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5 Answers From Official ICD-10 Guidelines Solidify Your Hypertension Coding
Hint: Master the stages of CKD for coding success. The 2018 ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines... Read more
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Keep the CPT® 2018 Changes, Revisions, and Additions for Cardiology at Your Fingertips
New total replacement heart system codes 33927, 33928, and +33929 to replace Cat III codes... Read more
Follow These Rules to Never Miss a Beat With Your 99495 and 99496 Claims
Hint: TCM services include three distinct components. Your cardiologist oversees a patien... Read more
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Jumpstart Your Knowledge of Advance Directives
Question: We are learning more about advance care planning in the office, and we were... Read more
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Rely on This Expert Pulmonary Hypertension Definition
Question: What is primary pulmonary hypertension, and what is the correct ICD10 code ... Read more
Reader Question:
Mind the New Heart Failure Codes, Inclusion Terms
Question: What are the new ICD10 2018 heart failure codes for acute on chronic right ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Demystify the Different Elements of 93355
Question: What requirements must be met to report a 93355 service correctly? Alabama... Read more
CPT® 2018:
Get Ready to Delete These Surgery, Radiological S&I Codes And Add All-Encompassing Endovascular Codes
Instead of 75952-75954, you will report code from 34701-34711 range or 0254T. In 2017, yo... Read more
CPT® 2018:
Conquer These Anticoagulant, Cat III, and Observation Code Additions
CPT® adds new anticoagulant codes 93792 and 93793. From anticoagulant additions, to new ... Read more
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Pennsylvania's Independence BCBS New Modifier 25 Policy Cuts Payments
How will this policy impact your cardiology reimbursement? Is Pennsylvania's Independence... Read more
Reader Question:
Easily Distinguish Between Modifier 25 and Modifier 57
Question: There's been a debate in our office about when to correctly append modifier... Read more
You Be the Coder:
See How to Report "Against Medical Advice"
Question: The physician admitted a patient to observation from the ED, but the patien... Read more
Leadless Pacemakers:
Follow This Advice to Keep Your Claims for Leadless Pacemakers in Tip-Top Shape
Hint: Make sure you include modifier Q0. This summer, CMS released MLN Matters® MM10117 ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Test Yourself on the New 2018 ICD-10 Official Guidelines and Codes for Cardiology
Hint: Never report I24.8 for demand ischemia. As you're learning the new 2018 ICD-10 code... Read more
CMS Recommends Updating 1995 and 1997 E/M Documentation Guidelines
2018 Proposed MPFS advocates reviewing the history and exam components. Via the 2018 prop... Read more
Reader Question:
Identify Paroxysmal, Persistent, or Chronic Atrial Fibrillation
Question: What are the ICD-10 choices for atrial fibrillation? Michigan Subscriber ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Rely on 93458 for Cardiac Catheterization
Question: Which CPT® code should we report for cardiac catheterization with coronary... Read more
Heighten How You Report Heart Failure, Hypertension, and Myocardial Infarctions After Oct. 1
Breaking: Don't miss new myocardial infarction code I21.9. CMS recently released its list... Read more
Practical Tips Fine-Tune Your Hypotension Coding
Physicians must clearly document the hypotension's cause. When a patient has hypotension,... Read more
E/M Skills:
3 FAQs Boost Your ACP Coding Know-How
Hint: Remember the importance of time. As you may recall, Medicare started paying for vol... Read more
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Select T80.211 for Port-a-Cath Malfunction
Question: Which diagnosis code is appropriate for a bloodstream infection due to a Po... Read more
Reader Question:
Delve into Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Specialty
Question: You recently featured an article about the new specialty physician code, C7... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Notice When to Report G0278
Question: What details should the cardiologist include in the documentation for us to... Read more
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Solidify Your G0250 Claims With 5 Tips
Remember: Physicians should only bill G0250 once every four weeks. The MAC Novitas recent... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Test Yourself When it Comes to Using LT Physicians
Hint: Don't forget to append a special modifier to LT services. Locum tenens means "(one)... Read more
Achieve Hypotension Coding Excellence With This Primer
Remember: I95.1 does not include orthostatic hypotension due to drugs. Hypertension, abno... Read more
Quiz Answers:
Check Your Answers With These LT Solutions
Hint: CMS has set a strict 60-day stipulation for using a LT physician. Think you aced th... Read more
Reader Question:
Dig Into Arrhythmia Induction Code Descriptors
Question: Which code should I report if the cardiologist tried to induce an arrhythmia, bu... Read more
Reader Question:
Pin Down Dx for Atypical Chest Pain
Question: Which diagnosis code would I report for “atypical chest pain”? ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Select the Correct Option for Syncope Diagnosis
Question: I have a complete carotid duplex report that shows weakness, syncope, and m... Read more
News You Can Use:
Avoid These 4 Mistakes With Your Cardiology Claims, NGS Says
Hint: Make sure you don't submit duplicate services/claims. If you report arterial and va... Read more
CMS Update:
Meet C7 — CMS's New Cardiac Physician Specialty Code
Already-enrolled physicians must submit change of info application to MAC to update specia... Read more
Smoking Cessation:
Get an A+ on Your Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Coding
Hint: Learn what to include in 99406 and 99407 documentation. The leading cause of preven... Read more
Check Out This 99406/99407 Documentation Checklist from our Pros
Complete medical documentation for 99406 and 99407 should include the following informatio... Read more
Reader Question:
Temporary Pacemaker Placements Do Not Mix With 93650
Question: Is a temporary pacemaker placement included in 93650 or may I code it separ... Read more
Reader Question:
Looking for Angina Pectoris ICD-10 Code? Answer's Here
Question: What is the proper ICD-10-CM code for "angina pectoris"? Wisconsin Subscri... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Decipher How to Report Holter Monitoring
Question: I'm not sure how I should bill for a Holter monitor. Can you help me? New ... Read more
Diagnostic Services:
5 Steps Will Simplify How You Report Stress Echoes with Stress Tests
Hint: Never report 93350 in conjunction with 93015. In the Cardiology Coding Alert volume... Read more
This Chart Will Help You Know What Stress Echo, Test Code to Report
Append modifier 26 in the facility setting. If you want to perfect your coding for stress... Read more
New Technology:
Think Beyond Prior Catheter-Based Angiography and Consider CTA
Hint: Policies you create for your practice should include growing technologies. Technolo... Read more
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Conquer WPW and Tachycardia 
Question: How would I report Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and nodal tachycardia? G... Read more
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Pinpoint What Codes to Use For ICE
Question: What are the codes for ICE (intracardiac echocardiography)? Florida Subscr... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand Critical Care Distinction
Question: A patient with chest pain “coded” in the ER and the cardiologis... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Master Anticoagulant Management Codes
Question: Can you explain the anticoagulant codes 99363 and 99364 to me? My cardiolog... Read more
Ask the Experts:
Get the Lowdown on Reporting Diagnostic Angiography With Interventional Cardio Services
Hint: Did the cardiologist decide to perform the treatment based on the angiography? For ... Read more
Get Atrial Fibrillation Vs. Atrial Flutter Right Every Time
Tip: Physicians should document atrial flutter as either typical or atypical. To code pro... Read more
Diagnostic Services:
Omit the Anxiety From Reporting Cardiac Stress Tests
Interpretation only, or supervision, too? The answer affects your coding. If coding for c... Read more
Reader Question:
Opt for 0126T to Report IMT Screen
Question: Can you tell me which CPT® code I should report for carotid I... Read more
Reader Question:
Demystify Percutaneous Transcatheter Retrieval
Question: One of our surgeons removed a stent from the coronary artery using a cathet... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn to Complication Code for This Thrombosis
Question: For a patient with end stage renal disease, what is the appropriate ICD-10 code ... Read more
Reader Question:
Brush Up on CCI Edits for 78452
Question: Why am I getting denials for radiopharmaceutical injection (79101) with MPI... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Understand Pacemaker Pocket Treatment
Question: The cardiologist implanted a pacemaker in a patient on Sept. 15. The patien... Read more
Achieve MI Coding Excellence by Following Official ICD-10 Guidelines
Know the timing to choose correct category of MI. The ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for C... Read more
Go Back to the Basics With This CCI Primer for Cardiology Coders
See what our experts say about preparing for CCI. Let's focus on the fundamentals of the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Be Aware of Add-On Codes for OCT
Question: The doctor performed an LHC and used OCT of the LAD (30 to 40 percent plaqu... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand How to Correctly Append Modifier 51
Question: Our cardiologist often performs multiple procedures. Do I have to append mo... Read more
Reader Question:
Support Moderate Sedation Choice Using MPFS
Question: Can I report moderate sedation codes like 99152 for my cardiologist if the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Compare +0399T to +93320 for Payers
Question: Is there an existing CPT® code that's a good comparison code when I report... Read more
Reader Question:
Watch for 'When Performed' in 78452
Question: If documentation doesn't specify wall motion or ejection fraction, do I hav... Read more
Reader Question:
Clue In to Corus CAD Coverage
Question: Are there coverage limitations for the Corus CAD test? Texas Subscriber A... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Ace CCI Edits for 93650/36000 & 93650/76000
Question: Can I report 36000 and 76000 separately when billing 93650? Florida Subscr... Read more
2017 News:
Don't Miss What's New for Cardiology in the 2017 CCI Edits
A CCI error could delay some moderate sedation payment until after April 1. Starting in J... Read more
2017 Update:
Hone Telemedicine Coding Knowledge for Cardiology With 4 Quick Tips
Don't miss new Appendix P for telemedicine services. Because cardiology is a fast-paced s... Read more
Match STEMI Site to Code Using This Simple Table
Don’t assume you should use 9 at the end of your code for an unspecified site STEM... Read more
Reader Question:
Discover How to Report Pericardiocentesis
Question: How should I report an emergency pericardiocentesis that the cardiologist... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Impact of 37236/37246 Bundle
Question: CCI bundles 37236 and 37246. I code for a physician who frequently perfor... Read more
Reader Question:
Study Medicare Leadless Pacemaker Coverage
Question: Where can I find Medicare’s coverage rules for leadless pacemakers?... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Choose Correct PCI Codes Every Time
Question: We have a coronary intervention operative report indicating that the phys... Read more
Code Update:
Get to Know New Anticoagulant and Collaborative Care HCPCS Codes for 2017
Here's how the 2017 MPFS links cardiology to the new psychiatric CoCM codes. You've made ... Read more
Ace Underdosing Coding With 3 Essential Steps
Know where to go to capture the reason behind a patient's noncompliance. Amid the frenzy... Read more
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Keep This List of Cardiology Category III Codes Handy to Head Off Audit Troubles
Before you report an unlisted procedure code, check for a better option. Cardiology is... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Way for New AAA Screening Code 76706
Question: A previous issue said there would be a new CPT® code for AAA ultrasou... Read more
Reader Question:
Apply Modifiers CT and FX for Older Methods
Question: Is modifier CT still effective in 2017? Idaho Subscriber Answer: Yes... Read more
Reader Question:
Demystify Tilt Table Testing
Question: What CPT® code should I use for reporting cardiovascular tilt table t... Read more
Reader Question:
Follow Provider's Lead for Specialty Code
Question: Medicare has a new physician specialty code for a hospitalist. How do I kno... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Master the Bubble Study
Question: My cardiologist performed a bubble study with a full echocardiogram. Would ... Read more
2017 Update:
Tighten Up Your LAAC Coding Just in Time for New Code 33340
Keep tabs on CPT® guidelines and supporting diagnoses to keep your claims on track. CPT... Read more
News You Can Use:
MPFS Conversion Factor Takes a Tiny Step Up in 2017
Don't miss out on payment for prolonged E/M codes 99358 and +99359. CMS has published the... Read more
2017 Update:
3 Helpful Hints for Cardiology Coders From the 2017 CCI Manual
Here’s proof that sidestepping bundles is against the rules. The 2017 update to ... Read more
Speed Through CAD Coding Using This Clip-and-Save Table
Choose vessel and angina pectoris status to find your code. More than a year may have pas... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Include Overfill in JW Line
Question: If I’m reporting use of a drug vial with overfill, do I include tha... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose BNP Code Based on Role
Question: How do I report a brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) test? Indiana Subscri... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Errata for Moderate Sedation Clarity
Question: AMA’s CPT® 2017 Appendix B, “Summary of Additions, Deleti... Read more
Reader Question:
Apply New Codes to Multiple Angioplasty Types
Question: Do the new codes 37246-37249 apply to drug-coated balloon angioplasty? Ill... Read more
Reader Question:
Catch FCSO Renal Angiography LCD Swap
Question: I got a notice that First Coast’s renal angiography LCD (L33715) is... Read more
Reader Question:
Remember PC/TC and Rep for 93284
Question: Medicare has been requesting payment back for our 93284 services stating we... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know What Counts for ECG Interpretation
Question: Can I report an ECG interpretation for a report generated by our equipment?... Read more
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