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Simplify 24-Hour Cardiac Monitoring Coding By Zooming In on 2 Details
Learn why you won't report global codes very often.You should focus on what technology you... Read more
Focus on PV:
Satisfy 3 Factors for Stent After Failed Angioplasty, Atherectomy
Peripheral interventions in the renal arteries are justified only in one instanceSuppose y... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check for Change of Pacemaker Battery Dx
Question: My cardiologist is changing the patient's pacemaker battery. What diagnosis code... Read more
Reader Questions:
Focus on EF PC/TC Indicator
Question: I have heard conflicting advice about whether modifier 26 is necessary when we r... Read more
Readers Questions:
Count Follow-Up Groin Checks as Part of E/M
Question: Our physicians do follow-up groin checks in the office after cardiac catheteriza... Read more
Reader Questions:
'Vessel Origin' Paramount for 75650
Question: Our physicians do follow-up groin checks in the office after cardiac catheteriza... Read more
Reader Questions:
Simplify How to Use Modifier 51 Symbol
Question: Can I use modifier 51 with 36620 when my cardiologist performs a catheterization... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Make This ECG Diagnosis Mistake
Question: If the cardiologist hasn't indicated the ECG results in his final diagnosis, sho... Read more
Reader Question:
Anatomic Modifiers Can Apply to Add-On Codes
Question: Should I use a modifier for 92981? We are getting denials as incidental to the p... Read more
News You Can Use:
CCI Rescinds Controversial Policy Restricting Only One PV Intervention Per Vessel
Watch out: You will still have problems with the reinstated policy, experts sayNo more wil... Read more
News You Can Use:
Coding At-Home Prothombin Time Tests? CMS Expands Coverage
Don't miss: Counseling services can sometimes mean an E/M codePatients using warfarin (bra... Read more
News You Can Use:
Spot These Critical Care Indicators to Boost Your Bottom Line
Don't fall into the trap of under-reporting these services If you fail to heed a n... Read more
Reader Questions:
It's Not Too Late to Participate in PQRI
Question: Our cardiology practice did not begin the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative... Read more
Reader Questions:
Code CAD Diagnoses With Confidence
Question: I'm uncertain about when I should report 414.00 versus 414.01. What's the differ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Fluoro Documentation Necessary for 71090
Question: Should I refrain from using 71090 for fluoroscopy at the time of an ICD implant ... Read more
Reader Questions:
You Can Get Paid for Inconclusive Tests
Question: When my cardiologist performs a diagnostic test (for instance, an echocardiogram... Read more
Reader Questions:
Nix Cath Placement for Planned Interventions
Question: My cardiologist plans for and schedules a coronary interventional procedure (ang... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How to Report External Counterpulsation
Question: How should we report external counterpulsation (ECP)? Are practices still perfor... Read more
Coding From the Doctor's Note:
Put Your First-, Second-Order Proficiency to This PV Case Study Test
Hint: Vascular families determine which codes you'll reportThink you can capture every ele... Read more
Split Professional, Technical Components Like a Pro
Purchasing power will change the rules for modifiers 26, TCReporting modifiers 26 (Profess... Read more
Capture Same-Day Cardio, EP Consults With This Expert Advice
This success story proves you can be victorious getting your claims paidConsultations don'... Read more
Reader Questions:
Here's What You Need for ICD Replacement
Question: My cardiologist removed an ICD lead, replaced it with a new one, and then tested... Read more
Reader Questions:
How to Code Post-Cath Discharges
Question: Our cardiologist performed a left heart cath and then discharged the patient. Ho... Read more
Reader Questions:
Be Wary of Routine Low-Level E/Ms with Coumadin Tests
Question: If my cardiologist performs a finger-stick Coumadin test, is it OK to report a l... Read more
Reader Questions:
Attack Your Atypical Chest Pain Dx Cases
Question: My doctor saw a patient for "atypical" chest pain. Which diagnosis code should I... Read more
Reader Questions:
Decide if PFO Warrants Congenital Echo Codes
Question: My cardiologist performed an echo and discovered a patent foramen ovale (PFO) th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Unravel This 'Runoff' Coding Concept
Question: Can I bill for any "runoff" imaging services when my cardiologist performs a fem... Read more
Clear Up Your Claims by Comparing Combined Cath Versus Ablation Transseptal Heart Codes
Here's why you should apply modifier 22 for ablation casesIf your transseptal atrial fibri... Read more
CCI 14.2 Update:
Heed This Slew of EKG Bundles or Trigger Massive Denials
CPT 93000 codes will now require meeting modifier 59 criteria If you're used to ta... Read more
Coding Quiz Questions:
Think You Can Handle Hypertension Dx Coding? Try This
What your physician documents is key If you incorrectly dig into hypertension ICD-9 cod... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Prime Your Hypertension Skills With This ICD-9 Challenge
Surprise: You must indicate primary or secondary hypertensionTo avoid taking up your cardi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Confuse 'Holter' With 'Event'
Question: What is the code for an event monitor? What is the difference between a Holter m... Read more
Reader Questions:
Tackle This Modifier 25 and EKG Scenario
Question: We've received letters from CMS regarding modifier 25. We use this modifier on t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Modifiers Matter for Left Cath, Stent Procedures
Question: Can I charge a cath (93510) and stent (92980) together when the same cardiologis... Read more
Reader Questions:
Reporting Renal CTA? Use 74175
Question: What is the appropriate CPT code for a renal CTA?Oklahoma SubscriberAnswer: You ... Read more
Reader Questions:
No Patient There? Don't Expect Payment
Question: Should we bill an office visit (99211-99215) for a consult with a family member ... Read more
Reader Questions:
What Makes a Clean Claim?
Question: Our cardiology practice has recently had to appeal numerous claims. The denial... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Get Modifiers Q0, Q1 Straight
Question: Should we append modifiers Q0 or Q1 on every ICD implant billed? Our MLN bulleti... Read more
Prevent Unbundling and Underreporting of Intracoronary Stent Coding With 4 FAQs
Heads up: The number of coronary artery repairs will affect your claim   You'll a... Read more
CPT Quiz:
Can You Code Intracoronary Stents? Test Yourself
Beware of reporting angioplasties that may be a part of stenting proceduresTake this quiz ... Read more
ICD-9 2009 Update:
Teach Doctors to Add Lipid Detail This Fall
You'll have secondary diabetes codes come OctoberYour 2009 ICD-9 book will increase by at ... Read more
4 Tips Speed Your Unlisted-Procedure Practices
Key: The report should use simple, straightforward languageYou can streamline your unliste... Read more
CPT Quiz:
Intracoronary Stent Placement Answers Revealed
Hint: Avoid coding more than once for a vessel's sub-branchesDid you absorb all the i... Read more
Reader Questions:
Code a Direct LDL Beyond Lipid Profile
Question: Is it appropriate to report a direct LDL beyond the calculated LDL included in a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Confront This Modifier 26 Advice
Question: I have heard conflicting advice about whether modifier 26 is necessary when we r... Read more
Reader Questions:
Apply A4216 for Saline With Bubble Study
Question: When a physician performs an in-office 2-D echocardiogram, should I report the s... Read more
Reader Questions:
Ace This Arrhythmia Attempt Scenario
Question: I have an electrophysiology (EP) study that indicates pacing from the right atri... Read more
Reader Questions:
Clear Up Consultation Confusion
Question: If my cardiologist sees a patient in January at the hospital and provides a cons... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check LCDs for Venous Disease Codes
Question: Should I use arterial disease codes 443.9, 440.21, 440.1, and 447.3 for venous... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How to Report What the Cardiologist Uses
Question: If the cardiologist uses 4.1 mCi of thallium, should I bill as 4 units or 5 unit... Read more
Focus on PV Coding:
Prepare for CMS' New Guideline -- Even if It's Not Enforced
If Medicare has its way, you could be saying goodbye to $225You could feel a pinch in your... Read more
Coding From the Doctor's Note:
3 Steps Correct Your Cardiac Rhythm Device Claims
Warning: Unless the MD describes a fluoroscopy, you should not report itTo report failed p... Read more
Jump-Start Your ABNs Before the Sept. 1 Deadline
This is how the ABN form should changeCMS has unveiled its new advance beneficiary notice,... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Always Code Symptoms Last
Question: We get many complete carotid duplex reports that state weakness, syncope, mild p... Read more
Reader Questions:
Attack Ankle-Brachial Indexes
Question: Should I report ankle-brachial indexes separately from an E/M code?Michigan Subs... Read more
Reader Questions:
Perfect Your Pacer Pocket Treatment Coding
Question: A patient who had a pacemaker implanted on April 15 returned to the hospital wit... Read more
Reader Questions:
Distinguish a Type 2 Arch
Question: My cardiologist documented a "Type 2 Arch." What is that? Is this a bovine arch?... Read more
Reader Questions:
Pit 75605 Against 75650
Question: The cardiologist took images, but I don't know whether to report 75605 or 75650.... Read more
Reader Questions:
Capture Personal History of Cardiac Death
Question: Recently, I encountered two new codes -- V12.53 and V17.41. When did they come o... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Cryoplasty Balloon Scenario
Question: My cardiologist's documentation indicates, "The patient underwent a peripheral a... Read more
Version 14.1 Update:
Don't Miss Legit Chances to Override Edits Complicating 6 Cardio Services
CCI changes muddy the waters when you're reporting thoracentesis codesTEE, fluoro, and dru... Read more
Focus on PV:
Demystify Aortogram, Imaging Code Combos
Tracking catheter placement will safeguard you against coding mistakesYou know you will ne... Read more
Coding From the Doctor's Note:
Eliminate EPS Errors With This Example
Your add-on codes must include documentationPractice your comprehensive electrophysiology ... Read more
Reader Questions:
WTM Claims Require EKG Documentation
Question: I am confused about coding for "Welcome to Medicare" (WTM) exams. How can I tell... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include Phone Calls With E/M Service
Question: We normally report 36415 when patients present for Coumadin treatment, but our c... Read more
Reader Questions:
Add Angiogram if Procedure Was Diagnostic
Question: One doctor at our facility consistently documents that he performed a femoral an... Read more
You Be the Coder:
How to Report Critical Care
Question: A patient presented to the ED as critical care, and the cardiologist subsequentl... Read more
Refresher Course:
Simplify Stress Test Claims by Reviewing Indications and Documentation Hazards
Tip: Make sure your physician documents direct supervisionYou may think you've got stress ... Read more
Take a Stress Test Claim Checkup
You know cardiovascular stress tests are common procedures, but you may find obtaining cor... Read more
Coding From the Doctor's Note:
Nix Nuclear Medicine Coding Mistakes Once and for All
You must have this documentation to report 78478, 78480Are you reporting all the nuclear m... Read more
Zero In on These Exercise Stress Test Descriptions
Here's why cardiologists use adenosine for MI patientsWhat it is: Cardiologists perform ca... Read more
Maximize Mod 59 Payment by Following CPT 2008 Guidelines
Ask, 'Did intervention occur on different coronary artery?'If you're still treating modifi... Read more
Reader Questions:
Decipher Private-Payer Mystery Edits
Question: I follow Correct Coding Initiative edits, but some insurers don't follow these g... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report CVP Line Separately From Left Heart Cath
Question: A physician placed a central venous pressure (CVP) line in one of the jugular ve... Read more
Reader Questions:
You Can Rely on Signs and Symptoms
Question: My doctor often uses a diagnosis of evaluation of left ventricle (LV) function o... Read more
Reader Questions:
Highlight ICE Catheterizations
Question: What are the CPT codes for patent foramen ovale (PFO) and atrial septal defect (... Read more
Reader Questions:
Attach Modifier 53 to Failed LV Lead Attempt
Question: If my cardiologist attempts to place an LV lead and fails, should I report this?... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Master MI's Fifth Digit With This Advice
Question: I'm confused about the fifth digits I should apply to myocardial infarction (MI)... Read more
CCI Update:
3 Cardiology Coding Lessons Version 14.0 Can Teach You
Easy edit targets mean you must continue to be careful pairing these codes with other serv... Read more
Version 14.0 Update:
Make These Cardio Code Edits Part of Your Routine
Watch for what CCI says about reporting cardiac MRI codes togetherCCI version 14.0, effect... Read more
Coding From the Op Note:
Take These Right Heart Cath Essentials to Heart
Learn why you need to make the diagnostic-vs.-monitoring distinctionIf coding right heart ... Read more
You Be the Expert:
ABPM Readings
Question: Our cardiologist recently performed an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring on a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Strike QR and Use Q0 Instead
Question: A coding colleague of mine said that we're supposed to use the new Q0 modifier... Read more
Reader Questions:
Pinpoint the Organic Sleep Apnea ICD-9 Code
Question: What is organic sleep apnea? My physician has been using 780.57 to report sleep ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Solve This Same-Day Echo, Nuclear Study Scenario
Question: One of our cardiologists wants to do an echocardiogram on the same day as a nucl... Read more
Reader Questions:
Cath Coding Boils Down to Crossing the Heart
Question: Documentation from the cardiologist's op report states that he performed a heart... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
Prepare for Drastic Reimbursement Cuts, Thanks to Modifier 51 Exemption Reassessment
Experts warn that illogical reduction to this EP procedure means a loss of $171 Modifier ... Read more
Clip-and-Save Bonus:
Do These Top-10 Denials Look Familiar? Check Your List
Good news: The most common rejection reasons are also some of the easiest to prevent. If ... Read more
Think You Can Get Away with 414.00 for CAD? Think Again
Discover why you can report more than 1 CAD code for the patient If your cardiologist see... Read more
3 Tips Clarify Your Top HPI, Chronic Conditions Questions
Hint: You may find overlap between 1995 and 1997 guidelines You've asked questions... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Recall Frequency of Visits Still Up in the Air
Question: A patient came in to see our electrophysiologist to discuss the recall of Medtr... Read more
Reader Questions:
Avoid Partial Units of Adenosine
Question: If we have a 90-mg vial of Adenosine and use only 30 mg on the Medicare patient... Read more
Reader Questions:
Verify V Codes With Reason for Surgery
Question: Is there a specific diagnosis code for pre-op surgical clearance, or should I s... Read more
Reader Questions:
Exclude ICD Testing From Global
Question: I use 93641 for electrophysiologic (EP) testing of ICD leads/generator at the t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Consider These Specific Quit-Smoking Codes
Question: Sometimes we fret over the difficulty of getting paid for the numerous nonphysi... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
De-Stress Your Holidays by Getting Ready for These 5 New Cardiac Changes Now
Good news: You've got a new code for declotting with a thrombolytic agent It's official:... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
Prepare Your Front Lines for 64-Lead EKG Cat III Codes
Hint: Using them now is a step toward permanent codes If you've been struggling to find t... Read more
CPT 2008 Update:
Tap Into Phone, Online E/M Codes for Extra Payment
Here are the criteria you have to meet to use these codes Great news: For those cardiolog... Read more
Perfect Picking EPS Package Codes With 2 Quick Tips
Revealed: Induced arrhythmia can change your EPS code Don't let coding comprehensive intr... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Do Additional Views Merit 75774?
Question: When our physicians perform peripheral angiograms on the lower extremities and ... Read more
Reader Questions:
CMS Says No-Show Fee Is OK -- Sometimes
Question: Did Medicare change its billing policy for missed appointments? What does the p... Read more
Reader Questions:
Find Elevated Creatine Kinase Dx Here
Question: The cardiologist examined a patient whose only diagnosis was "elevated creatine... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Interp Only for Cardiolite Test
Question: Our physician interpreted a cardiolite stress test done at the hospital. He did... Read more
CCI 13.3 Update:
Apply These Angiography Additions -- and 1 Deletion -- to Perfect Your Cardio Claims
Look out: The ability to use a modifier to separate an edit doesn't always mean you shoul... Read more
Evade E/M Mishaps by Homing In on History Levels
Warning: Not all payers accept 'all other systems reviewed and negative' If you're squeak... Read more
CCI 13.3 Update:
Injection Edits Draw the Line Btw Radiology and Cardiology
Heads up: Pay particular attention to modifier indicator status To complete the Correct C... Read more
You Be the Expert:
New Policy Allows You to Bill Moderate Sedation
Question: Can we bill sedation codes 99144-99145 with peripheral atherectomies and stents... Read more
Practical PV Tips:
Boost Your Bottom Line by Correcting Documentation
Here’s what you need to have to ethically report the higher-valued code The thre... Read more
Reader Question:
Easiest for Physician to Sign Off on NP's Charges
Question: I have a cardiologist with a nurse practitioner (NP) working for him, and she w... Read more
Reader Question:
Break Down Hospital Stress Test
Question: A patient complains of chest pain (786.50) and palpitations (785.1). The cardio... Read more
Reader Question:
Divide to Conquer Prolonged Inpatient Service
Question: Medicare denies our claims for prolonged inpatient hospital services. We report... Read more
Reader Question:
Heart Failure Diagnosis Trumps Other Symptoms
Question: What are some signs and symptoms that a patient might have had heart failure? K... Read more
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