Cardiology Coding Alert

Aim for AMI Diagnosis Perfection by Applying These Official ICD-9 Guidelines
NSTEMI evolves to STEMI? Here's what to do. If you haven't checked the ICD-9 guidelines r... Read more
Cross Consult Codes Off Your Medicare Options Jan. 1
ICD-9 may show why inpatient needs cardiologist and another MD. The 2010 fee schedule&... Read more
Swap Your Old E-Scribe Codes for G8553 in 2010
Succeed by counting to 25 cases total, rather than 50 percent overall. Physicians who ado... Read more
Reader Questions:
Simplify AV Coding With G039x Deletion
Question: I've heard that we won't be able to use G0392 and G0393 in 2010. Is this true? ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Turn to HCPCS for IPPE ECG
Question: Medicare stopped requiring ECGs for the IPPE (initial preventive physical exam)... Read more
Reader Questions:
Apply 3-Year Rule for Inpatient at Office
Question: Sometimes the cardiologist sees a new Medicare patient for the first time in th... Read more
Reader Questions:
Consider 33208 for Abdominal Placement
Question: Typically I see reports for pacemakers inserted through upper vessels, but I ha... Read more
Reader Questions:
Remember Mod 26 for TEE Claims
Question: Medicare has been denying claims that include 93312, +93320-26, and +93325-26. ... Read more
Reader Questions:
33244 Is OK for Laser Lead Removal
Question: Does a distinct code for ICD lead extraction by laser exist, or should I use 3... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pinpoint PV AngioJet Code
Question: I'm trying to find the code specific to "thrombectomy, left SFA AngioJet." Is +... Read more
CPT 2010:
Toss Out Your Old MPI Codes -- Along With 36 Percent of Your RVUs
Here's why you should expect denials if you add +78480 to your claims. If you've sometime... Read more
CPT 2010:
Shake Up Your Cardiac CT and MRI Coding With 2 Key Changes
If you perform cardiac CTA, keep 75574's guidelines close at hand. Cardiac MRI codes 7555... Read more
CPT 2010:
Add New AV Shunt Codes to Your Toolbox
Initial vs. additional access matters in 2010. Love them or hate them, the trend toward g... Read more
HCPCS 2010:
Check A9500's Descriptor or Risk 2010 Denials
Millicuries won't dictate units anymore. Cardiolite coding will get a little clearer in 2... Read more
HCPCS 2010:
Get a Jump on an April 1 ABN Change
Prepare to add modifier GX to the mix for voluntary notice. If you started coding a decad... Read more
Check CMS Manuals for G0166 Details
Question: I've heard that payment for ECP is decreasing in 2010. Where can I find more in... Read more
Index Says 427.1 OK for 'Sustained'
Question: The cardiologist's documentation indicates testing an existing pacemaker and fi... Read more
93307: Distinguish 'May Include' From 'Required'
Question: Does the cardiologist need to document viewing the pulmonary artery and veins t... Read more
Vanquish Vest Question Using 93292
Question: Which code is appropriate for evaluating data stored in a wearable cardioverter... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Rate Your Right Heart Cath Skills
Question: My cardiologist's documentation indicates "right heart catheterization and card... Read more
Highlight 2 New 2010 Codes for High-Tech Cardiology Services
Steer clear of Cat. I codes for intravascular spectroscopy -- here's where to look i... Read more
Satisfy OIG's POS Standards Using New CMS Advice
ECG in one place, interpretation in another? Just follow these rules. Choosing the place ... Read more
Don't Miss Potential Payment Changes for Cardiac MRI
Keep your eyes peeled for payer updates on blood flow codes. Recent good news for cardiac... Read more
Prep for DOS Trouble If Test on Day 1, Reading on Day 2
You may need to watch 'rendering physician' choices, too. Place of service isn't the only... Read more
Update Your Swine Flu Coding Cheat Sheet -- Again
Here's what new code 90470 really means for your claims. The AMA fast-tracked a CPT code ... Read more
Confirmed Dx Is a Must Before Choosing 488.1
But 'confirmed' may not mean what you think it means. Just because there's an H1N1 vaccin... Read more
Count Surgical Fields for 37204
Question: Should I separately report right and left bronchial artery embolization? Illino... Read more
Don't Forget Modifier LD for LAD Stent
Question: How should I code stenting an ostial LAD? Florida Subscriber Answer: For left a... Read more
Check Major Vs. Minor for Mod 57
Question: The cardiologist performed a level 3 consult for an inpatient and determined th... Read more
WC Fee Schedule May Be Out of Date
Question: I had to send claims to another state's workers' compensation program, and I re... Read more
Nix Neoplasm Code for 'Mass'
Question: What is the proper ICD-9 code for anatrial mass? Massachusetts Subscriber Answe... Read more
Avoid Holter Code for MCT
Question: One of our payers considers real-time remote heart monitoring (MCOT) "investiga... Read more
You Be the Coder :
Watch Code Count for Repositioned Catheter
Question: The cardiologist used a right femoral approach, positioned the catheter in the ... Read more
CCI 15.3:
Shore Up Your Cardiology Coding by Catching 3 CCI Additions and 1 Key Deletion
Don't let the end of these EP edits lead you into a tempting $119 trap. The Correct Codin... Read more
Clip and Save:
Chart Cardiology's CCI 15.3 Changes At-a-Glance
Hang on to this handy table to avoid cath placement coding temptations. Correct Coding In... Read more
Check your ICD-9 2010 Prep With 3 Embolism Questions
Services Oct. 1 and later require more specificity -- are you prepared? ICD-9 2010 b... Read more
MPFS Update:
Prepare for Swine Flu Season With G9141, G9142 Know-How
Plus: CMS clears up facility-based 93351 confusion. The medical community is abuzz that s... Read more
Quiz Answers:
3 Embolism Answers Gauge Your ICD-9 2010 Skills
See how your answers to the quiz match with the experts'. Have you nailed down proper ICD... Read more
Reader Questions:
ID Iatrogenic CVA for Proper 997.02 Use
Question: Is 434.x the correct code for a postoperative cerebrovascular accident (CVA)? N... Read more
Reader Questions:
Size Up Single-Site EP Study
Question: What is a "single-site" EP study? Is there a CPT code specific to this? Vermont... Read more
Reader Questions:
Verify ICE Catheterization Before Coding
Question: How should I report PFO/ASD closure using an ICE catheter for guidance? Idaho S... Read more
Reader Questions:
Seek CMS Manual Guidance on Shared E/M
Question: Can a cardiologist and NPP share a consult and use the cardiologist's NPI? Virg... Read more
Reader Questions:
Connect Elevated Creatine Kinase to 790.5
Question: The only reason documented for a cath lab service is "elevated creatine k... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Match Holter Monitor Service to Codes
Question: A patient who is suffering heart palpitations reports for waveform Holter monit... Read more
4 Steps Set You Up for Endovascular Repair Coding Success
CPT admits 34800 and 34805 are similar -- here's how you can distinguish them. When ... Read more
Are You Capturing Separate Services Pay on AAA Claims?
But watch out: Steer clear of this angioplasty pitfall. Choosing the proper endovascular ... Read more
Apply E/M Rules to Advantage When Patient Hx Isn't Possible
You can get credit for the attempt if you follow this documentation tip. Your cardiologis... Read more
Is Inpatient Code OK for Observation Patient?
Question: When the cardiologist performs consult for a p... Read more
Check for These +78478 Clues
Question: I'm worried I'm missing chances to report wall motion. When should I report +78... Read more
ICD-9 Definition Offers QT Interval Hint
Question: Which ICD-9 code should I use for a "prolonged QTc interval"? Wisconsin Subscri... Read more
Steer Clear of Consult Code for Second Opinion
Question: Which CPT code should we report when a patient comes to our cardiologist for a ... Read more
Get Specifics Before Coding AICD 'Firing'
Question: A patient presented in our office and said that his defibrillator was firing. W... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Angiography: Make Room for Multiple Codes
Question: How should I report single vessel coronary angiography with intravascular ultra... Read more
Banish Brachiocephalic Service Confusion With This Step-By-Step Approach
Your second- vs. third-order coding savvy protects your practice's bottom line. Understan... Read more
Smart Start:
Smart Start: Review These Brachiocephalic Coding Essentials
You can't afford to ignore the 'include all lesser order codes' rule. Before you jump int... Read more
News You Can Use:
38 Percent Cut for 93015? Ride 3 CMS Releases' Ups and Downs
Plus: CMS addresses long-circulated rumors of ending consult pay. CMS has posted one prop... Read more
Reader Questions:
Remember Mod 25 With 99406 + E/M
Question: May I report 99406 and 99407 in addition to the regular E/M visit that a patien... Read more
Reader Questions:
Call Up Phonocardiographic Code With Ease
Question: I can't find "phonocardiographic recording" in the CPT manual. Is there a code ... Read more
Reader Questions:
75960x2 OK for 2 Vessels
Question: If I report 37205 and +37206, may I report 75960-26 twice? New York Subscriber ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Cover Your Lipid Screening Bases
Question: We perform our own lipid screening, and we're having problems with Medicare pay... Read more
Reader Questions:
Mull Over Port-a-Cath Malfunction Code
Question: Which diagnosis code is appropriate for Port-a-Cath malfunction? Is it a V cod... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Knock Out 93650, Pacemaker Scenario
Question: I know that 93650's descriptor says it covers ablation "with or without temporar... Read more
Case Study:
Crack Down on a Top Heart-Cath Coding Snafu
1 simple 'cross the aorta' rule keeps 93510 denials at bay. Matching "left heart catheter... Read more
Keep Mod 26 in Its Place With These Pro/Tech Essentials
Grasping PCTC indicator concepts sets you up for cleaner 93508 claims. In "Case Study: Cr... Read more
Guard Against 93510 Mishaps Using Documentation Clues
Here's why all is not lost even if 'crossed aortic valve' isn't in print. Inappropriately... Read more
Unlock E/M Payment With This Initial Hospital Care Rule
Solve the admit-on-day-1, visit-on-day-2 coding dilemma at last. When a patient is admitt... Read more
"Separate 2 MD Stress Coding by Service" in Vol. 12, No. 7, stated that you should report... Read more
Reader Questions :
Device Type Matters When Coding Lead Check
Question: The cardiologist documented testing pacemaker leads using fluoroscopy (71090) i... Read more
Reader Questions :
ED Visit Often Doesn't Equal ED Code
Question: Sometimes when the cardiologists see a patient in the emergency department, the... Read more
Reader Questions :
MUE May Guide 93923 Coding
Question: "Steer Clear of a Tempting $120 ABI Blunder" in Cardiology Coding Alert, Vol.12... Read more
Reader Questions :
Reporting Option Key to PQRI
Question: "PQRI: Save Time -- Home In on Cardiology Specific Measures" in Cardiology... Read more
Reader Questions :
Follow Face-to-Face Rule for New vs. Established
Question: We hired a new cardiologist for our practice to replace another physician who l... Read more
Reader Questions :
Report Angio for Access Site Closure?
Question: At the end of a left heart catheterization, the cardiologist performed a unila... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Educate Yourself on EP Coding
Question: How should I report right atrial pacing and recording when performed with bundl... Read more
ICD-9 2010:
Prepare for All-New Embolism Codes Coming Down the Pike
The 453.x facelift will require you to hunt for more specific upper extremity co... Read more
Get an Edge on 2010's Embolism Coding Update
Expect upper extremity changes for Oct. 1. NEW: Pulmonary Embolism ... Read more
3 Steps Prep Your Pre-Op SPECT Claims for Success
Heres why listing V codes first is OK. If you fear a denial every time you choose an I... Read more
'Mult Surg' Column Offers Mod 51 Answers
Question: If Medicare automatically adds modifier 51 (Multipe procedures), suc... Read more
For 93306, 93307, Documented Attempt Matters
Question: If the provider cant visualize some structures, can I still report a... Read more
CMS Manuals Offer 99406 Info
Question: Does the cardiologist need to document a plan and referral to a trea... Read more
You Be the Coder :
Clarify 93619's Intent for Clean Claims
Question: Code 93619s descriptor states, without induction or attempted induct... Read more
CCI Update:
Act Now to Get Hard-Earned 93296 Pay From CMS
Take advantage of edit deletions --3 months of denials add up at $36 a pop. ... Read more
2 Ways to ID Retroactive CCI Edits
Tip: If you download the non-mutually exclusive CCI edits at Read more
CCI Update:
Don't Miss 64-Lead ECG Edits Among 304,000 New Bundles
Weve sorted through the massive release to find the edits that affect you. ... Read more
Save Time -- Home In on Cardiology Specific Measures
Is Medicare the secondary payer? Watch for this common mistake. Pay... Read more
PQRI Basics Refresher
" An eligible professional must report on at least three quality measures. ... Read more
Analyze Aneurysm ICD-9 Code
Question: Which ICD9 codes should I report for atrial septal aneurysm? California Subs... Read more
Pick Proper Pulmonary Code
Question: Which catheterization code(s) should I report when the cardiologist ... Read more
Separate 2 MD Stress Coding by Service
Question: I work for a multi-specialty group. We have a cardiac stress clinic ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Global 93306? Watch Service Dates
Question: Should our office code an in-office echo performed with our equipmen... Read more
Unlock Documentation Secrets to Catch +93571, +93572 Opportunities
Discover which codes to share with your cardiologist to earn an extra $100. Coronary flow... Read more
Count the Cost of Missing FFR
This chart illustrates the financial impact of +93571/+93572 on total reimbursement when ... Read more
Locate In-Person Device Eval Requirements At a Glance
Tip:Verify where ILR information came from before reporting 93291. If you're tired of get... Read more
In-Person Eval in Remote Period? CPT Has the Answer
CPT guidelines state that a "physician may not report an in-person and remote interrogati... Read more
Cat. III Codes a Must for 64-Lead ECGs
Question: Does Medicare cover codes 0178T-0180T? Massachusetts Subscriber Answer: Codes 0... Read more
Check Payer for Lopressor Requirements
Question: Which HCPCS code describes intravenous Lopressor/metoprolol? West Virginia Subs... Read more
Split Femoro-Popliteal for 35474 Services
Question: Code 35474 refers to "femoro-popliteal" angioplasty. If the cardiologist treats... Read more
You Be the Coder :
Indicate Code for New Lead Insertion
Question: Our doctor indicated the following on his op note: replacement of dual-chamber ... Read more
Turn New Peri-Procedural Codes Into Added Payment for 2009
But be sure you stay compliant using this device rep tip. Among all the new cardiology co... Read more
Calculate 5 Ways to Report 48-Hour ECG Evals
Plus: Get the date-of-service facts for 24-hour monitoring. Assume billing 24-hour electr... Read more
1 Code for 48-Hours? Check Payer for Date
Be sure to check the preferred date of service.For example, National Government Service's... Read more
Know When to Expect Holter Monitoring
Holter monitoring involves a continuous electrocardiographic (ECG) recording of the heart... Read more
Underlying Conditions, Too? Check Your Hypertension Codes
2 examples shed light on proper 402-and 403-range use. When you check the physician's doc... Read more
Clip and Save:
Investigate Hypertension's Underlying Conditions
Use this handy chart to keep track of which underlying conditions coincide with primary a... Read more
Post-Chemo ECG May Need Special Dx Code
Question: We perform ECGs on some patients to monitor whether chemotherapy drugs, such as... Read more
Remember Component Coding for IVC Filter
Question: Which codes are appropriate for a Greenfield filter implant? Minnesota Subscrib... Read more
Tap Into E-Scribe 2 Percent Bonus Basics
Question: I heard that physicians may receive bonuses for e-prescribing. What codes would... Read more
CMS Suggests 76 and More for Overriding MUE
Question: If you have more units than MUEs allow, what is the appropriate reporting metho... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Get Hip to Hospital Bubble Study
Question: I bill the physician portion of services performed at the hospital. Is there a ... Read more
Prevent Device Monitoring Woes With This Programming Eval Guide
Conquer your 93279-93285 fears by putting authoritative guidelines on your side. CPT 2... Read more
Does 'Includes Interrogation' Mean Bundling?
CPT guidelines state that a programming evaluation "includes" the components of both the ... Read more
Trot Out the Red Pen Again:
CPT 2009 Has a Typo
The second paragraph of the section guidelines for "Cardiovascular Device Monitoring ... Read more
Bonus Device Monitoring Tip
Check your contracts -- you need to be sure you identify any payer contracts that we... Read more
Steer Clear of a Tempting $120 ABI Blunder
5 essentials help keep your noninvasive study codes watertight Your practice may use ankl... Read more
Watch for Your Chance to Report Duplex and ABI
Your payer's LCD may offer all the support you need. When your cardiologist performs an e... Read more
1 93556 Unit Covers All Services
Question: My cardiologist has been billing two units of 93556, but Medicare denies the cl... Read more
Turn to Extremity Code for Subclavian Venogram
Question: How should I code a diagnostic subclavian venogram? Florida Subscriber Answer: ... Read more
Add Dx to Your Home PT/INR Testing Options
Question: I need to report home prothrombin time testing for a patient with femoral venou... Read more
Keep 93508 for Diagnostic Cath
Question: If I'm reporting 92980 and 92981's professional component, may I report 93508, ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Beat Battery Change Blues
Question: A patient came in for permanent dualchamber generator removal and placement of... Read more
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