Cardiology Coding Alert

CPT 2007 UPDATE ~ Get Up to Speed on Pacemaker Insertion and CTA Coding -- What You Need to Know Now
You'll cheer for new anticoagulant codes--here's why CPT 2007 brings many major changes to... Read more
YOU BE THE EXPERT ~ Report Fluoro Once per Site -- or Just Once
Question: We report 76000 when the physician uses a fluoroscopy machine with procedures. C... Read more
3 Steps Will Bolster Your Supervision Level Know-How
Learn what to do when another provider does supervision Supervision levels can make or bre... Read more
Add These Codes Into Your Cardiologist's Critical Care Services -- or Else
Heads up: You cannot separately report 93561-93562 When your cardiologist performs critic... Read more
Find These Terms to Denote Wall Motion
Question: I'm confused about when I should use wall motion code 78478. What should I look ... Read more
Need a Quick LCD Search? Use Medicare Site
Question: Where can I go to look up Medicare carriers' local coverage determinations? Also... Read more
Use This Dx for Prolonged QTc Interval
Question: My cardiologist documented a prolonged QTc interval. What diagnosis code should ... Read more
Stop Counting Your Cardiologist's Consults
Question: How often can we report consult codes for the same patient? We saw a patient in ... Read more
Pinpoint Vessel to Label Graft
Question: To code a particular vessel when the physician performs an angioplasty or stent ... Read more
Don't Make This ECG Diagnosis Mistake
Question: If the cardiologist hasn't indicated the ECG results in his final diagnosis, sho... Read more
NCCI 12.3 Update:
Get Your Modifier 59 Ready for Dozens of Venous, Arterial Edits
Warning: You could land in hot water for automatically separating editThe latest round of ... Read more
You Be the Expert ~ Check Out Modifier 78, 79 Basics
Question: A patient had an iliac aneurysm repair on May 16, which put his global period en... Read more
Rev Up Your Claims for Radiopharmaceuticals
Learn whether you should -- or shouldn't -- round up units If you're having trou... Read more
Modifier 52 Mishaps Mean Needless Fee Reductions
Do you know the CMS rule for partial S&I services? If you automatically append modifie... Read more
Reader Questions ~ Expect Denial for 92973 Reported Alone
Question: Can I use 92973 to report an AngioJet performed without PTCA or stent?South Caro... Read more
Reader Questions ~ Focus on Documentation for 93320-93325
Question: My cardiology practice is receiving denials for 93325 from Aetna. I have told my... Read more
Reader Questions ~ Make Your ABN Known With a Modifier
Question: Is there a modifier I can use to let Medicare know I have an ABN on file?Washing... Read more
Technology Is Key When Reporting 24-Hour Cardiac Monitoring Codes
Learn how to determine your date of service When you're deciding which CPT code series to... Read more
Coding Quiz ~ Catch Your Cath Coding Mistakes Ahead of Time
Learn what to do if a patient transfers for a same-day catheterization When a cardiology ... Read more
You Be the Expert ~ "OOO" Global Days Still Mean Global Period
'000' Global Days Still Mean Global Period Question: I'm trying to wrap my head around the... Read more
Focus on the Details to Choose Between 99213 and 99214
Never assume certain cardio diagnoses merit high-level E/Ms Your cardiology practice is m... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Multiple Echos Are Possible
Multiple Echos Are Possible-- Here's How Question: My cardiologist performed an echo and t... Read more
READER QUESTION ~ Same-Day EP, Cardiologist Visit?
Question: Can I bill for an office visit by a cardiologist and an electrophysiologist (EP)... Read more
EP Op Report:
Eliminate Coding Confusion When You're Faced With Unusual EP Studies
Tip:  If you're thinking of using an add-on code, you cannot report that code aloneWh... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Submit Paper Claims on Time
Question: Do you have any suggestions for filing paper claims for unlisted-procedure codes... Read more
Protect Modifier 59 Payments Using These Strategies
Find out 2 ways the OIG says coders are making big mistakesNow is not the time to be ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Take This True/False ICD Implant Coding Challenge
Discover what code to use for both single-and dual-chamber devicesDid you know you could l... Read more
Report Only What Your Cardiologist Performs
Question: My office monitored a patient using the equipment described in 93224, but our ca... Read more
How to Code CVP Line With Interventional Procedure
Question: A physician placed a central venous pressure (CVP) line in one of the jugular ve... Read more
Use Anatomic Modifiers for Multiple Add-on Codes
Question: Should I use a modifier for 92981? We are getting denials as incidental to the p... Read more
Differentiate 78472 and 78473
Question: How can I tell when I should use 78472 rather than 78473?California Subscriber A... Read more
Sort Out Symptoms of Malignant Hypertension
Question: What symptoms qualify as malignant hypertension? Are there specific diastolic/sy... Read more
Red Alert:
Avoid Modifier 25 When Your Cardio Procedure Lacks a Global Period
Find out why this clarification is good news for your practice Just because auditors are t... Read more
Version 12.2 Update:
Your Top 6 NCCI Questions Answered
Make a note of the one cardiology-related deletion If you're still uncertain what a mutual... Read more
Get Paid for Tests With Normal Results -- Here's How
Connect this symptom code to your procedure to earn payment When tests come back without a... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Abdominal Aortogram With Runoff Study
Question: My cardiologist performed an abdominal aortogram with runoff study. Following ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Count Vessels for Stent Placement
Question: Would you give me an example of how to apply the phrase "each vessel" for code 7... Read more
Reader Questions:
Take Your ROS up a Notch
Question: What is the difference between review of systems (ROS) levels?California Subscri... Read more
Reader Questions:
Observation Stay Consult? Choose 99241-99245
Question: How should I code a consult that my physician performed when a patient was admit... Read more
Reader Questions:
Include Prescription Writing in E/M
Question: I heard that there's a code we can bill to indicate when our physician writes a ... Read more
Reader Questions:
ECG Claims Will Soon Be Easier
Question: As an HPSA, must we submit component codes when we provide a complete ECG?Tennes... Read more
Case Study:
Submitting an LV Lead Placement Claim Could Set You Up for a Headache
Learn how your EPs should best document class III or class IV heart failure When you're re... Read more
Your Cardiologist's E-Mails Can Add $25 to Your Bottom Line
Find out if your payer is among those reimbursing 0074T If your cardiologist interacts wit... Read more
Debunk 3 Myths to Clean Up Your Critical Care Coding
Uncover the truth about coding critical care along with other E/M services What happens to... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Master Medicare Supervision Levels
Question: Would you explain the "physician supervision of diagnostic services" section of ... Read more
NCCI Bonus:
Relief Is Coming for Pesky SPECT, Blood Pool Perfusion Edit
Learn how to make sure you get the reimbursement you deserve When your cardiologist perfor... Read more
Reader Questions:
Stick With 1 Code for Specified Organic Sleep Apnea
Question: What is organic sleep apnea? My physician has been using 780.57 to report sleep ... Read more
Readers Questions:
Review Welcome-to-Medicare ECGs
Question: Do Welcome-to-Medicare patients qualify for a screening ECG? What codes should I... Read more
Readers Questions:
Break Down Hospital Stress Test
Question: A patient complains of chest pain (786.50) and palpitations (785.1). The cardiol... Read more
Readers Questions:
Separate Arterial, Venous Study
Question: When a cardiologist makes a definitive diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease ... Read more
PV Op Report:
Pick Up on These PTA Subtleties and Come Out on Top
 Home in on where the intervention actually takes place The more you practice coding ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Take This Tilt-Table Coding Challenge
 Ask your hospital for its supervision policies to be on the safe sideAvoid getting t... Read more
IG Update:
O -- Coding 37215 and 36216? Make Sure Your Doc Is Up to Par
Find out when you're most likely to use modifier 25 for PV procedures The OIG is taking ai... Read more
3 Ways to Avoid Being Swamped by CMS Releases
 Warning: Missing the surrogate UPIN change guarantees denials You've made it through... Read more
Reader Questions:
Team Meeting Included With Nursing Facility E/M
Question: After completing subsequent nursing facility care for a patient, I met with her ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Look to LOCM Q Codes for All Locations
Question: Should I report the LOCM Q codes for exams performed in a hospital setting?India... Read more
Reader Questions:
Use Congenital Anomaly Echo Codes Only if Found
Question: Our cardiologist performed an echo on a patient and discovered a minor congenita... Read more
Reader Questions:
3 Methods Substantiate Modifier 25 Claim
Question: A consultant suggests that we use two-entry documentation for encounters that in... Read more
Reader Questions:
Get $100 Extra by Using MPI Add-On Codes Correctly
Question: How should we differentiate between the wall motion study codes and ejection fra... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Verify Venous Mechanical Thrombectomy Rules
Question: I'm confused by some of the guidelines in my CPT manual. One paragraph says to "... Read more
NCCI 12.1 Update:
Rev Up Your Cardiac Study/Scan Codes With These New Edits in Mind
Prepare to change how you report blood imaging, MPI codesWhen your cardiologist studies or... Read more
NCCI 12.1 Update:
3 Stent, Cath and Moderation Sedation Edits to Take to Heart
Find out how cath and US changes affect your EPsIf you think you've got the whole story fo... Read more
1 Simple Tool Can Make Your Consult Documentation Easy
Stymied by a lack of written consult requests?  Here's a faxable formIf you have trou... Read more
Count Each Vessel, not Each Stent
Question: I noticed that the descriptor for 75960 says to code for each vessel. Would you ... Read more
Let the Elements Drive Your History Documentation
Question: The chart that physicians use to select the level of history includes identifier... Read more
Stay Consistent With ICD-9 Rules
Question: I'm uncertain about how to handle diagnosis coding for findings that have the wo... Read more
Append Modifier 55 for Post-Op Care
Question: Should we report E/M codes or a surgical code with modifier 52 when our peripher... Read more
Wind Down Your Stress-Test Worries
Question: What's the difference between using codes 93015-93018?California Subscriber Answ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pay Attention to Modifier 51 Symbol
Question: Our cardiologist often performs multiple procedures. Do I have to append modifie... Read more
Avoid These 5 Catheterization Coding Pitfalls And Keep Your Claims Clear of Denials
Tip: Use modifier 59 when reporting lower-order cath with high-order cath Thanks to compli... Read more
Commit These Nonselective/Selective Essentials to Heart
Report 36200, 36100-36160 for nonselective arterial procedures Our experts have boiled dow... Read more
Submit Top-Quality Unlisted-Procedure Claims
This expert checklist gets you from reviewer to reimbursement with no fuss Reporting unlis... Read more
Denial Toolbox:
4 Surefire Tactics to Cut Down On Cardio Appeals
Get to know your carrier's LCDs You can't always count on CPT guidelines to tell you how t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Show Carriers Not All Interventions Are Planned
Question: Has anyone else been noticing the rise in various commercial carriers starting t... Read more
Reader Questions:
Few Diagnoses Support IABP
Question: I'm looking for the code for intra-aorta balloon catheter through skin. It was 9... Read more
Reader Questions:
Bill Separate E/M During Global Periods
Question: What services are included in pacemaker and internal cardioverter-defibrillator ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Pre-Cath E/M Services After PCP Referral
Question: A patient's primary-care physician (PCP) sent a patient straight to a heart cath... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Bubble Studies Same as Echo in Hospital
Question: My cardiologist performed a bubble study with a full echocardiogram. Do carriers... Read more
De-Stress When Coding Treadmill Tests Along With an E/M Services--Experts Weigh In
Hint:  Check the procedure's global period before using modifier 25 If your ... Read more
Prepare for 15% Reduction on NPP Shared Consults
Tip:  Apply for your NPP's Medicare ID sooner rather than laterIf you're still wonder... Read more
Take 3 Steps to Bovine Arch Coding Perfection
The next time your report reveals an aortogram on a patient with a bovine arch, you've got... Read more
Verify Each ICD-9 Indication for Diagnostic Tests
Question: We capture charges and diagnoses for in-office diagnostic tests by routing the b... Read more
Check Out These Peripheral Tips
Question: Are the internal iliacs and external iliacs different vessels from common iliacs... Read more
Outpatient Codes Can Occur Outside the Office
Question: Our cardiologist was recently on-call for the emergency department (ED). The ED ... Read more
Starting Up a Cardio Dept? Use These Codes
Question: We are a multispecialty group that has expanded into cardiology. Our new cardiol... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Ask, Was the Cardiologist Immediately Available?
Question: If the cardiologist has to leave the room for a few minutes during a procedure p... Read more
NCCI 12.0 Update:
4 Ways to Avoid Denials--Check Out These EP, Endovascular Repair Code Edits
Watch out for edits with modifier indicators of '0'--you can't separate themYou'll have to... Read more
Improve CABG Coding With 33510-33545 Essentials
Resist the temptation to append modifier 51 to 33517-33523 If you're confused abo... Read more
Quick Guide to Flawless CABG Coding
Learn what to report if your op note supports additional proceduresBefore you begin to cod... Read more
3 Rules Make Reporting E/M And Diagnostic Codes Easy
Hint:  Only apply modifier 25 when your cardiologist performs minor proceduresWhen a ... Read more
Peripheral Vascular Billing Boot Camp
Presented by Jim Collins, CPC, CHCCThe following supplement to Cardiology Coding Alert is ... Read more
Bypass NCCI Pacer Implant Edits With Modifier
Question: Should we bill a temp pacer implant with a generator replacement during the same... Read more
You Can Report 75774 Several Times per Session
Question: Using a right groin stick (right common iliac artery), the cardiologist performe... Read more
Same Specialty, Same Day, Don't Code
Question: We have a "moonlighter" cardiologist who will admit a patient at 2 a.m. for one ... Read more
You Be The Coder:
Find Out What to Use for Doppler With Optiscan
Question: Does a CPT code exist for a Doppler that uses optison, an isotope/contrast mater... Read more
You Can Report Selective Renal Angiographies On Same Day as a Cath--Here's How
Tip:  Find out how your payers want you to report bilateral cath placementsStop havin... Read more
CPT 2006 Update:
Start Your Year Ready to Code Endovascular Repairs
Bonus:  Discover how to handle fluoroscopy codesCPT 2006 adds a whole new section for... Read more
Clip-and -Save Chart:
Use This Cheat Sheet for Endovascular Repair of Descending Thoracic Aorta
    Pair off a radiological S&I code with each of the new endovascular code... Read more
Zoom in on Medicare's Observation Code Guidelines
Extra:  Learn how to use Medicare's '8-hour rule'If your cardiologist treats a Medica... Read more
Clip-and-Save Chart:
Apply the 8-Hour Rule With a Glance
Patient stayed less than 8 hours?  Pick out which code you should reportWhen you bill... Read more
Pause Before Reporting 99211 With Protime Checks
Question: Should cardiologists bill 99211 with Protime checks?Tennessee Subscriber Answer:... Read more
PAs Are Like NPs When It Comes to Shared Consults
Question: I just now finished reading the article "Think You Can Share Consults and Get th... Read more
You Be the Coder:
What Date to Use for Stress Tests
Question: When I'm billing a two-day myocardial perfusion imaging test, should I use the l... Read more
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