiz
Hint: Use combo codes when applicable. When a patient has atherosclerosis, you must loo... Read more
Tackle Incomplete Notes and Learn How to Query Providers With Ease
Hint: Know when to query. Having complete and accurate documentation is so important in ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Decipher Upper Extremity Artery Harvest Scenario
Question: My cardiologist incised the skin on the patient's upper extremity and disse... Read more
Reader Questions:
Puzzle Through This Thromboendarterectomy Situation
Question: Our surgeon treated a patient with severe blockage of the right carotid art... Read more
Reader Questions:
Discover PHE Expiration Date
Question: Did the COVID-19 public health emergency expire (PHE)? Alabama Subscriber... Read more
Reader Questions:
Delve Into Prescription Drug Management Advice
Question: What qualifies as prescription drug management, which is a moderate-risk l... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Figure Out EP Study Case
Question: My cardiologist placed sheaths for vascular access in the patient's groin a... Read more
4 Handy Tips Guide Your Mechanical Thrombectomy Claims
Never report +37186 in conjunction with 37184 and +37185. If your cardiologist performs m... Read more
Conquer Different Types of Hypotension to Submit Clean Claims
Hint: Orthostatic hypotension is same as postural. You know that ICD-10-CM is tricky to ... Read more
Discover New AI Appendix in 2023 CPT® Book
One AI classification is assistive. The CPT® Editorial Panel implemented a classificati... Read more
Reader Questions:
Learn About 2 Methods of ECMO
Question: What are the two different methods of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)... Read more
Reader Questions:
Be Careful With PHI Access
Question: We have a patient with a large balance who has not responded to requests for pay... Read more
Reader Questions:
Understand Differences Between Selective, Nonselective Caths
Question: My cardiologist accessed the brachial artery percutaneously and placed a sheath.... Read more
Reader Questions:
Study Up on Locum Tenens Rules
Question: Can a locum tenens arrangement be used for a physician who has been terminated f... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Figure Out Coronary Angiogram Situation
Question: My cardiologist put the right femoral sheath in place and placed the right coron... Read more
Navigate Arteriovenous Fistula Creation Coding With 3 Handy Tips
Distinguish between fistula creation and anastomosis. In some cases, your cardiologist ma... Read more
Conquer All Your Myocardial Infarction Coding Challenges
Know difference between STEMI, NSTEMI. Myocardial infarctions can be tricky to code beca... Read more
Make Audit Finding Meetings Less Stressful With This Expert Advice
Hint: Bring your research with you. If you've ever wondered how to report audit finding... Read more
Reader Questions:
Puzzle Out Aorta Graft Scenario
Question: My cardiologist opened the patient's chest through a sternotomy and initiat... Read more
Reader Questions:
Figure Out This Atherectomy Situation
Question: After the patient was prepped and anesthetized, my cardiologist made an inc... Read more
Reader Questions:
Heed Rules for Proper 99211 Billing
Question: Should I be reporting all services performed by a nurse, including those pr... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know Difference Between CT Codes
Question: Code 75574 (Computed tomographic angiography, heart, coronary arteries and ... Read more
HCPCS Level II 2023:
Power Through HCPCS Level II 2023 Updates With This Primer
Hint: New code C7531 includes transluminal angioplasty. The Centers for Medicare & Me... Read more
Conquer Aortic Aneurysm Conundrums With 3 Handy Tips
Remember: Don't forget to look at code first notes. ICD-10-CM can be tricky due to the ... Read more
Gain Deep Understanding of HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule to Secure PHI
Hint: Learn how to properly dispose of PHI. As technology advances, healthcare providers ... Read more
Reader Question:
Decipher This Transcatheter Scenario
Question: My cardiologist cleaned the site over the blood vessel with an antiseptic soluti... Read more
Reader Question:
Find Appropriate Arteriovenous Fistula Code
Question: My cardiologist made an incision at a convenient site in the patient's thorax t... Read more
Reader Question:
Solve Remote Device Evaluation Conundrum
Question: My cardiologist evaluated the physiologic data from the patient's implantable ca... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand Different Types of Cardioversion
Question: How would you report a cardioversion that is done through a device — the ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Focus on Type of Aortic Valve for Code Selection
Question: After giving general anesthesia to the patient, my surgeon made an incision... Read more
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