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Does 'Includes Interrogation' Mean Bundling?

CPT guidelines state that a programming evaluation "includes" the components of both the remote and inperson interrogation device evaluations, which have their own codes in 2009.

But don't let this phrasing make you miss out on a coding opportunity for remote interrogation.

Remote: CPT guidelines state that "programming device evaluations and remote interrogation device evaluations may both be reported during the remote interrogation device evaluation period."

In-person: On the other hand, CPT guidelines state the same physician should not report in-person interrogation device evaluation codes on the same date as a programming code.

Example: A note under programming evaluation code 93279 tells you not to report it alongside in-person device interrogation code 93288.

Note that CPT also instructs physicians not to report "an in-person and remote interrogation of the same device during the same period." Stay tuned for more on this in the next issue.

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